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Dr David Martin joins Man In America host, Seth Holehouse to talk about the motives for the death shot.

He says that 30 years ago, it was known that Social Security was going to run out but rather than solve this, the fund was instead raided continuously and is currently set to run out in 2028.

He says that the targeting of those 65-and-older as the first in line to receive the jab was because the Government wants to shrink the pool of social security beneficiaries and this was most evident with the actions of the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California, who all intentionally allowed tens of thousands of elderly patients to die with their policies of returning hospitalized COVID patients to nursing homes.

He explains that killing the elderly off is also form of gerrymandering. If you reduce the population of those over 65, who tend to be more conservative, it turns out that you get to re-district.


As for Fauci, he says he had no credentials to be “America’s doctor” for a respiratory pathogen program.

“He was put in that position to show that he had, in fact executed the coup d’état on the Presidency. This was the pharmaceutical industry having photo ops to say, ‘The President of the United States has been marginalized and emasculated and he is standing behind Fauci, he standing behind Birx, he’s standing behind Alex Azar and the fact of the matter is Trump, to this day does not understand that, not only was he played but this was a coup in which he had the coup leaders in his inner circle.” 

Seth asks David about the theory that by launching Operation Warp Speed, he averted 5 to 10 years of lockdowns. David shakes his head.

“Neil Ferguson’s 2 million bodies in the streets didn’t happen – and it didn’t happen because the bioweapon that was engineered – if we go back and read the ingredient label on the bioweapon – it says: ‘Infectious, Replication-Defective.’

“Now, Seth, the problem with that is they told us what it was. They told us that they were making a thing that made you sick but was hard to transmit. We had to look all over the place to come up with these BS stories of transmission and not one of them has been empirically shown to be the case. As a matter of fact, when a study was actually done on asymptomatic transmission, not only did we not find evidence of transmission, we could not find the provenance of the infectious agent.”


Seth talks about how Trump’s support for the vaccine has been divisive among his base and he asks for David’s take on it.

David replies, “Leadership is saying the truth. If you’re not capable of saying the truth, then you’re not a leader and the fact of the matter is, there is not a single possibility that President Trump could possibly make the statement, ‘No one has died from the vaxxine,’ because in the clinical trials, themselves, there were abnormal numbers of deaths in the vaxxine population…

“The fact of the matter is that Trump is lying and we need to call it what it is…

“In the Fall of 2019, he received a very, very clear statement drafted by Yours Truly that actually said, ‘If you want to have a chance at winning the election, you have to stop supporting the coup attempt.’ That letter is a letter I wrote and I know it was requested by a member of his family, delivered to him. I know he knew it.

“And my point was, ‘If you want to win the election, you have to point to this short guy that’s in front you at the podium and go, ‘By the way, this domestic terrorist is the reason why we almost lost our country and I’m holding this domestic terrorist accountable.’

“Now, convenient thing is it would have been very easy to have the Secret Service or the FBI there and arrest him and cuff him and we would have been out of this nonsense a long time ago.

“But for reasons that can only be described as patronage, because it turns out that it is bad, bad, bad for business if you’re going into an elected position, it’s bad for business to be on the wrong side of the drug dealers, because let’s face it: drug dealers are the largest endorser of political campaigns in America.”

Big Pharma is the largest campaign contributor by nearly three times, compared to the next biggest lobby. “If you hold the drug dealers accountable, they hold you accountable and you don’t get elected and that has got to stop, because Trump’s morality was for sale for 30 pieces of silver and he has sold American lives to the drug dealers.”

Seth asks David whether he thinks Trump might have signed an NDA that is preventing him from speaking out. David answers, “What I do know is that on the 19th of September, 2019, when he signed the executive order that included the mandate for the vaxxines that included recombinant gene technology, in September of 2019, Seth, there was not a single reason for that to be an executive order…The only reason that executive order was put on his desk is someone paid him to sign it…

“That’s the executive order that ties into the mRNA platform, which is exactly what Anthony Fauci told Congress in December 4th of 2019. So before there’s a Wuhan anything, before we’ve heard about anything happening in China, we were told this was for the mRNA platform, that’s what the executive order was for. That’s exactly what was said on December 4th, 2019. 

“And that gives rise to the economic interests of CRISPR, because it turns out that if you start putting mRNA into people, you’re going to have to find technologies that clip it out. And the only way you’re going to do that, because as many times that people tried to do it before, it never succeeded because the Church always got in the way. Morality always got in the way. We needed to find a way to get the Church and morality out of the picture and we needed to make sure that we could edit the human genome and have nobody comment on that from a moral or ethical standpoint, and God forbid, have a religious objection.

