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Silicon Valley Bank: There’s a lot of confusion around this situation, and I don’t want anyone to be confused so I’m going to explain the SVB collapse, how it happened, point to some similar events that have occurred in the past, and discuss what it means for the future of our financial system here in the United States.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This chick, “Really Graceful” is plugging her book, which I don’t mind. I just find it peculiar that she has no name. Author’s typically have their name somewhere on the front cover, but it is nowhere, just the name of her website, Really Graceful. So her parents named her “Really”?? really!

  • Let’s go back a little further into the history of central banks.

    J. P. Morgan was the son of a British banker, he even worked there for a season before being placed as a British banking agent in NYC. Well of course the Brits had already infiltrated and subverted US banks, so it was just a matter of time before they and the European central banking families took total control of US banks which they did during the Wilson administration. If you don’t know this, sorry I’m not going into it here.

    The Brits had been smarting ever since the war of 1812 when it finally dawned on them they had lost the American colonies for good and it was militarily impossible to repossess them.

    However, they never gave up trying to take them back through infiltration and subversion. Money talks! President Jackson defeated their agents, so did Lincoln. Had the Confederacy prevailed, it would have opened the door to the City of London and the Vatican, both lusting to reclaim what they thought belonged to them all along. Lincoln knew this too because his agents were reading the Confederacy’s Roman Catholic President’s mail to and from the Papacy.

    The big enchilada came when the banking cartel’s hand picked dupe Woodrow Wilson came into power, thanks to old JD Rockefeller, whose wealth had corrupted a key US Senator named Nelson who worked hand in glove with Rockefeller to destroy protections against a private central banking system. Old JD’s son, JD Junior later married Nelson’s daughter thus insuring a lasting political dynasty. A dynasty with a purpose, that was not just a financial dynasty, but also a religious and political dynasty in which the Rockefeller brothers were strictly raised as change agents with gold aplenty in their pockets to bribe whomever they set out to subvert.

    This is a lesson in how the US Constitution was overthrown by bankers because of an oversight in the framing of the US Constitution, namely allowing CORPORATIONS to operate outside of the Constitution as fascistic oligarchies! Later legislators sought to patch up this gap with the Sherman Anti-Trust act, but the schemers quickly figured out a way to get around it. When Rockefeller was ordered to give up his monopoly he just created mini-Rockefeller corporations and more or less sold them to himself.

    These corporate oligarchies operate as separate political bodies, separate from the employees and from the communities in which they establish themselves so that when a central banking cartel of banking corporations obliges a US President to lead a mass exodus of corporate production facilities irregardless of the blow to their employees and their communities, there is nothing to stop them from gutting the nation of it’s capacity to support itself.

    Fiat currency is how the illusion of an unproductive “consumer society” is sold. In time, the illusion must evaporate leaving the nations children propertyless on the land their forefathers won, fighting against the Brits to secure. A propertyless people are subjects of the property owners.

    Here’s what the founders overlooked – democratizing corporate organizations so that employees become shareholders as a part of their remuneration for their labors, creativity, etc. This still allows primary investors to rewards, but not to absolute power to do what they wish with the corporations that have been rooted and established as part of all the people’s communities. They would not have near absolute dictatorial powers, but rather powers to govern their corporations by the consent of the the stockholder employees.

    I write as an experienced corporation employee, seeing up close at the top, the unjust evils of the corporation in the hands of a few evil men and women wherein I and others were helpless to protect against the unjust capriciousness of the owners – the corporate property owners and their overpaid stooge CEO’s!

    Finally just one word concerning tax free foundations. They are the invention for sheltering oligarchy excess profits against taxation in perpetuity, wherefrom they corrupt society under the guise of charity!

  • Looked up “Really Graceful” watched “House of Rockefellers” video. My conclusion to this past 6 years, taken in with my well diverse 60 year life knowledge, is that the communication system, for whatever time period one has lived, is the main cause of strife between the rich, (who supply’s a means of work) & the peasants.
    You cannot have strife without a means for someone to tell you, “you have strife”. A good example is Martin Luther in Germany, 1543.
    I choose to remember the Rockefeller’s for their preservation of Culture of our European Heritage through the ‘Rockefeller Plaza’ now Center, that has been preserved by it being an ‘Historical Landmark’ that David Rockefeller Jr. made sure of, even thou his family no longer owned it.
    We need to look beyond our own scope and realize this fight is not ours, but a fight between the rich.

      • Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation divided the German speaking Regional States, that were united under one religion, Roman Catholicism.
        Political, religious & social tensions led to the Peasant War of 1524-1525 and continued this Regional rebellion into the 30 year war across much of Europe & ravaged Germany from 1618-1648. This 30 year war left one third of the population dead from war, sickness or starvation.
        Martin Luther’s Reformation also led to the extermination of the Cathars.
        (the 1543 date on my first comment is Martin Luther’s book that he published)

    • Re John D: Have you read the Flexner Report? You may want to temper your accolades to that stone heart.

      • If your addressing me Joe, my point is, be careful what one believes to be true.
        Don’t see Rockefellers name on your report.
        People are not guilty by association. I had to explain that one to my sister who was addicted to cocaine for 5 years of her youth, when she tried to put me in a story line that I had nothing to do with, just there among her friends from time to time.

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