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The Truth Factory brings her Canadian wit to bear on growing resentment against Globalist UN initiatives like The Paris Climate Agreement and the Global Migration Pact.

She says, “The Left-wing Globalist politicians are so disconnected with how the world works, they actually think that by making fuel less affordable, people will just drive less and it will lower carbon emissions and save the world…They all seem super surprised to find out that…people work for a living and therefore, need to drive regardless of the cost of fuel…

“France is just the tip of the iceberg. People all around the world are waking up and no amount of SJW propaganda about Global Warming, diversity or sensitive speech is going to un-piss them off at this point…the protests are also now spreading to other European countries, like Belgium and the Netherlands and now in Canada…and that’s saying something, if Canadians are pissed off enough to protest in Alberta in the middle of December.”

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