“So what do we do? We actually manufacture the agent of delivering the altering chemistry, the mRNA platform and then, lo and behold, mysteriously, in December of 2020, we have two women win the Nobel Prize for CRISPR – during the pandemic created to get CRISPR into mainstream without the objection of the Church, who had object to it for a decade before.”

Seth asks him if there is any way that Operation Warp Speed saved lives, and David responds, “I wanted this to be answerable in ‘Maybe there’s a multi-level chess board and this is a move on one level to save a move on the other level,’ but here’s the problem with that story: The problem with that story is what’s happened to the military.

“You do not allow the Department of Defense to issue a self-inflicted harm order to the Department of Defense, where you take military men and women, people who are trained advance fighting forces, Navy SEALS, Special Forces, special air wings in the Air Force – you do not take our best defense and sideline them by forcing them to take the kill shot. You do not do that if you’re playing for the same team…[AB note: Trump never mandated vaxxines for the military or for anybody, so how is this his fault?]

“And by the way, the current Secretary of Defense is a traitor and we need to call it what it is. You do not weaken your own army so that a foreign party can take advantage of that weakness. We have fewer Special Forces, we have fewer Marines, we have fewer defensive postures than we had 6 months ago and 8 months ago and we did it for what? We did it because we were trying to force people to take a jab that would ultimately harm their fighting force readiness.

“I wrote a piece for the Department of Defense and it was circulated internally, which actually suggested that, in addition to the vaxxine injury question, which is actually a very significant problem, we were doing what is called ‘battlefield softening’. In other words, we were self-inflicting onto our defense forces a means by which fewer of them could potentially rise to the defense of this country. And we did that intentionally and no empire in human history has survived an internal military fighting force softening. And we did it to ourselves…

“This is corruption at its core. This is evil at its core and We the People have to be able to actually call it what it is. This is the expression of evil. And against that expression, we have to have the voice of truth and we have to have the forces of good.”


Seth then asks him where sees this heading and where does the hope lie?

David replies, “I’m not a fan at all of hope, I think it is a disgusting metaphor that allows us to defer reality, so I’m going to go with I am certain of a present where we, as people of courage, we as people of faith, we as people of morals, we as people of values have the opportunity to let this be the clarion call that wakes us into action…

“The evidence shows that people who do have a moral compass, people who do have a voice, people who do understand what leadership is and who do understand what it means to put the lives of others before their own, this is a moment where we in fact are standing up.

“And so the great news is, I don’t have hope for a future, I have certainty for a future, because the fact is that we are now coming into the Christmas season – and listen – we tell the Christmas story like many other stories so freaking wrong, because we’re trying to make it a Hallmark greeting card.

“Remember that King Herod sought to kill every child. Remember that. No different from the Puppet-in-Chief Biden, seeking to kill and maim everything under the age of 5, so that he can actually continue this reign of domestic terrorism.

“And it was in that moment that what happened? It was in that moment that wise men from the East came and found a stable and in that stable they found a mother and they found a child and they actually realized that there was something so much bigger, so much more transcendent than any of the forces of darkness.

“And listen, we’re talking about the whole Roman Empire killing off every child. You think that was a bad day to be alive? You better believe it but guess what? It was into that moment that our Incarnation’s story happens.

“We have to start telling our own truth and our own truth is the Light will always prevail against the Darkness. This is the absolute certainty – not the hope – the certainty that we, in fact are going to prevail.”


David gives us a historical perspective of our predicament: “The biggest lie that we’ve been told is that since 1604, we’ve been subject to a far more insidious thing than the Military-Industrial Complex and that is the drug-dealing complex.

“Our entire nation was built on the British East India Company and the Virginia Company and those are two companies set up in England in the 1600s and they were set up to do what?

“They were set up to traffic opium and to traffic tobacco, to traffic sugar.

“Our country is a story of drug-dealing. Our country is a story of the mercantile excesses to which we would go to essentially addict populations to things that harm them.

“So, whether it’s tobacco or opium then, whether it was sugar in the 18th century, whether it is the modern pharmaceutical story – even the story of the Military-Industrial Complex is a cover story for the drug-dealing, which is, in fact the core of the foundation that has rotted underneath this great country and if we really want to address this, we have to stop pretending to fall for these second-order and third-order cover stories and realize we have a problem.

“And our problem is that we have actually accepted a social fabric that is built on addiction, that’s built on anesthetizing ourselves and making ourselves unconscious to the pain that we experience in our lives and in our society and we have to start owning the fact that until we have the ability to say that it’s the ‘Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex’, it’s the ‘Drug Dealer Complex’.

