Justin Trudeau must be so relieved about the Russian attack on Ukraine – and so must Pfizer and Moderna, because the world was just about to watch the complete free-fall collapse of their COVID Hoax and vaxxine genocide narratives.

Instead, we’ll be hearing about Putin’s “special military operation”, which began last night. Military bases and weapons manufacturers were hit by cruise missiles in several cities, including Kharkiv, Mariupol, Odessa and the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, as I’m sure you’ve heard.

Mike Adams yesterday explained it perfectly:

…Biden’s handlers (Obama, etc.) want and need Russia to attack the United States in order for Biden to declare a war emergency to grant him more domestic power, in much the same way that Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to obliterate civil rights and due process in Canada.

That emergency would help explain away inflation, supply chain disruptions, rising homelessness, skyrocketing crime rates and other serious problems stemming from failed Democrat policies in America…policies which are leading to the rapid collapse of blue cities like Seattle and Portland.

Because the only way the Great Reset will work is if they crash the entire digital, financial, economic and legal infrastructure so that those who survive would be unable to obtain justice.

They’ve done a great job so far at breaking the social contract but there’s still a ways to go. If the Globalists fail at crashing modern civilization, they will have to answer for their Satanic deeds, which they have no intention of doing.

This is the real war that we’re in but it looks like the pathway to averting the Globalists’ hellscape is by pursuing the investment fraud angle before the vaxxed fund managers keel over.

Yesterday, Die Welt reported that the large German health insurance provider, BKK ProVita used physicians’ billing data for the first half of 2021 to determine that out of their sample of nearly 11 million insured persons, nearly 217,000 had sought treatment for vaxxine side effects.

When scaled-up to the entire German population for the entire year, this would mean that 2.5 to 3 million people received allopathic medical treatment for their vaxxine side effects, or 4%-5% of the vaxxinated populace.

This is 10 times higher than what the German government’s Paul-Ehrlich Institute claims during this same period.

BlackRock whistleblower, Ed Dowd reacted to this report, tweeting, “This German Insurance company called out the public data as too low & mentioned ethics…this provides cover for others in the insurance industry to follow suit & they will. The tsunami of news flow will be uncontrollable for the propagandists.”

Due to Dowd’s efforts in recent weeks, Wall Street investors have started dumping their Moderna and Pfizer stock faster than world governments can drop their mandates. Dowd predicts Moderna will drop to zero and that Pfizer will go below $10.

Speaking of money, Canada’s TD Bank has lost $8.5 billion in value since Trudeau invoked the Emergency Measures Act, plus whatever was withdrawn in the bank run.

Trudeau’s government froze bank accounts of Canadian citizens in the absence of a court order, in the absence of a conviction. In some cases, in the absence of any charges whatsoever.

As it happens, TD is a partner of the World Economic Forum, which may explain why they were more than happy to oblige Canada’s Tyrant-in-Chief and freeze their customers’ bank accounts before the Act was passed into law and before any warrants had been issued – or any whiff of due process given to them – and AFTER all the truck blockades had already been lifted and most of the crowds had already been dispersed.

Capital flight is likely one reason why Trudeau revoked the Act and there were some rather comical reports of the RCMP working with banks to “unfreeze” most of these accounts.

Timing is everything. You can’t declare war on your own people when there are still 40 million of them kicking around. You have to wait until the vaxxines have taken full effect.

Trudeau was going to lose the all-important vote in the Canadian Senate today to pass the Emergency Measures Act. It was such an egregious, illegal, completely unnecessary and dangerous power grab that he had to end it to save face – not, as he claimed yesterday afternoon because he decided it was no longer needed.

Canadian Senator David Wells explained what happened in a Twitter thread:

So here’s what happened on the #EmergenciesAct in the Canadian Senate today: speeches were going ~50/50 for & against. Solid legal arguments were presented against the Act and emotional ones presented for the Act…#unityconvoy #cdnpoli #nlpoli #freedomconvoy22

Cabinet ministers and the gov senate leader started calling senators to assess support for continuation of the Act. The numbers weren’t looking good – suggestions of around 45 against – despite most of the senators being Trudeau appointees. That’s when the decision was made and…

a hastily called news conference was arranged. The government saw the writing on the wall and pulled the plug. This is a huge victory for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and for the people of Canada. I was voting NO, btw.

Trudeau (aka the World Economic Forum) overplayed their hand but they gave the world a glimpse of where they’re going. They can and will freeze your funds, at their discretion.

We also saw where they’re going in Biden’s (aka the World Economic Forum’s) nomination of Saule Omarova for Comptroller of the Currency.

Omarova withdrew her nomination after a Zoom call video emerged of her saying flat-out that the Biden administration intends to use the Treasury Department to bankrupt the smaller oil, coal and natural gas companies in the name of “Climate Change”

Besides intending to destroy American energy industries, Omarova also wanted to eliminate all banks and to have us transfer all of our bank deposits into “FedAccounts” at the Federal Reserve and she raved about how the Federal Reserve could “take money” from these accounts during an inflationary period – such as now.

It is beyond obvious that the entire COVID War and the concomitant Globalist “Climate Change” agenda espoused by Trudeau and enshrined in the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better® Plan” is actually the WEF’s plan for Global Communism.

It purports to be about “Equity” but is really about mass genocide, mass theft, authoritarian technocracy and the end of all human rights, to say nothing of ending humanity, itself.

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