Would it be shocking to you if you heard that Communism was born in New York City?

Douglas Gabriel tells us, that its foundation can be traced to a group called the American International Corporation, centered right in New York City who financially sponsored Lenin and Trotsky.

Who was behind this American International Corporation? Inventor-Researcher, Michael McKibben joins Douglas Gabriel to discuss this swathe of forgotten history, which has never been written about but which, we find was shaped by the Pilgrims Society.

What is generally known about the Pilgrims Society is that it is a British-American society that was established in 1902, “To promote good-will, good-fellowship, and everlasting peace between the United States and Great Britain,” according to American diplomat, Joseph Choate (January 24, 1832 – May 14, 1917).

Michael McKibben says however, that, “The conclusions that we’ve drawn from the evidence, is that the Pilgrims Society created Lenin and the Bolsheviks, as a useful political tool for further takeover of German and Russian resources and that, from the beginning, Bolshevism was a play of the Pilgrims Society. And we now have absolute evidence that’s what happened.”


Douglas Gabriel: That’s quite shocking, quite shocking because I have characterized the Pilgrims as basically being the British East India Company pirates going in, to take over the British government through the Privy Council – but now, when we see that they have this thing called settlements – I had no idea about that – but it seems as if they tried to make Russia into one of their settlements, which is a way to colonize.

Michael McKibben: They did and the Czar kicked them out in 1909. The settlement movement was something that was the creation of John Ruskin, who was an early Socialist in the middle part of the 1800s and he counts as some of his followers Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes and people like that and this was an early form of Communism, that basically advocated that people from different class levels get together in communities and break down the old class structures that they were highly critical of, not without merit, in some cases.

But the point is, they always appointed a master or someone who was the leader or hierarch of these communities and basically, that concept really drove a whole new way of thinking, that really borrowed heavily from Christianity and somewhat from Judaism and developed these communitarian philosophies but they intentionally were intending to create some sort of secular society or secular religion, because one of the things they talked about was the failure of love to be a moral arbiter or a moral guide and they were going to replace it – and have replaced it – by their conceptions of social justice. Now, doesn’t that sound contemporary?


What’s old is what’s new, as we discover in this fascinating interview.

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  • Douglas, and Michael go DEEP into the mechanism that’s been in control of this world for over a century.
    Connecting lots of dots, showing who tells the sheep what to do and how to do it.
    The power stays at the TOP, and the sheep get to clean up the yard, as well as jump when barked at.
    Two very important laws were removed under Obama, the Smith-Mundt Act, and the ownership of multi communication corporations by a single owner.
    Which is why they all read the same script, from the teleprompter, feeding us, carefully worded propaganda, to control our emotions. And make us jump when barked at.
    There are only a few places I go to find truth, this is one of them.
    Thank you, Alexandra.

  • Yes, excellent piece. My research also shows that all of the WWII actors chose a form of fascism or communism that was already in existence, but as yet had not gained much beyond philosophy.

    There were disagreements in structure and how to achieve the goal of total control so that the masses would no longer be the victims of the moneyed class. Same struggle still exists as you know.

    Every attempt has failed, and now, we can add social democracy to that list with the coming destruction of the European Union.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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