“Listen, if you’re Pfizer and you’re killing a child with an mRNA strand or you’re a drug cartel leader in Mexico City, you are no different…The fact of the matter is we’ve been in the drug-dealing business since 1604 and we’re still in it today.

“That’s what this economy is built on, that’s what the entire government and our entire corporate structure of America was built on and the minute we embrace the fact that we are drug addicts and we are in a drug war, that is where we need to to start the problem.”

Seth asks David who is the Oz behind the curtain?

“It wasn’t until 1805, when we finally had the Rothschild admission where Baron Nathan von Rothschild famously said, ‘He who controls the coin of the realm controls the realm and I control the coin.’

“The fact of the matter is that’s been an old story and the old story is that we have propped-up puppet governments that go back as far as we can certainly research, even into the Greek and Roman era, where it is, in fact patrons who support the people who ultimately become, allegedly the leaders and we haven’t had a representational democracy, certainly in the last two and half thousand years.

“So the notion that we’re somehow broken in the modern era is ridiculous. I mean, it’s nice to pat ourselves on the back and walk around lamenting the failure of government now but the fact of the matter is, until we understand that public service was last seen on this planet somewhere around Cyrus the Great, where you actually have the notion that a leader is not someone who stands in front with the loudest voice but is, in fact the one who is leading the charge, who’s actually defending the village, who’s actually giving life and limb and fortune for the benefit of the people.

“That’s what leadership is and unfortunately, what we’ve adopted, in our modern narrative of leadership is that it’s the person with the loudest voice, the biggest bullhorn and the biggest checkbook. And the fact is, that when we turn that into leadership and government, it’s corrupt to its core and it will always be corrupt to its core.”

David says that the US Government, through Anthony Fauci and DARPA spent $190 billion weaponizing a virus that previously only affected certain animals.

Seth tells David, “One thing I’ve looked at is the Chinese Communist Party’s role in this. I think it was 2015 or 2016, that the People’s Liberation Army published a book – I think it was a 261-page book about how a weaponized coronavirus was the best way to win a war on the United States, because they need our farmlands. They can’t drop a nuke and destroy all our resources, like they’ve done to their own country. So do you think that this decades-long plan was interwoven with the Chinese Communist Party?”

David answers, “Oh, absolutely but remember, once again and this comes back to my central premise: China is as much theater as the United States is theater. The Chinese Communist Party is a convenient decoy to allow people who have mercenary interests in making sure that they keep control over the whole world.

“They’ve just decided, since 1999 – since the accession of China into the World Trade Organization – they’ve just decided that China is currently their agent provocateur.

“The idea that this is somehow a nefarious plot by China to take over the world is as much an illusion as somebody’s alleged plot to take over America.

“The fact of the matter is, people who have mercantile interests in the outcome have decided that the empire is going to shift. They have decided that the empire that they can manipulate the most is the Chinese Communist Party right now, and from 1999 until the present, they have been doing everything they can to start stacking the deck in favor of China and in opposition to the US hegemony since the Second World War.

“The problem that we have is holding onto the illusion that the flag flying over your head has anything to do with the real actor. This is not a state war of China vs. America. This is actually a corporatocracy – and by the way, the corporatocracy, without question includes the likes of the Amazons and the Pfizers and the Modernas and all of those; the Burroughs-Wellcome – it includes those players but it includes the financial players, like the BlackRocks and the State Streets and the people who are actually aggregators of capital.

“And the problem we have is we’re still having conversations as though we are somehow in the latter part of the 1800s and still believe that the Westphalia notion of drawing lines on maps matters. This is about the people who control the supply of goods and services; the people who control the supply of resources – and listen, let’s face the facts: The facts are that Russia, China and India entered into an agreement starting in 2008 t build their alternative to the US Dollar.

“They could not have done that if it weren’t for the collaboration of United States corporations who had bet against the United States. And when we think about 2007, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and then the economic collapse of 2011, we are foolish if we are not looking at the fact that $40 trillion – and for those of you who are calculating with your calculators – $40 trillion – three times the total GDP productivity of the actual production of the United States – three times that – were bets made against America by investors who were moving $40 trillion out of our pocket and into the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party.

“That’s what 2011 was and if we start actually realizing that we’re pretending that somehow or another, this is a new problem – it’s not a new problem. We were asleep, we were buying our Starbucks, we were shopping at our Whole Foods, we were doing all kinds of other things and we were asleep when the actual takeover happened…”

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  • Not since “Cyrus the Great”?
    David Martin ought to do a little research on Queen Tomyris and the Massagoths,

  • Trump & his Demonic children have millions of dollars in Moderna stock & Pfizer helped pay for Trump’s inauguration – we were All duped once again.

