When I moved to Alphabet City in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, my parents didn’t know how I could live there. Thompkins Square Park, kitty corner from my apartment on Avenue B overflowed with a permanent homeless camp. For years, I gagged violently every day on the long walk to the Subway, overcome by the stench of raw sewage.

Then something happened that I never saw coming. Rudy Giuliani beat David Dinkins in the mayoral race and soon, the park was bulldozed and revived. There were rumors that Giuliani gave the squatters one-way bus tickets to Florida. Whatever he did, the park became a park again, which had not seemed at all possible.

Los Angeles currently has 40,000 homeless people living on the streets. The unprecedented debasement one sees in the cities up and down the West Coast are reminiscent of the conditions seen in the East Village during the late ’80s and early ’90s. Things are probably worse in Los Angeles, based on the explosion of Medieval rat-borne diseases, like typhus and tuberculosis. Celebrity doctor, Drew Pinksy believes that bubonic plague, also known as the “Black Death,” which killed three quarters of the European population in the 14th century is “likely present.”

Austen Fletcher of the Fleccas Talks YouTube channel has been filming videos where he lives in Downtown LA for years. Incredibly affable, he has a rare ability to communicate with all sorts of people. He lends a sympathetic ear to those living in LA’s Skid Row to know what’s happening on the streets and in their lives. He finds that about 30% are addicted to drugs, another 30% are mentally ill and the rest are “Living off the grid…”

We are treated to some truly disgusting and saddening sights, after which Fletcher says, “I’m gonna move to a normal suburb and live a more normal life…I’m done living in Mad Max world!”

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  • I, too, lived around the corner from Thompkin’s Park for half a decade soon after the cleanup. That neighborhood is nearly unrecognizable–and unaffordable now.

    Drew Pinsky gets too many of his facts wrong for me to give him much credibility–basic health stuff, which makes it easy to assume he’s beholden to the establishment.

    My theory about the various crises hitting California including the Hep A “scare” in San Diego and their mismanaged homeless population, LA’s ongoing milieu, and San Francisco’s long-recognized vagrant presence in the city as well as their housing crisis affecting other economic demographics, and the recent fires and mudslides destroying lives throughout mid and northern California:

    It’s all part of disaster capitalism strategies that our friends Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph P. Farrell discuss, the increasing foreign ownership of U.S. land (particularly to the Chinese), the desperate need for real estate to expand Silicon Valley without the time or interest in structured eminent domain processes as well as land and space needed to fulfill Trump’s “reshoring” bopdabeebop (whatever that is really about)…

    Also, there will ALWAYS be a golden opportunity in any metro area to encourage/create/fabricate some fantastically gruesome paranoia over disease in order to mandate more vaccines, establish quarantines, or even declare police states… one simply needs to study the Katrina disaster–“they” learned from it, too. And California is the perfect place with the perfect governmental structure already in place.

    Further, I’d like to know how many of these LA vagabonds are actually on someone’s payroll to cause a social disruption “emergency” like this. We’ve seen it before.

    So – I take these California Crises within the context of all the other bullshit going on behind the scenes that I feel is far more threatening.

    • The last time I went to the old block on Avenue B was about a decade ago and I want to say there was a Prada on the ground floor of my old building – it wasn’t Prada, but it was some crazy-expensive boutique, surrounded by other bougey stores, completely surreal to see on that block – where all the Puerto Rican delis once sold Goya beans, diapers and drugs through bulletproof windows and SWAT teams rappelled off your neighbors’ buildings. Everything had become nosebleed-expensive and too rich for my blood. It made me feel really inadequate!

  • Welcome to America, land of opportunity…this is what happens when all the money goes to the Military! Wake Up America and stop blaming the homeless!

    • This is what happens when politicians put Themselves First instead of putting Americans First. There is no blame in this video. Wake up! We hire the leadership with our vote. Do something. Say something. Take responsibility for your vote. If your statement were true, this would be happening in every city and it is clearly not – to this scale. 43,000 homeless in one area? California is in crisis, from my view. And that is the responsibility of those running the cities, counties and state; my home state. Have you seen any of this in MSM? They are contributing to what is happening.

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