Thomas Wictor recently switched from a podcast format to a slide show format, in his never-ending quest to boost our morale.

Although you don’t realize this at the beginning, this piece is about the November 10th Special Operations Forces raid of the CIA hacking center at the US Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, which he suggests had been planned since 2017 and which was led by the now-Acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller. Shockingly, Mike Pence was apparently involved, based on the emotional statements made by Miller, seen here during the first time they were permitted to speak with one another after the mission.

Miller refers to the “The most complex military operations this country has ever conducted,” and he thanks Pence for his leadership and his mentorship. (What? Mike Pence?)

Wictor then explains that Special Forces is about more than just the most physically-fit and best-trained warriors on the planet. Since 2017, it has developed initiatives to use battlefield evidence in criminal justice prosecutions, creating what Wictor describes as the Gold Standard of evidence-gathering, especially of digital intelligence, which is not what typically comes to mind when one thinks of USSOCOM.

He briefs us on such an operation, declassified in 2016, in which a target server was located and how Special Forces created a wireless network near the building housing the server, allowing them to do a communications sweep all of the data from the devices connected to the server and to broadcast all of that data to a nearby military aircraft. He says it may have involved equipment we’ve never heard of, like a swarm of nanodrones that could have done all of this work while surrounding the building.

Wictor then asks, “Can you see now why the Delta Force DID NOT seize any servers in Germany? It wasn’t necessary.”


Moreover, if the Dominion Voting Systems at any point connected to the Internet, that means the NSA has it. They have EVERYTHING, every cell phone text, call, email, video, vote switching, EVERYTHING!

Wictor then plays a snippet of Trump’s Christmas address, in which he says, “It’s going to be a great year,” which Wictor takes to mean that Trump will make a presentation to us before January 1st, echoing the claims of our CIA Fren, that “Trump will be making a speech the last week of the month. He will outline in great detail what happened and that the CIA and others switched those 7 million votes and then sit back and dare Congress to give the Presidency to Biden. His supporters will be in Washington and even the Democrats will panic and cross the Rubicon to support Trump. It will be glorious. Now enjoy Christmas and get ready the happiest New Year in history.”


Some people were down yesterday evening because the Vice President, in his capacity as the President of the Senate didn’t “play the Pence Card”, in rejecting the current slate of Electors. Being that he is legally and Constitutionally prohibited from receiving electoral votes from the six fraudulently-certified states, his doing so would put Pence in violation of the Constitution. They wanted him to force those states to have their legislatures choose a set of delegates they believe will best represent the state’s election results.

Is the evidence from the Frankfurt server raid so complete and so damning, that this is why Pence didn’t bother playing the “Pence card” and that Trump is so impassive and amused by the antics of his CCP-blackmailed staff, as they desperately try to force him to concede?


Late last night, CIA Fren weighed in:

“Well ladies after his two most recent speeches and his last two tweets tonight do any of you trannies or…democrats and thugs have any doubt. Told you it was coming. He knows everything and the ass raping he gives the Democrats…will be biblical. Shit he is even ass raping the Republican Party. Good for him. Now f*** all of you degenerate Democrats, Chinese Communist Pedophiles, and Deep State thugs in the ass and the folks that can still think have a Merry Christmas. The third act is here you glorious mother******s and well shit I will just hide out here and watch the sh*t shows of all sh*t shows and watch the hangings on ONN, since most of the the other networks will be shut down and Don Lemon will be hanging from a tree at the White House. What a time to be alive…Sh*t what a show. By the way I missed the Assange pardon by a few days but it is on and Assange is going to drop some truth bombs about Seth Rich. Sh*t this is funny.”

Last week, Tore Maras had said that Patriots, like Patrick Byrne, Patrick Bergy, Scott Bennett and herself, who had descended on DC to provide their expertise to Trump’s lawyers were being allowed to help but that it wasn’t really necessary because “They’ve already got this,” presumably, meaning the NSA, USCYBERCOM and USSOCOM.

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  • And here it is, February 26th and nothing happened to save our nation. The military has not upheld its oath to protect us from enemies whether domestic or foreign and Biden is in the White House. It’s a frightening nightmare.

