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    With all of this talk about hackers and hacking, I thought it would be apt to take a peek at the mindset of hackers like Guccifer, who claims to be behind the DNC hack and to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s server from behind bars at the Alexandria City Jail, where he was extradited from Romania for 18 months and is awaiting sentencing. Apparently, he is encouraged to have access to a computer while in custody, from where his blog is ostensibly being published. (Some claim that this first Guccifer is the man currently in custody, whereas, Guccifer 2.0 is someone else and that both, based on linguistic analyses of chats are not native Romanian speakers but instead Russian. This investigation is ongoing).

    This short documentary by VICELAND interviews past and present members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, who are or were willing to risk prison time and all that this entails, to fight for our freedom, as they see it.

    As former Anonymous hacker, Mercedes Haefer says here of her involvement in the infamous take-down the websites of PayPal, VISA and MasterCard, in protest over these companies’ refusal to process payments for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, “I don’t like him as a person but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have rights and that I won’t fight for his rights – because, if he doesn’t have rights, then I don’t have rights. [Either] everybody has them or they’re just privileges.”

    Canadian hacker, “Bio”, who has not yet been caught is looking at indefinite detention as a “Terrorist” for temporarily taking down a government website, as part of Op Cyber Privacy, in protest over the Anti-Terrorist Bill C-51, which gives the government broader surveillance powers, sparking concerns of privacy abuse.

    When asked if he will continue his DDoS attacks, Bio replies, “It depends on what they do with the Bill. It needs to be repealed.” Bio estimates that the likelihood that he will go to jail is “pretty high”, saying that he knew from the start that it would end one of two ways: “Us in prison or we’d win,” but he maintains, “Anonymous, as a whole will always exist.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Hi Alexandra,

      I wasn’t surprised to see: “This video not available” when I clicked on your July 24 Who is Anonymous?: Cyberwar YouTube above. That sentence instantly reminded me (again!) of the insidious, ominous comment from John D. Rockefeller, previous patriarch of the deranged Rockefeller dynasty who said: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers!” (i.e. mindlessly obedient and ignorant Sheeple!)
      At the same moment, I thought of a significant quotation from a famous Founding Father, who said: “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty”~Thomas Jefferson. So be encouraged, and continue “informing” us, Alexandra. Those who are awake are listening!

    • Hello Alexandra,
      Sadly this video is also not available here in South Africa.
      As Voltaire said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” … how true!
      Thank you for your great work and best wishes for the future.
      Kind regards,

    • Good morning to you Alexandra from ‘down-under’, Sadly Google does not care for us to see the content of the video and “….is unavailable” down here. Thank you for continuing to wave the banner. Wishing you mountains of happiness, peace and well-being, Ian

    • Whatever their present ‘vanilla’ co-opted exposures are today, the fact remains that governments are in deep drill down into all electronic utterances, emissions and connections to individuals world wide. They are bound to the MIC, 70% of the intel gathering side being outsourced, reflecting an impossible need to control all that gathered stuff. People refuse to go beyond the ‘if you’re doing nothing wrong, nothing to fear’ psychology…a startlingly naive view and one which allows the gross infringement on personal freedom to grow and grow. Fighting back against attempts to corral ideas, negate ideas, imprison those who do the fighting is essential to the tenets of any constitution declaring individual freedom. Does anyone believe that the MIC and outsourced gangs/cults have the slightest concern for anything other than ‘business and profit’…?? The revolving door is solid gold and the temptation to genuflect and masterbate that golden calf requires a mighty personal integrity…obviously a void at the higher levels of government.

    • If you watch the Video put out by “Anonymous” about Hillary Clinton, you can see it’s become co-opted into being just another controlled-opposition group. It just talks about such shocking issues as Hillary changing her mind about gay marriage, totally ignoring the real issues of providing weapons to terrorists, the murder of Berta Cáceres, the effect of Clinton’s Crime Bill on black neighborhoods, the hundreds of millions of dollars they get through fraud, Bill Clinton’s role in the CIA drug smuggling operations, the pile of dead bodies that the Clintons leave in their wake and on and on.

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