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by Ryan Matta & JJ Carrell

Are you ready to embark on a groundbreaking journey to uncover the true meaning of treason in America? Join us as we travel across the United States to investigate the most pressing issues plaguing our nation. Over the course of 90 days, starting on May 1st, we will visit 10 states, including New York, California, Arizona, Chicago, Detroit, Texas, and Mexico, to give you an up-close look at the death and destruction of America.

In this gripping documentary, we will expose the child migrant concentration camps funded by your tax dollars, reveal the 40,000,000 migrants “mostly military-age males” who have entered America, and shine a light on the NGOs that facilitated their journey. We will delve deep into the fentanyl crisis, shedding light on drug addicts smoking fentanyl in front of children on the streets. And most importantly, we will expose the US Government’s negligence in protecting migrant children from sexual predators.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Treason , Treasonous ,

    Well considering the country was founded into a corporate institution many years ago by elite men ,
    Who Got Treason ?
    Did the folks who never knew this country was a corporate entity get treason ?
    The 1’s who were doing the damage and Destruction they didn’t get treason.

    The Stage Is Being Set , to bring the new world order ,
    Do You ??? Do You really know what the difference is in the New World Order verses the old world order ???
    The New World Order Lucifer Will Rule The Earth his playground without 1 peep from a Jesus believer Cause these who believe in Jesus will be put to deathby
    The 7 Laws of Noahide ,
    I could say more but ,
    Treason Is A Politician who Swears an Oath to The Elites ,
    This oath states you must always work against The Public,
    And The Elites make EVERY politician stay this Oath,
    Don’t believe it , that’s not my problem , it’s been researched too be proven True.

    The website kiss your illusions goodbye had a good article on it.

    You have to search under the tab button categories in above link…

  • . gov institutional treason is a process , one we are currently undergoing to dissemble the UK colony into micro colonies sold off in an auction to reap the last gutted rewards from the latest pending bankruptcy of tax slave corporate america slaughtered like a calf and sold off maui-ed . a transformative process making us into the now culled lesser free slave subjects with dominion over nothing including our children who now hate us for losing the same war that’s chewing the ass out of their futures as well . we can complain to the new owners to please give a shit about us while we literally stand for nothing and respond like a cat parade . the losses are adding up to us crapping out and then thrown out of the casino country we can no longer afford to support our once home sweet home . even mexico don’t wan’t no stinkin’ gringos used up whitey will have to settle for sum swampland in florida or death valley.

  • Alexandra,

    Marxian Senator Ted Kennedy
    had been TREASONOUS in his
    LIE-Advanced Immigration Act
    of 1965, promising that his bill
    would not change America’s
    demographics from WHITE ma-
    jority to MINORITY majority,
    which latter eventuality would
    effect the beginning of the end
    to WHITES’ High-Culture Civil-
    ization (( every aspect of WHITE
    Civil Society has been dumbed-
    down—thanks to Marxian ACLU,
    ADL, SPLC, Jewish Family Ser-
    vices and Catholic Charities; the
    latter to agencies receiving multi-
    millions to re-settle non-WHITE
    migrants into too-WHITE com-
    communities across once-highly
    civilized WHITE America )).

    Study the results of Libertine
    Liberal Leftists’ DIVERSITY

    RECALL Professor Putnam’s
    “Bowling Alone” research :


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