  • First you say we seized servers in Germany and elsewhere now you say we didn’t. First they say soldiers died seizing the servers. Everyone is full of doggy dodo

  • Alexandra~
    I’m back after an involuntary 2-year hiatus! Had a 6-month ‘hiccup’ in the ‘nest’ & lost everything I’d saved & d/l over a 15 year period including my emails! I was finally able to find you again by going back through “Dark Journalist” videos. Lol! The last thing I remember you posted was about Bob Lazar & area 51.
    Ftr, I believe the guy. He’s been able to reconstruct & corroborate a lot of his story thru FOIA requests for payroll records & other roundabout doc hunts. Also, why would the FBI & other agencies keep descending on him & searching his house if he even mentions ‘certain things’. Third, a large part of his information IS cutting edge, but not beyond the realm of ‘possible’. The scariest part is that Bill Gates & Co. (or should that be ‘cabal’) are pushing for US to become ‘linked’ to tech (transhumanism) the way he postulates the ‘ETs’ controlled their crafts. The last is why would he lie and risk everything? Anyway, Done, until you do another story –if ever– about the dude! πŸ˜‰

    Current video: Okay, so I get that in light of this SOF revelation, that they didn’t have to physically seize any servers, but there are highly credible reports that there was a ‘firefight’ of some kind *that* day and IN Frankfurt. I’ve also heard that they’ve got Haspell ‘on ice’ someplace in connection w/this Op, and that she’s willing to ‘sing’ for immunity. Just how much disinfo is going on?

    I *get* that DJT & his ‘merry band’ (thank Jesus for them!) are playing a lot of things ‘close’ to avoid tipping their hands too soon… But after all *we’ve* –you, me, & your other followers –hey, my original absence wasn’t my choice but after the ‘nest’ was repaired, my hubby was dx w/cancer which he successfully beat last Jan., but they put him on a “biotherapy” aka ‘after cancer preventative’ which exacerbated the hepC he was dx 2 years ago which the Drs *refused* to address FIRST! He passed away (he was euthanized by the drs & staff at the hospital against HIS DOCUMENTED wishes & over my very vocal objections [they illegally banned me from the hospital]) on 10/31/20. So, I’m keeping myself & brain busy by digging back into the ‘dirt’!

    Anyway, you & others fanned the flames of my already Mt. Everest sized mistrust of ‘surface’ *anything*, with good reason! So, why should I 100% trust what’s going on with the ‘Trump Team’: Every time that I read that “Ooo, THIS is going to break the back of the conspiracy!” Or “He’s got the Insurrection Act to throw at them; heads are gonna roll!” I get my hopes up –like SCOTUS; I really thought they HAD to hear the case(s) and then we find out that Roberts is totally compromised, BUT he hasn’t been indicted or arrested yet has he?!?! See what I mean? There’s a lot going on, sure, but they’ve got HARD EVIDENCE of *fraud*; A LOT OF IT: The wheels of Justice may grind slow, but this is *Glacier* woman!

    I’m praying and trusting in the Lord as hard as I can, but with the passing of my husband, I’ve got a “zero sum” support system around me now; Twisted, GAB, Parler, CloutHub, etc.are the closest I’ve got to support! GOOD *NEWS* would be go a long way to lifting my spirits!

    I haven’t watched MSM in probably 15 years & I only had a FB page for 9 mos & deleted recently AFTER calling Suckerberg every nasty thing I could think of. It might not have been ‘turn the other cheek’ but it sure felt good!

    Sorry, I ‘word vomited’ on you; I’m just so glad to be back ‘home’ on your pages!

    Take care, lovely and have a Blessed Christmas! May we prove that we’re worthy of God’s hand on our Nation in the New Year!
    Thank you for what you do and for being THAT kind of person!

    • Dark Journalist falsely asserted as did R. D. Steele that Canadian Anglist Scott coined expression “Deep State” which is decades old in application to Turkish Powers-that-Be. Coincidence both Dark Journalist and Steele?

  • God Bless President Trump, his Family, and all of his Patriots and Deplorables. Lets make 2020 end with a bang, and 2021 – 2024 amazing. STOP THE STEAL!

  • Alexandra,
    Thank you for all the work you do to keep us all informed. The service you provide to us is invaluable. We hope the outcome plays out like described and the patriots prevail. May God bless and protect DJT, his family, and all the patriots in DC the next two weeks.

  • How do I apply for a season ticket for the mass of public executions that are coming, after this shit-show ends and Donald J. Trump takes the oath to start his second term as President?

  • Hurrah! Assange will be pardoned too! The coming months will be fascinating. Thank you Alexandra for your work I really appreciate FKTV. After the censorship vanishes you will get audience of millions. Happy πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ’


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