An American volunteer for the Vostov Battalion of the Eastern Ukrainian separatist army, Russell Bonner Bentley, nicknamed “Texas,” appears in this clip. He’s wearing ancient fatigues and a cap festooned with a symbol of the Soviet Union, a red, star-shaped button emblazoned with the hammer and sickle.

He has come to Eastern Ukraine to fight against the Kiev regime and he pronounces the place-name, “Gorlovka” in what sounds like perfectly-accented Russian. The Ukrainian name for the this coal-mining town of just over 200,000 residents is Horlivka but during the Soviet regime it was called Gorlovka, after its Siberian-born Russian founder, Pyotr Gorlov. The native language of over 85% of the local population is Russian.

Bentley is at the scene of a random shelling in a residential neighborhood, which took place four days previously and he begins to give us a tour of the bombed house of a family 5, two of whom were killed, with the mother of a newborn having lost her right arm.

Bentley’s tone grows gradually angrier, as he appeals to any Americans watching this: “All the peoples who have died, all the homes that have been destroyed, are only because this war was started by the United States Government.

“What kind of people spend billions of dollars to destroy innocent peoples’ homes?

“What kind of people do this? To murder children and innocent families, while they sit down for breakfast? What kind of people do this? What kind of person are YOU?

“…You Vote for Obama, you vote Bush, you vote for Hillary Clinton (spits, in disgust). What kind of person are you, to do that?

“This is your responsibility…this is a war for the future of mankind – and you decide which side you’re on. Are you going to be on the side of the people that do this? (Indicating the devastation around him) If not, now is the time to make your move, now is the time to do more than just hit “Like” on a Facebook page.

“Now is the time to go to the street. Now is the time to stand up and say, ‘No more! No more murder, no more terrorism,’ that the United States backs for the Nazis here.

“This is what happens everyday in Ukraine: the Nazis, that the United States backs are murdering civilians, here. (Pointing at the camera) What are YOU going to do about it?”

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