Gary Franchi’s NextNewsNetwork is reporting, “…over the past 48 hours, details have emerged from the FBI’s reopened investigation into Hillary’s emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that SERIOUS ADDITIONAL crimes were under investigation, unrelated to the email server case, involving among other things, child trafficking.

“Wikileaks has just released perhaps the biggest Bombshell yet, spreading like wildfire across the web, revealing emails ‘showing how the Clintons supported child stealer Laura Silsby’ including an email ‘where they are literally pricing how much it costs to transport children’.”

Back in 2010, Huma Abedin was constantly forwarding Hillary articles on Silsby’s organization.

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  • Hillary is no longer protected as a candidate or in any way protected by her past “public service”

    Now is the time to pursue her indictment for high crimes and treason. She MUST face the music.

  • Hillary and all her cronies should be locked up and tried for treason plus all the other crimes they have commited.

  • Thank you for your honest news without people like you we would be lost. You report the truth and that is greatly appreciated.

  • Who will get to that island and GET THOSE CHILDREN ASAP out of there?
    HRC STEALING POOR CHILDRENS from Haiti for her monthly sorceress’s assembly? She is a totally and completely committed to evil power tripping self-worshipping devil worshipers women .

  • On Friday Nov 4 these revelations had Alex Jones bawling on his program and if I were not so hardened to it by now, that it would have me bawling too, but I’ve known this kind of loathsome demonic crap goes on with political protection. Everyone involved in this has forfeited their right to life, not life in prison where they will be pardoned by their still free political buddies in government, but tried and sent back to their maker ASAP!

    • These demonic types, the child sex abusers, the frauds and thieves…they get caught and are subject to blackmail so they go out and recruit as many as possible, especially the higher ups in politics and business…..This gives them a “protective layer” an alternative to prosecution since they can blackmail their recruits as a means of escaping prison. Its a self-feeding mechanism of protection.


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