The triple bombing of the two Nord Stream pipelines last week has the potential to trigger for a world war. The same day that the two Nord Stream pipelines were blown up, the Norway-Poland pipeline was opened!

In response to the Nord Stream bombings, Russia has annexed 4 regions in Ukraine and Ukraine has retaliated by applying for accelerated NATO membership.

Meanwhile back home, the slow wheels of justice have turned and a federal court has rejected the FBI’s attempts to keep the laptop of DNC staffer, Seth Rich secret under FOIA privacy exemptions, ordering the FBI to “produce the information it possesses related to Seth Rich’s laptop”.

Rich was the Democratic National Committee staffer who was murdered in July 2016 who many believe was the source of WikiLeaks DNC emails that threw the 2016 Election and that his death was an Arkancide hit ordered by the Clinton Cabal.

Pfizer filed a motion to dismiss whistleblower, Brook Jackson’s clinical fraud case against them, claiming that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are not pharmaceutical products subject to transparency, consumer protections and FDA regulation, but are instead bioweapons produced under contract subject only to Department of Defense control.

The lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act but Pfizer argued that it should be dismissed because the U.S. government knew of the wrongdoings in the clinical trials but continued to do business with them, anyway.

Of this, Katherine Watts says, “This is court-filed, under-oath corroboration that Pfizer and FDA are jointly engaged in a domestic bioterrorism program against the American people, operated by HHS and the DOD, on behalf of the WHO, falsely presented as a public health campaign.

The propaganda and indoctrination doesn’t stop at school. You will want to boycott Aveeno products after viewing their latest TV spot.

All this and more on this Episode of Forbidden News!

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  • I want to correct myself. Biden’s chief is Ron Klain. He is the one who dreamed up the mandates and he even said that they worked. Yes, if people are faced with losing their careers and jobs they will comply. Remember before Ron Klain made that executive decision for the entire country the culling chambers at the local pharmacy were emptying out (July 2021). People still have to get the new bivalent or lose their jobs. I saw one of those pathetic people the other day sitting on the outside pharmacy chair with a cluster of people around her. She’ll maybe go home and die or be maimed for life. This other woman complained that she can’t clean out her messages on her cell phone because she doesn’t want to erase the voices of her dead friends. I guess Ron Klain is stepping down after the mid-terms. He’ll probably get pastured out in Harvard teaching a class in ‘how to mandate medicines that kill people while you are telling them you are protecting them. ‘

  • Governments are contracted service providers. If they do not provide the services, like Joe Biden shutting down oil production, then the are in breach Of Contract.
    My state, Victorian, government (I am Australian) is in Breach of Contract for failing to provide our Victorian-derived gas to Victorians, at a fair and reasonable price.
    I told this to the Energy Minister’s front office lady, who subsequently went into its of panic, because I was dead right.
    We supposedly have an energy crisis in my state, however, our gas is being piped to Queensland and New South Wales, where it is sold at eight times the Victorian capped price.
    Our Victorian gas is also being exported, even while this alleged energy crisis is in place.
    This is what happened with a heap of our gas:

  • Awesome Alexandra! I like to point out that My Pillows competition, Bed, Bath and Beyond jumped out the fucking window making this the best Meme ever!

  • Thanks for the news… What ever happened to Blinken, is that his name? I mean Biden is a loss. Kamala is a loss. What about the directors of this policy. What about Ron Klaine who was the man behind the mandates that resulted in the massive deaths of young working age Americans? It’s still going on by the way. Didn’t Tucker name Klaine in all this… you see they have become so disappeared that I can barely spell their names. Kennyboy must live in San Francisco that is one of the few places where people still line up at the Pharma killing chambers to get shot up. They still have those little chairs on the sidewalk by a pharmacy near me. Here, too, in my suburb of L.A. it’s so popular. Have you got your shot, are you having symptoms, isn’t it great? But seriously when did you see a big news conference headed by Blinken to update us, where is he?

  • My comment from early this morning just disappeared when I clicked on “submit comment”. This has happened before on FKTV, but not recently.



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