If you’re not already familiar with the Web Bots project and halfpasthuman.com, featuring Clif High’s studies of “predictive linguistics”, a brief introduction is in order, here. 

Sometime in the mid-1990s, Clif began experimenting with web bots, which would scour the Internet for sites rich in publicly-posted language. After a few years processing and analyzing these mass quantities of data, he was shocked to consistently reproduce his findings. Namely, that people begin to start posting about events in the present tense, which usually proceed to manifest in the physical world, about 40-70 days later. The topics range from anything and everything; from natural disasters to the movements of the stock market.

His studies, which have now been ongoing for some 20 years would suggest that, with respect to the physical world, mass consciousness is, quite literally in the future, on a subsconscious level. This would be in a probablistic way, not in a hard, set way. In other words, the future does not appear to be set in stone.

Clif put up a shingle as a investment consultant during the 1990s, using his skills at parsing and decoding the predictive linguistics accumulated by his web bots. He did this for years, until he decided to make his services more widely-available, at a price affordable to nearly anyone who may be interested. I’ve been buying his ALTA reports, from time to time for over 12 years now.

It is only recently that he began showing his face (it can fairly safely be assumed that “Clif High” is not his real name). He’s said that he kept his visage secret for so long because he was going through a protracted divorce proceeding.

From his commentary, posted on December 18, 2015, it looks like having dollar debt, instead of dollar savings will be a better position to be in and the that rise in the value of silver is imminent, although it and the price of gold will plateau until around March, due to a deadlock in the ability to trade in these precious metals, until all Hell breaks lose around then and the US dollar sees a massive correction (which would only make sense, as every other major currency is off 30%-40% against the USD and there is nothing in the fundamentals of the US economy to suggest that it should behave any differently).

Recently, the predictive linguistics have also been speaking to an unexpected discovery about copper, which will cause a boom in that metal. He then goes on to discuss the imminent futures of several other metals. 

He gets into the topic of Artificial Intelligence and dispels anxiety about AI, per se. He says it is not AI that is to be feared but what a morally reprehensible person or group may program into the various AIs, which envelop our lives.

Clif launches into a long commentary about the phenomenon of “channeling”, (starting at around 35 mins), describing this activity as not only real but as extremely damaging to the host.
He claims that channelers pay for their channeling activities, not in their current lives but in their subsequent lives, by being born as psychotics or paranoid schizophrenics, because, as he explains, they’ll be predisposed to the same “looseness of control” and be unable to discern reality from non-reality and ultimately be subsumed by unreality/schizophrenia.

He describes most such channeled beings as not truly full-blown entities but more like parasitic thoughtforms, which feed off of the energy of the attention given to them in a crowd. He says that without that energy from which they can parasitize, these fragmentary beings wouldn’t bother showing up – they wouldn’t be magnetically attracted. Clif says that this understanding of the channeling process was known and written about, long ago in ancient Buddhist and Taoist texts.

He also states that that the term, “karma” is plural for the word “karmin” – and he goes on to explain how these work. A karmin isn’t about predestination, it’s a mechanism by which one works off the regressive attributes necessary to learn “what to do and what not to do”, which is what he says is the essential function of being incarnated.

Followers of the New Thought Movement will be happy to be validated, when he says that positive thinking and the practice of affirmations are a good thing, in that these attracts good karma.

Interestingly, good karma are also attracted by physical silver and gold. He makes the analogy that, the same way that a magnet attracts metal filings, precious metals attract good karma. I won’t go into any further detail here, as you can hear all about it in his presentation.

As for availing oneself of such insights, “karma hacking” is perfectly OK. There’s nothing wrong with “hacking” your own karma, if you’re drawn to this activity. This is not to be confused with the hacking of a wireless network (there’s a hotspot device called Karma Go, which is apparently eminently hackable).

In my own observation, consistently taking steps to attract good luck, etc. are a big part of traditional Chinese and other Asian cultures, where Taoism and Buddhism form the basis of the core beliefs of the majority, even when individuals aren’t overtly religious. Clif suggests that if one were interested in pursuing more information about karma hacking, that they could visit any of several chatboards dedicated to this (I just learned something new, here!)

He says 2016 will be a profoundly dynamic and transformational year and he advises listeners to cultivate more positive attitudes about their own karma.

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  • Thanks for the summary, Alexandra. It really helps, especially with the “minute-mark” notation.

    And, having met you, it is hard to believe you learned something NEW! And I mean that in a “your knowledge about all things forbidden is immense” way (not in a snotty way…) How fun! 🙂

    All the best in getting fktv.is launched. So far, I am loving everything you have put up.

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