  • Yes, don’t understand why Trump is pushing the vaccines. Makes me suspicious PLUS all the people he put in seem to be Demoncrap picks that are giving us SO much trouble now.

    He did some things right and other things very wrong.

  • No doubt David Martin is in the enemy crosshairs. Concerning Trump. Some of his closest White House advisors say he is ignorant about science. Maybe true, but his uncle was John Trump. John Trump was privy to America’s deepest secrets from UFOs to Tesla technology. I find it hard to believe John didn’t confide anything to Donald. But I wonder about it now.

  • Dr David Martin goes from a collectivist vision of social service to state benefits to universal rationing.

    With an hour to talk, about Trump’s and Rothschild’s financial motives, you could have audited their investments, which should be in the public record.

    Can we survivors learn from the plutocratic model of dynastic succession, and make a sincere attempt at family planning, once the Boomer Remover has run it’s course?

  • i hate to break this too you but trump was the closerhe was the most popular false choice ever stood up before the american voter…..yes he did more good stuff than every body since nixon combined but when you look at what he did it was not the right good stuff it was just some fluffy stuff to put his base back to sleep again and all the while he was allowing the left to increase their efforts of destroying every thing that makes america great….so wake up and smell the coffee you and a millions of other americans got fooled by a slick opperator its time to get over it and take the reigns in our own hands and guide this country back to where it needs to be….the tree of liberty is dieing of thirst its time to water it like its never been watered before….

  • Ivanka is apart of the world economic forum and best friends with Chelsea Clinton. Trump was a con job and you are still making excuses for him. He gave you professional wrestling and you ate it up.

  • Remember when Trump said of God, “I have nothing to repent of.” ?

    Well, now he does. He forced this poison on us in the first place. He started that ball rolling. Now he wants a second chance.

    Desantis is clearly the better choice. It isn’t even close.

    And the fact that you have to ask why Trump is doing ANYTHING indicates to me that you don’t know or understand your own candidate.

    He isn’t even remotely who you picture in your mind.

    I could say a LOT more, but I think the truth I’ve laid out here is sufficient. To number his remaining faults would just be punching down. To enumerate his followers faults would be pointless. They are as incapable of following logic as he is of swallowing his own pride.

  • I go back and forth with Trump. I think of particular things that then change my mind. Like for example prophet Kim Clement pretty much described Trump at that point and didn’t know who he was describing but pretty much said that he would be a praying president and would fool people. He also said he would be President for 2 terms as well that they would try to impeach him and it wouldn’t happen. This was said some time between 2011-2014. He was right on the money. Then he mentions no one died from the vaccine. Maybe he was lied to. Either way I’m thoroughly keeping my eyes open and try not to be biased. One last thing, Kim said that the vail will be in 2027.

  • Maybe Trump was blackmailed or his life was threatened into making the statements about how safe
    and effective the jab is and no one has died? I just don’t want to believe he was knowingly involved.

    • If that were true, he wouldn’t be standing for Office again! No. Trump is in this right up to his unkempt eyebrows. It’s time everyone accepted the obvious.

  • As a former Trump supporter I have analyzed his faults. He is a lover of big successful businesses but at one time he cared about bad products and vaccine injury. I can’t help wondering if the trial of his former acquaintance Epstein and Giselle and the hidden away names that can’t be mentioned might have something to do with his vaccine support. I’m not saying that Trump is guilty of pedophile–no, not his style. But that doesn’t matter if it looks bad and it might with more trips on the evil plane than he admitted to…at first it was none, then one, then oops like a half dozen. Justice Roberts might also be controlled by the hidden names. Publish the stupid names–we can take over it the constant threat of blackmail. No… they like to keep it hidden away, maybe 55 years from now, just like the Pfizer vaccine trial data…

  • Good luck trying to make Trump evil. No Trumper would ever believe He would or could ever knowingly do anything against our country! Did He get bad info? Yes!

    • ” No Trumper would ever believe…”


      Bravo! You hit the mark on the first shot! The fact that you refuse to believe IS THE PROBLEM! You backed…at best…a clueless buffoon who wouldn’t recognize a real enemy if they stabbed him in the back. Which of course, they did.

      You still voted for someone stupid enough to fall for it. And that’s your BEST CASE scenario. The actual truth is going to be a lot harder for you to handle.

