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  • Food for Thought: Trump is either a savior or our to murder us all. If the former, the cat sitting next to you, next door, or down the street is more to blame for for this prolonged non-sense. If they aren’t openly aware of human trafficking, and infiltration of every facet of society for purposes of weaponizing it to kill us – they are more of the problem than any figurehead. Even assuming AJ is ‘controlled op’, if the slightest fraction of folks acted on his warnings about Khazars, Transhumanism, Election Fraud & Police State – dating back to ’96 where I personally watched him on Austin Access with curiosity & half disbelief – sure seems like we wouldn’t have needed BigDaddy to come fix Baby’sDiaperMess. I’m going to venture a guess that the ArmchairQuarterbacks so smart to figure out the Trump & AJ /\/\asterPlan – haven’t been so smart as to figure out where the ElectionCommission holds their meetings nor how to show up to CityCouncil or SchoolBoardMeetings … & like do something beside do what derps do – COMPLAIN.

    • Trump is Royalty.
      This fight has to do with the injustice of the Royal families in the last Century, namely the Romanov Dynasty. But also the horrors plagued on the people of Russia & Germany.
      The Bloodline of the Martyrdom of Europe’s Aristocrats was that of Russia, Serbia, Germany, Hungry, Romania, England, Denmark & Greece.
      It is a Myth that Russia’s Royals were out of touch. State Bank of the Russian Empire bestowed on their people abundance and benefits to the Russian people.
      Most major powers were indebted to the Rothschild’s banks.
      Tsar Alexander I established The Holy Alliance signed September 26th, 1815, between Austria Emperor Francis I and King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia/German Empire.
      This “Saga” is still playing out today, with the winners being The Holy Alliance.

  • He kept his orange shoe polish there, next to his red shoe polish.
    Listen. I don’t trust trumptydump, but then i dont trust any man. He has avoided speaking on several life threatening issues facing us today. Why is trump NOT talking about these v serious ongoing issues;
    1 ) fivgee DeathTowers this microwave kills all life.
    2) Pharmakis (sorcery) bigpharma has been never about your health.
    3) ChemTrails The continued spraying of toxic chemicals that is killing our Earth and all life on it. ? Askin4afren

  • Have any of you heard that the Watergate break in was an attempt to seize documents held by the DNC pertaining to 1) the JFK assassination. 2) UFO and ET contact and 3) widespread pedophile revelations. Since Nixon was considered unbeatable, I often wondered what the Plumbers including Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy were so interested in finding.

    • Yes, from Dark Journalist. Robert Merrit, Tesla, Trump’s uncle, John Trump, etc. Even the illegal raid on Trump’s home was on the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation. Then there is “Box ‘X-17″‘” which is the same name Ghislaine Maxwell gave to her “imaginary cellmate” who she created a couple or so weeks ago that she talks to from her solitary confinement cell. Then we learn this week that one of the boxes that the FBI Gestapo listed as taken from Trump’s house is “X-17”! It is all very interesting!

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