Mouthy Buddha is a relatively new YouTube channel whose creator exhibits unusual technical proficiency and elegance for a YouTuber, with great sound editing, graphics and a knack for making existing footage his own. (I only learned several days after finding this video that he is an “embarrassed” proponent of Alt-Right views, “disgusted with the person I have become,” which is neither here nor there as far as this video is concerned).

The original piece I posted of his was taken so here is the previous installment in the series, which recaps the US Government’s recent release of UFO footage and the disclosure of a $22 million Pentagon project to investigate UFOs via Tom DeLonge, the New York Times and other mainstream outlets.

Why now and why Tom DeLonge? Why is this information, which has been known to world governments for at least 70 years finally starting to be released now?

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  • ALL, Governments around the planet ALREADY Know all about the so-called UFO’s….So do probably BILLIONS of other people all over the world…Not to mention having a “Connections” these “Alien Beings”…making the idea of “Soft-Disclosure” a COMPLETE Joke….Only most “Governments” keep this a SECRET from the public….VERY SOON “WE” WILL “SEE WHY” they do!
    There is NO such thing as “Evil Aliens”, and THEY also KNOW this too, BECAUSE THEY (Aliens) are about to EXPOSE ALL “Government and Religious” EVIL trying to get absolute control of and enslave mankind for their own SELFISH reasons.
    Informed people already know about government “SECRET Space Programs”…You only have to watch the Movie called “Elysium” to SEE this evil governments are trying to USE on mankind.

  • The academically institutionalized will always follow their masters and their peers. No creative free thought allowed. They will always try to have you believe it’s being careful in their judgement of the evidence and their thinking, I say it’s fear of career damage from the walking-dead.

  • This is not about disclosure, it is about the steps needed to set us up for the fake alien invasion.

  • The talked about and so-called “official” UFO video release was not significant, as anyone who has researched anything at all knows. It’s quite outdated and bit silly to discuss because of it’s low-level quality. Given the source of the release, it could even be a mock-up. Many more verifiable, clear, daylight images have been captured by military sources all over the world, seen by thousands and followed by air forces–if official is all the normies want. But no, that’s not official from a local authority, apparently. Since those of us who know instead of “believe” are, apparently, all delusion and conspiratorial we should just hail this guy for his insights, right? Yikes. Too much evidence exists about unusual aerial phenomenon which appears to be intelligently controlled. Outside the stupid and typical MSM guffawing about ETs with a known physicist, that intelligence is unknown. I’m sure the narrator will “believe” (apparently, he has to believe) when such physicists/scientists give him the go-ahead in such matters because it will be officially sanctioned by the State.

    I just shake my head at the inability of the general public to SEE anything that is not officially sanctioned by an authority. Look up once in a while! The children in Africa experienced something profound. What they saw with their own eyes and experienced was as real as the computer on my lap. However, they had to keep repeating, even to themselves 20-yrs later, that they did see these things. Why? Everyone surrounding them denied the sighting as a child’s imagination, not reality. Yep, all those kids had a massive delusion and became conspiratorial on the spot cooking up a real story for everyone to chew on. OMG, what little geniuses! Was the ship they describe from off-planet? Was it a psyop launched by a government and expected to be distributed worldwide for some larger agenda? No one knows. Whatever it was, however, it was real and profound for the experiencers. No official authority necessary. Sorry, guy.


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