  • No. The wise men went to the stable where baby Jesus was but they did not return to report to Herod as he told them to. By the time Herod found out that they weren’t coming more than a year had past. Since he didn’t know the baby’s age when the wise men set out, he chose 2 yrs and under to catch toddler Jesus.

    • Luke mentions the circumcision of Jesus on the eighth day, in accordance with the Law. And though the place of the circumcision is not mentioned, it was likely in Bethlehem.

      There is also the event of the presentation of Jesus in the Temple. The presentation of the firstborn generally took place about 40 days after birth (which Christian tradition recognizes). It seems likely that the Holy Family went to Jerusalem from Bethlehem for this. As you note, it would be unlikely that Mary, who was observing the usual period of convalescence for a woman after giving birth, would have gone all the way back to Nazareth, a round-trip journey of 140 miles.

      After the Presentation we may presume that the Holy Family returned at least briefly to Bethlehem, and some time after their return the Magi made their appearance. This was followed shortly after by the flight to Egypt.

      Some scholars put the visit of the Magi as late as two years after the birth of Jesus since Herod called for the death of all boys two and under. However, it is difficult to understand why the Holy Family would have stayed in Bethlehem that long, and we can reasonably assume that the Magi visited sooner than two years.

      Some are troubled by the fact that Luke seems to say that they returned to Nazareth after the Presentation and that he makes no mention of the flight to Egypt, though Matthew does. But Luke’s silence about the Holy Family’s travels to Egypt does not amount to a denial of it, any more than the fact that Matthew makes no mention of the circumcision or the Presentation does not amount to a denial that they happened. Both Evangelists are merely selecting the material they deemed important.

      • Leah, Christianity in of itself is “merely selecting material that deems important” to keep up with the stolen Mythology story of the ‘Mystery of Krishna.’ The Bible itself tells us these are Allegory tales and Not to be taken literally. (Tales of Old)

  • Since were on a mission of truth Dr. Martin, Americans during the WW2 war effort didn’t decide to have “less tires on the pavement”- Roosevelt decided that for the Americans, so he can send Military artillery and Military vehicles to the Communist Soviets.

    • That was because of who he had as advisors. The Kommie Bolsheviks from NY had him wrapped around their little fingers. Just like they had Wilson, who got us into WW1.

  • Fabian Socialists/Communists pretend to be whatever they need to be to gain power,(Rino’s..etc.) Anyone who has a Campaign is bought and paid for despite what they ‘say’. Everyone who keeps voting is just filling the Swamp. Your vote is ‘Tacit Consent’ for whomever /whatever ends up in Office. Stop filling Seats in Office and see what happens?

    Left + Right Wing Parties equals ‘Two Party System’ or ‘Totalitarian Party’ – Under Definitions* Title 8 USC 1101 (a) (37).

    How many registered their Vote? When you ‘Register’ a thing you give that thing up, and you just have ‘proprietory use’ to it afterwords.

  • What if money is not the only motivator in political decisions? What if threats were made to nuke, say, D.C. or NYC or Chicago or L.A. or S.F. or Dallas – or one or some or all of the above? Luciferians have many ways to control others in positions of leadership. Blackmail, bribery, threats… they are very clever, ruthless, devious, vengeful beings.

    The only solution to the problems in this world is to take down the self-appointed kingpins of the luciferian-satanic “elite”, for they are nobody’s friend – even each other’s. Once they get rid of us, they will turn on each other. They demand loyalty but are loyal to no one but themselves.

    See and read his books. As a child, Kerth was raped, tortured, threatened, trafficked, owned by the group and they hoped that with all that experience he would join the club and become one of their “leaders”. He saw their methods firsthand, rejected their “values” and ultimately escaped their clutches. His books have inspired many other survivors to share their stories. The word is out. Now THEY need to be out. Don’t miss Kerth’s video on the occult ritual he attended at age nine, for the upcoming funeral of JFK – held BEFORE Dallas. He also wrote, “Deconstructing the Illuminati”.

    • Yes, Nuclear Blackmail may very well enter into the mix. Google up the “Davey CROCKET Nuclear Weapon” and bone up on the 350 nuclear pits that went missing from them after they were mothballed. Hundreds of mini nukes and SADM’s (Special Atomic Nuclear Weapons) could have been fashioned out of them.. There are those who believe that several of them were utilized hundreds of feet below the basements of the Towers.

  • Easy solution for Social Security: Pay out what people put in & close down the whole system. Many people I talked to said “I don’t care if it doesn’t exist but give me back my money.” There are people who receive that never put in, another reason why the system is bankrupt. Apply the same rule on Medicare/Medicaid. I wouldn’t want to be on Government run health program anyways!

