Jeff, a construction worker in Maryland, called in to The Alex Jones Show to blow the whistle on lockdown centers being built.

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  • I suspect we will have activated epidemics once Elon s satellites are ready. Suspiciously many western governments have been giving money direct to poor people……the energy crisis is artificial,as is the proxy ear in the Ukraine.
    Sine speculate that the power shortage us s distraction to encourage consumers to use less, therefore making more power available for telecom towers and weather modification.
    Either way,billions have been poisoned with a multi tech experiment.

    • Hi Phil.

      I am one of the poor people who will be getting some cash off my government and I am extremely suspicious. I can’t believe it tbh. They treat us with total and utter disdain! They can’t stand being near us, but love to exploit us at every opportunity. I feel that, as our country is about to get a new PM, all will be from the WEF camp anyway and if we get Liz Truss, wow! She is already saying policy that if implemented will crash the English economy. She is incredibly right wing too. I actually believe that the WEF have chosen the UK to be the test bed for the next stage of the policies. God help us all.

      This winter is going to kill a hell of a lot of people in England alone. Our energy prices will rise to £3500 plus son October the first. In my case, our benefits won’t cover that amount. Neither will the elderly. I think they are trying to take out as many of the sick, disabled and unemployed and the working classes out. Honestly. Even the Middle Classes are not safe.

      I pray that I can continue to dodge the shot! Although I worry that if the who and the UN get their way, I may be taken away if I don’t. How can you avoid it? Take good care of yourselves and stay safe everyone


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