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This upsetting image is of a man found in 1998 in a park surrounding a major reservoir that serves the largest city in South America. He exhibits many of the same kinds of wounds as those seen in a classic animal mutilation, as covered by Linda Moulton Howe, except that his bones have been charred.

In the 1970s there was a wave in northern Brazil of people discovered in treetops dead, with every ounce of blood removed from their bodies by what the locals referred to as the “Chupa-Chupa”, which translates to “Big Sucker”.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What makes these guys so sure that these murders and the missing persons who are never seen again are being abducted by “aliens”? Frankly, I’m split on this idea. Possibly true. I’m not passing judgement. However, it’s just as likely that these crimes are being committed by humans who have extraordinary technology at their disposal, technology they achieved through the psychopathy of criminal activities which we know as banking, politics and the familiar war economy. Aliens, humans or both? Think about it. Mmmmm.

    Can you provide a non-Youtube link to the Laura Eisenhower rant you mentioned in the summary? I cannot locate it anywhere. Thanks.

    • Elle, the specific rant is not on YT. The one I was referring to was live at CiD in 2014. (I need to edit this piece down…).

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