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TRUTHStream Media’s Aaron Dykes does a great job of briefing us on last week’s Bilderberg Conference and on the changing landscape of the planetary oligarchy.

Dykes drives home the point that high-ranking current and former members of government and major titans of industry have met in private to discuss pivotal issues, “That could change world history…our knowing about them can likewise influence and change world history.”

He notes, Bilderberg regular, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski recently passed away. While Henry Kissinger did attend this year and although he’s not noticeably ill, he can’t be presumed to be very long for this world.

Dykes describes how a new guard of Silicon Valley data miners is emerging to take the place of the familiar Cold Warriors, including Google/Alphabet Chairman, Eric Schmidt, PayPal Co-Founder and Facebook angel investor, Peter Thiel and another Palantir Co-Founder, Alex Karp. All have demonstrated the capacity to work with entrenched establishment bankers.

While Bilderberg’s published talking points were an inscrutable boilerplate, the wildcard Trump administration was definitely a main topic of interest and several key people from the Trump Administration were also in attendance, including National Security Advisor, HR McMaster and Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohen, who’s now Trump’s National Economic Council Director, along with Nadia Schadlow, Trump’s Deputy Assistant at the National Security Council and author of the very influential book, ‘War and the Art of Governance’.

Dykes takes this to indicate that war is very much on the agenda for Bilderberg, with talks about escalating the Afghan war, the future roles in war in the Middle East and the possibility of war in North Korea.

Several members of the Obama Administration were also there, including former CIA Directors, John Brennan and David Petraeus, plus a laundry list of mobbed-up members of Congress, including Lindsay Graham. Aaron Dykes makes informed comments about the  backgrounds of these and others and voices his thoughts about where they’re all headed.

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  • The power on the globe? Who rules religious money?
    As long there is a thinking of a god as being a monopole, people will try to become a god, where they make war on any kind or any level.

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