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This video by Truthstream Media does a great job of putting forth ALL concerns we may have about what’s going on with Assange and WikiLeaks.

There has been no verifiable proof that Julian Assange has been alive since October 3rd, when he last appeared at the window of the Ecuadorial Embassy. The John Pilger interview posted on the eve of he US Presidential Election, on November 5th doesn’t contain any specific information to suggest that it was filmed after October 3rd. Plus, it contains bizarre editing artifacts which cause one to wonder whether or not if, in this age of CGI, what we are shown is real and not the product of software developed by the students at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and Stanford University which I blogged about last March.

Called Face2Face, this technology seamlessly and completely alters the facial expressions of on-air subjects in live-streaming television. It’s highly unlikely that John Pilger would willingly participate in such a ruse – unless that wasn’t him, either.

Assange’s Internet connection was cut off (allegedly by the Ecuadorian Embassy) on October 17th, the day after US Secretary of State, John Kerry arrived in London, according to this timeline put together by

WikiLeaks’ Twitter posts have since contained typos for the first time ever. When the wrong letters are strung together, they read HELPHIM. There have been several other reasons to give people legitimate doubts as to whether WikiLeaks is still in control of its website, including their annoyed tweets aimed at supporters, who would like to see proof that Julian Assange is actually alive.

On November 25th, human rights activist and former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray posted on his site that he’d just had dinner with Julian Assange and Yanis Varoufakis, noting that the former had a cold. Like John Pilger, Craig Murray is a notable person who one would never expect to perpetrate lies about Assange’s well-being.

The following day, Assange participated, audio-only in the Free Connected Minds Conference, after which a recording was made by Palestinian human rights activist, Youmna Naufal, in which he doesn’t sound much like himself – however, it’s conceivable it’s what he might sound like, if he did have a cold.

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  • If an issue is front and center in the false orthodox media, then the integrity of the issue has been compromised, turning the issue into a red herring …

  • julian is likely either compromised or no longer with us. John Pilger’s “interview” was iffy, at best. This I’ve yet to view, but I’ve read the comments; going to watch now. 🙁

  • My god what’s all that down below? For what its worth I have never been convinced by WikiLeaks. Like Snowden, nothing of any real interest has come out of all the fuss. Most of it we already knew and those whom did not know would not be reading it anyway.
    The pizzagate stuff I instantly distrusted, simply because the artist impression of the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann, which was given to the Portuguese Police, was totally different from the one in the pizzagate video clip.

    • I think the insertion of the Madeleine McCann story into the #PizzaGate citizens’ investigation is a malicious meme stupidly repeated by people and makes the rest of the data lose credibility – it did not come from WikiLeaks. I don’t know where it originated.

  • One thing for sure, the powers that be, do not want truth given out to people who think and can see the gray of our new day. Next the UFO war starts, and full military take over of the country, but, that’s old news. What kind of rabbit are going to pull out of the hat? After Xmas of course. I think that Julian Assange has probably contracted cancer of the C.I.A. type, and that is terminal. Best wishes for the man of the year.

  • Re: Naufal’s interview – there’s a big red flag in my mind. Even though he may have had a cold, you’ll notice that “Assange” says “hmmm” several times as he’s listening to comments. This “hmmm” is a very common affectation among Brits. I’ve never heard this “hmmm” with Australian speakers, nor have I ever heard Assange do it. Also, what was being said did not seem the way Assange has usually expressed himself. I wish there was some way to help him if he is alive, because surely he’s enduring extreme suffering. Bless him and his team for the truth they have brought us.

  • I think we have to fear the worst…once these pedophiles have been exposed….they will stop at nothing to cover their crimes….America is a true terrorist country…we should all be on vigilant alert! Thanks for posting this!

  • This is deeply troubling; Julian is/was a truth warrior and his courage under fire ‘legendary”.
    My sources have forewarned that for the remainder of the year there is to be a tremendous effort to be made by the dark side to remove “critical obstacles” before the calendar strikes Jan. 1st. Many have been warned to lay low during the interim, for they will be removing all the stops during this desperate Grand Stand to retake control.
    Be safe,

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