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    The Q operation has been a very interesting thing to look at because there is an awful lot of truth contained within the Q narrative but there is also a lot of shifting of blame and disinformation and sidestepping and leading people to a certain direction that is contained within the Q narrative, as well in fact one of the most revealing things about the Q narrative is that it tells people exactly what they want to hear.

    Essentially, what they’re asking people to do is to believe in the state and to allow the state to fix the problems created by the state. So people are just watching the theatrics and thinking that the world is going to change without them really having to participate in it.

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    • This would seem to be a hypothetical solution that could not exist.

      Society as a whole has been converted into a stream of ‘sheeple’ ready to poor over the edge like lemmings into a bottomless ravine.

      The author is correct that we are all waiting for our ‘hero’ to save us, as we sit back waiting for someone else to provide the solution.

      What is troubling about this video is that it remains on YouTube and is thus deemed not to be a problem for the Satanic Cabal!

    • One half of me agrees completely with Jonny Bigger. But the other half knows that as a society, we will not collectively be able to do as he suggests. We have been indoctrinated to become a vast river of Lemmings pouring over the edge into a bottomless ravine.

      I wish I knew what the answer is?

      And s much as I wish that JB has the answer, sadly I do not believe that he has.

      Hence the reason his hypotheses has been allowed to remain on YouTube.

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