    • As long as the Government (writ large) continues to lie to your face on a daily basis as they are currently doing, no arrangement or proposal from them can be trusted.

      Face facts: Between Trump, Biden and Obama, Uncle Sam’s brand has been irreparably broken.

      The “full faith of the US Government” now means less than doodley squat.

      Social Security is going to be the LEAST of your worries from this point forward.


  • TRAMP has shown his true colours, I felt he was currupt now I know it . How can he sit there encourageing people to except a biowepion of death so full of EGO he thinks all he has to do is say its safe and everyone who knows better is going to follow. Why would you vote for this man trump knowing he supports the murder of people.? Dr Carrie Madej shows us clearly what is in the jab. Why were people not treated with Ivermectin, hydroxcholoruiqine
    We need leaders with integraty. like Dr Martin .
    not someone who would order the best soldgers to except a shot of anthrax.

  • What Martin failed to say Trump gave all of us the true vaccine of HCQ, Azithromycin, Regeneron and Ivermection. Martin doesn’t see the bigger picture, he’s narrow minded. Trump knows exactly whats going on. Martin has his fat thick head up his Ass. This is war and everything about it was planed out exactly as it was suppose too. Keep the faith.

    • You’re are the kind of people that make wrong herd of sheep.
      Some sheep don’t ever wake up, whether he’s from left or right.
      You just don’t hear anything but what you “believe” is right even without fact.

    • pat i dont know for shure how or what happened with trump i voted for him too but my vote was thrown out by the local board in a little county in texas but i beleive that trump was the the most popular false choice ever foisted on the american voter i meen come on who in there right mind would vote for shitlery a murdering drug dealing money grubbing whore from hell…………….

  • ALL pharma clinical trials are filled w fraud, studies buried, data hidden. Research GSK Paxil# 329 where suicides in the HEALTHY CONTROL group (non depressed who got study drug paroxetine) were put in the “depressed” column. Just one example. That anyone believes VAERS could possibly be accurate and physicians would report to it is laughable.

    What happened to Daniel Best of Cleveland, Ohio, Trump’s appointee to manage drug costs? I suspect that most don’t even know his name. His death is being wiped off the internet.

    All of the info about the War on Drugs ✔️ The Sacks are only the recent version. They contributed badly, but it’s the ILLICIT fentanyl coming from China and Mex that is responsible for most deaths in the last 10-15 years. Also, Andrew Kolodny MD, psychiatrist is head of CDC Prop Guidelines for treatment of chronic pain. He has absolutely no training in chronic pain, but does have significant ownership of Suboxone and large chain of addiction treatment centers. Reckitt Bensaleer. The addiction industry is extremely profitable and also feeds into the foster care system when people children are taken away.
    Look into Mena, Arkansas, airport. Still recent. The border speaks volumes.

    What happened to ivermectin? The deaths would have been a fraction if people were treated before hospitalized.

    Too many questions and inconsistencies throughout.

    I trust nobody.

    I trust nobody.

  • The Wise Men did NOT go to the stable where Christ was born. They went to His home when he was a TODDLER. That’s why Herod had all the two-year-olds killed. This one simple FACT pretty much puts the rest of the story into doubt. How accurate can he be if he can’t get a simple Biblical FACT right?

    • Very strange, as he claims to have been brought up in a very strict Mennonite household.

      Presumably, he (smarty-pants that he is) would know this.

    • Becky, The scriptures in the bible contradicts itself. Matthew states Jesus was born before King Herod’s death, which was 4 BC. Luke states Jesus was born 10 years after King Herod’s death. I explain the saga very well below.

    • No. The wise men went to the stable where baby Jesus was but they did not return to report to Herod as he told them to. By the time Herod found out that they weren’t coming more than a year had past. Since he didn’t know the baby’s age when the wise men set out, he chose 2 yrs and under to catch toddler Jesus.

    • That’s your opinion. Many scholars have different opinions. It doesn’t make them wrong or invalidate what’s being said here. It has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

      • Leah, Not sure who your speaking to, but technically, like everything in life, there is only one way how something played out. So therefore there is only one truth. People for thousands of years now, have died by the sword by all these religious false teachings & it needs to come to an end.

  • Thank you, Dr. Martin, for speaking what I have been suspecting all along since the inception of this eugenics plot. Trump has a computer. I’m just some dumb cluck in Northeast Nevada, and I was able to figure it out within a month of the inoculation roll out.

