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Crazy stuff. Dahboo7 was tooling around on Google Earth, which also contains data on the planets of the Solar System.

He was shocked to discover very clearly-visible images of an apparent human facility on the surface of Mars with solar panels, HVAC fans and a big satellite dish. All of it appears to be standard 21st century design and technology. The only thing off about it is the lack of parking spaces – and the fact that this base appears on Mars, in your very own Google Earth program.

Dahboo7 has the instructions for how to find it.

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Alexandra Bruce

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    • Apparently, it was an April Fools joke by Google. Two subscribers in feedback emails and several commenters here inform us that the image was added to Google Mars last April 1st.

  • completely fake article, all the placenames that appear on the actual mars on google earth are fully searchable, pick one, put it into search, give mars a spin, and go straight back to it. I have tried several of the names in this video, and also the coordinates printed below, none of them work. all give “your search returned no results”

  • They have coordinates for Mars just like they have for Earth. Would have been nice to give them as I spent a lot of time looking around for anything like he describes. The only direction he gives is “near the equator” and a few nearby place names that I also couldn’t find. Anyone find this base and can give me the coordinates? Thanks.

  • If you look carefully at the lower sides of the buildings, you notice they are not all showing the same angle which suggests the buildings are not all taken from the same site. Close, but not the same. This site actually provides a closer in look.

    The size of the structures would require, what a convoy of semis or a train load of materials?

    Google Earth shows none of it according to this site.

  • How is it that the shadows on the site indicate the Sun coming in high left and the odd mound to the right upper side of the site indicates the Sun from high right as shown at 8:32?

  • Dude, hate to break it to you, but this “Base on Mars” thing was an April Fools’ joke from Google.

  • If you have a hard time finding it (it is quite small) it is on the upper part of the Aeolis Mount (Yellow knife)

    have fun !

  • I just looked for this site and found that Yellow Knife, plus other site names in the region give negative search results. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Apparently anyone can post such images on to this system. Besides, if it drives traffic – it drives money into what otherwise might rapidly become too dull for words.

  • My reply to this video on his channel…and Please Alex look into this yourself…

    DAHBOO …mate the reason this is there is down to the number of people waking up to Nas’s lies and deception…as you know this is nothing new…but what is new is people are waking up to the biggest lie ever by nasa…flat earth…do some research on that…try and debunk that with 200 proofs by eric dubay…they are scrambling mate…scrambling so hard to now even looking like and will to expose themselves to be lying about this base on mars…did you catch that?…I will try and better explain it…they are so desperate that even people thinking they lied / or keeping this way from people / humanity is a much better outcome than the truth about flat earth…be sure to let Alex form fktv know to look into it too…i have sent her videos and asked her to look into it also…cos we all look stupid perpetuating their cover ups when in actual fact there is nothing to cover up…they have not left low orbit…the world is flat and Antarctica sounds flat earth keeping us contained with 200-300 foot ice walls…so there is no edge to fall off…look all these points up…if you are true and not a shill…this will prove it as almost all people who set out to debunk the world is flat…fail…and its only their ego getting in the way if they persist on it being a globe…what gets me…is the same people will believe the truth about not landing on the moon…911 was an inside job…and the world is run by satanist elitists…but flat earth now way…why would they lie…simple find out the facts before the agenda and it will all come clear…im expecting some insults and claims of being crazy…to those i say the same thing go find out for yourself before defamation attempts otherwise you will look pretty stupid soon enough…as i said people are waking right up to the fact…to all who have woken up…be sure to help others…don’t be afraid of being ridiculed for telling the truth…oh yeah this is a hard pill to swallow…i know…but an even harder pill to swallow is there is no such thing as gravity…its all about density and buoyancy…again common sense…otherwise something as simple as a helium balloon wouldn’t float [helium is lighter than air] away and a rock wouldn’t sink [ a rock is denser than water]…and how can a bird fly above the waves in an ocean or butterfly float about in your garden if gravity can hold trillions of gallons of water [oceans] stuck to a ball or trucks and trains to the roads and rail systems…look up the “curvature of the earth mathematics…why can a boat disappear over the horizon but add a decent telescope into the mix and surprise it can be seen in full view…what is questionable and completely fabricated is the fact we live on a spinning ball spinning 1000 miles an hour rotating around the sun at 66.6K an hour [ did you catch that [66.6] but we feel nothing…a plane has a horizontal heading not a curved heading…the Nile river according to the globe theory would have to travel up 2000 miles of curvature before the apex point of then traveling down the curvature…everything questionable when you remove indoctrination and regurgitation on a globe 100% makes sense on the flat earth …like i said dont just bark insults guys…go ahead do some looking around…I hope this helps explain why there is a fake ass base on google mars… don’t believe this check this out

  • Why a fake base on Mars?
    So that you are diverted from the mining by aliens on the back side of the moon as reported by Ingo Swann in ‘Pe etration’ or perhaps or another even more important site they don’t want you looking for,

  • Have you heard of Alternative 3? I think this is really a base. The date of the Alternative 03 video is May 22, 1962 and both Russian and American voices are heard. One specific statement I remember from that video is the question: “Houston, is that a old riverbed?” We have been doing business on Mars for a long time.

  • It’s certainly strange that an entire base is being made visible on Mars when NASA just recently and vehemently denied their involvement in the Mars “outrageous accusations” which are a “conspiracy theory”. Of course, there is no way to know whether the image is real OR faked. It could be faked to achieve some unknown agenda or real and still achieving an agenda. Confuse the public so they don’t believe there is a base when there really is one? Or some whistleblower type at Google Earth/TPTsB let it through? Who knows? I do think it’s rather odd that TPTsB have taken so much effort over the decades blurring the images of the moon as well as masking out the activity there, which we all know is going on, and then suddenly make a turnabout that puts this Mars image right in the public’s face. These criminals and their complicit ranks know that amateur astronomers on Earth watch every detail of Google Earth and it will be seen.

    Frankly, I think there is already a presence on Mars and people like Elon Musk and, of course, NASA, are just window dressing to reinforce the continuous lie to the general populace. But then that’s just an opinion as I’ve never been to Mars. Dahboo7 has a history of finding odd things. I suppose he and others will continue to follow the Mars presence or disappearance and report back to us in time.

    And, as Debbie noted below, Clif High did say expect “truth bombs” in 2017. Wouldn’t it be nice if this was one of them?

  • Is it possible that another country besides the US got there first? It would be one of the major supplicant security concerns of our times. Let’s just hope it was someone at Google having fun.

    • I don’t doubt they have bases on Mars and the Moon, but since this has been reported it has been removed from the Mars image. I found the exact location of the image, but there is nothing there anymore. Latitude: -4.578400° Longitude:137.438791° I Wonder when this was first published?

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