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Who is Really Behind YouTube’s Censorship?

The Truth Factory channel is the innovator of using a kitten avatar in order to keep the YouTube censor bots off her trail. She’s gotten great at making these expertly-edited pieces infused with Reddit humor and with commentary that is so on the money, one wonders how long her channel will stay up.

Her latest video is about the questionable NGOs tasked by the Trusted Flaggers Program with censoring content posted to YouTube and other social media platforms – or rather, the only two groups that are willing to be publicly-acknowledged: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), both of which have deviated from their legitimate civil rights work to become manufacturers of hate crimes, all the better to raise more money to perpetuate their existence, in the “The self-licking ice cream cone” business model.

This is exactly the same phenomenon we see with the War on Terror and its profiteers and their focus seems to be increasingly targeted on the American populace. I wonder which evil corporations comprise the vast majority of the “Trusted Flaggers” who choose to remain anonymous?

The Truth Factory suspects that the recent purge of Alternative Media channels on YouTube was a beta test of the ADL’s new “Hate Speech Index”, which uses AI technology to crack down on Internet hate speech and to censor the thought crimes of hapless netizens, as seen in their Orwellian promo video featured here.

The Truth Factory’s cat avatar says, “If you need to delete or ban all arguments that go against your narrative for you to be right, maybe you’re actually wrong,” or as Catherine Austin Fitts said so well, “[America has] become so dependent on criminal enterprise and so dependent on lies that I think many people in the establishment have forgotten what the truth is.”

If the Iraq-Afghanistan-Syria Wars have taught us anything about the sleaziness of no-bid defense contractors, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the ADL and SPLC both have been implicated in deeply criminal dealings, yet all records of these have been erased from the Internet, because they work with Google and now monitor and filter hundreds of millions of social media accounts.

Before there was an Internet, the “news” came from Establishment-approved centralized sources. CIA-controlled Senior Editors served as the gatekeepers of all published information. Due to the disintermediation caused by the Internet, Artificial Intelligence bots are now being deployed to swarm social media for the same purpose, in an attempt to impose centralized thought control on what is inherently (or at least originally) a decentralized, amorphous space.

The 2018 Elections are upon us, as are these increasingly sophisticated weapons of social control. Thank goodness we are wiser to these processes than ever.

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