    FINALLY. Finally someone is calling Trump on his collusion with this killshot. Anyone who claims to love the unborn and our military – not to mention the rest of the American people – and still acts as a poster boy for Big Pharma is implicated, e.g. GUILTY.

    Only if he truly repents before God, and admits to the American people what he did, why he did it, and RUNS 180° in the opposite direction does he have any hope of saving face and his political career. Frankly, I don’t see this happening.

    My hope is in Jesus, and only Jesus can save us now.

    • The bible was never intended to be an historical document. It is a work of theology, law, ethics and literature. The gospel of Jesus is not a biography of a historical messiah, it is the work of mythology of the ancient world, Pagan and Jewish mythology. Mythology was the language of the ancient world. Jesus is the reworking of dying and resurrecting godman Osiris Dionysus, which had been popular for centuries throughout the Mediterranean. The baby Jesus story was taken from Krishna. There is no historical record of King Herod seeking out babies under two. There is no historical record of an exodus of Jews led by a man named Moses either. The saga of the Israelites was designed as a morality tale to prove the importance of faith in one god. It was to demonstrate that they would be rewarded when obeyed and punished when strayed. They understood this ancient language at the time

      • What of the virulent hatred of Jesus by His own
        people , to this very day. He actually DID threaten the authority of the priests by exposing their demonic ways.
        Their hatred of Him, which is documented in their tal mud. ic texts is absolute proof of His existence.

    • Glad to meet you, Leslie. Your vision is exceptional. I don’t see Trump bowing to anyone including God either. It isn’t in his character. Your hope is not in vain. Jesus saves!

    • He’s made mistakes on purpose since before, that y people were pissed about him breaking his promises often
      The last mistake before leaving office was a bomb, just like obomber did

  • If the federal government would STOP giving billions to the Tribes, billions to the homeless, billions upon billions to these fake social “equity” ( wealth redistribution) policies, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  • Here’s the strategy of the Satanic Globalists. They give you false hopes, fake heroes so you can rely on them, instead of to stand up and fight for yourself.

  • “Holehouse”?

    My suspicions go off, perhaps too easily, when people who attempt to present themselves as credible have what appear to be ” inside joke names”.

    My apologies in advance to the Holehouse family.

    Pilpul –
    “Endless quibbling and argumentation as a tactic to confuse and tire out opposition in political debate.”

  • This splendid interview reveals much about good and evil and the ease with which good intentions can become perverted. Every time I hear Donald Trump defend the vaxx, I shudder at his exhibition of unapologetic PRIDE. This will be his downfall.

    • DeSantis is the guy you want. Definitely. Which is why we’ll end up with that loser Trump one more time. Watching presidential elections is a lot like watching the spot gold market. It doesn’t take long before you realize that there’s a lot of manipulation goin’ on.

  • dr martin is reading his script…watch his eye s moving side to side…
    what’s up with his “all seeing eye” tatoo…hmmm.

  • Taking pot shots at the dwarf won’t save the kiddies. Trump authorized all of this his actions are killing 100 children to save one granny but we should blame the drug peddlers, nope this stinks all the way up to heaven. Making the poison is bad medicine, authorizing the act to deliver and administer the poison is what gets you the trophy for mass murderer of the year. The dwarf is just a jester full of bad advice just there to fool you. None of this monkey business would be going on if trump would have stuck to what he is also not good at gambling, denigrating women and building up scaled whore houses.

  • #1…….the Bush CRIME FAMILY are NOT ‘REPUBLICANS’! They are NOT even AMERICANS!
    #2……QUESTION: When did Reagan ‘give a pass’ to liability? Was it BEFORE he was shot by the Deep State? Or was it AFTER he was shot by the Deep State……(when Bush took over), and started to have ‘alzheimers’? This is important to know.

  • Pay close attention to what President Trump has said: “Vaccines are good and have helped mankind”. Since these C-virus jabs are NOT “vaccines”, then he is not recommending them. They are EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPIES– that is FACT! God wants you to use COMMON SENSE and critical thinking. Trump is a genius and we all need to do our own research and ask God/Jesus for discernment.

    • You have Trump Cult Syndrome.. Trump was bought off decades ago in Chicago. Banksters forgave $1 Billion in personal debt. Then Trump appointed the lead negotiator to the cabinet decades later.
      Trump KNEW about Epstein. Trump is ALL IN for the NWO.. He is a longtime member of the WEF. Hillary’s 18th cousin. A Freemasonic Skull & bones alumni, just playing “good cop” for Satans children

        • Well you do know most all Presidents and some politicians are related one way or another! How do you think they got to where they are now? Didn’t you see awhile back this young teen girl did a report on how ALL the president’s are related except one or two..
          i can’t remember exactly! I’ll have to find this story!..

        • It means they are distant cousins, as are ALL prior presidents, most of Hollywood Royalty and Big Pharm, Big Bankers and the other .001% elitists that descended from British Royalty, which were actually German descendants but changed their name to Windsor in early 1900s. Interestingly, I found a family tree online that shows Fauci and Klaus Schwab are kissing cousins (distant cousins), too. Their shared family ancestral crest: a snake eating a baby. IDK what is going on exactly but I do believe there’s evil. When evil is winning it means TRUTH MUST BE EXPOSED as light always overcomes darkness.

          • I’m aware of the story about how in every US presidential election invariably, the candidate who is genetically closest to the British Royal Family wins every time and how a young girl genealogist discovered that Obama is in fact a distant cousin of Dick Cheney on his mother’s side.

            But when you’re talking about 18th cousin, at that point, I’d think we’re pretty much all related. That’s what I meant.

      • What you say may be true, but I am also Hillary’s 18th cousin, and so are you. And we are also descendants of every king and queen from 1000 years ago, and of every fishmonger, too. So what?

        • That isn’t necessarily true; check out genestar and other online family trees and you’ll see the British and early American Founding families are names that have been married and intermarried for centuries. I tend to trace lineage back via paternal names…you’ll see many of the most famous people today are direct male descendants of the most famous kings throughout history. Also, most political women who use their middle names… trace that male lineage…you’ll see how their family trees go back 500-1500 years….while most everyone else’s goes back much less. At least that’s my experience.

  • Every time I listen to Dr. Martin, I always find out something new what is going on in this sinister world. Great interview Sleth.

  • Oh my God! My ex in Italy used to joke that if you hit a Senior with the car the INPS italian pension fund will laud you! It is scary but so right! Dark humor maybe but it now makes pertect monetary sense!

  • Oh my God! My ex in Italy used to joke that if you hit a Sejior with the car the INPS italian pension fund will laud you! It is scary but so right! Dark hunor maybe but i5 makes pertect monetary sense!

  • I’m suspicious of Trump playing or being played as a Judas Goat. Get the people’s trust, then prance away as they’re led to the slaughter. Much of the billionaire class seem nefarious at best and predatory at least.

  • WOW, this is so sad, but so informative! Dr. Martin, have you tried or could you try and speak with Trump? It’s very say that people can take a life as nothing! We all need the Lord! Please keep up the good work!

  • Alexandra
    I watched 2x, a few days ago. Fyi..I watched the AMP Year-end, bash
    Read my comment. Scott knows about Trump. (I follow him)
    And I think Alexandra does, as well
    I only watch Scott on AMP. White hats are fools

  • Consider this: “The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is among the best adverse event data collection systems in the world, but it’s antiquated and difficult to use. Still, it’s a good way to detect safety signals that weren’t detected during premarket testing or clinical trials.

    “There are unmistakable, unprecedented safety signals in VAERS for the COVID shots. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim no deaths can be attributed to the COVID jabs, it’s impossible to discount 8,986 deaths in the U.S. territories alone, reported as of Nov. 26.

    “The estimated underreporting factor for COVID jab injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100, so the actual death toll in the U.S. could be anywhere from 278,500 to 898,600.”

    Source link:

    Now consider this: Seems CNN now loves Trump since he’s more forcefully promoting the vax

    • If you have not yet tuned into RealNotRare, a few of the people who suffered serious adverse reactions could not get their reports onto VAERS or they were removed. One was in the clinical trial (original participant). Bree Dressen, I believe.

      The injured are having to fight for insurance to cover. Of course, no lawyers will take on cases. The young women from Las Vegas is a horrible story. Her doc called the FDA emergency hotline for guidance when she developed blood clots and then brain bleeds and they hung up on him and other docs involved in her case. He was quoted by NYT as saying “we were flying blind”.

      Now, if people speak out about being injured, they are being hated and made into the villains. Kyle Warner, mountain biker, has spoken out about how bad it is. Some victims have suicided.

      All heartbreaking and angering.

      Several physicians and harmed patients spoke at the Capitol meeting back in November. FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna were invited to attend, but none showed up. David Healy, MD, is one I know just in case you haven’t watched the testimonies. He’s uncovered a lot of fraud in clinical trials in past years.

      My apologies if this is known info.

      Best wishes.

  • I hate to be a buzz-killer but Jesus was a boy of five or so by the time the wise men found him… That kinda changes the whole barn scene I know but let’s get factual –

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