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In this 4-part series, finance expert and former US government official Catherine Austin Fitts and author and political satirist CJ Hopkins meet for an exciting mental journey into the depths of the modern finance and propaganda world.

In this part we dive into the world of propaganda and ask some important questions:

How was it possible to establish the “new reality”? How could such a majority of the population be deceived? Or was it not deceit but coercion?

When two people from such completely different worlds come together, their approach is naturally creative and offers both, the necessary seriousness and a pinch of humor. A great mix for such important topics!


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Alexandra Bruce

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  • When I saw Catherine Austin Fitts’ name in the description, I assumed it would just be along the lines of her missing 21 trillion.
    Instead, I found it fascinating.
    I also liked the close-up, high-quality photography. It was like being sat at the table with them, being part of the discussion. It was for me the best discussion I have participated in during the past nearly three years.

  • Katherine,
    I am so sorry to hear you sound defeatist. One of the reasons people love you is your fighting spirit, not giving up , doing whatever you can and here it sounds like you are telling people to give up because we already lost. How utterly dissapointing.
    We can and need to take our country back. When we are all injected and borgs as in “borgogenesis” patented biosynthetic creatures owned by those a$$holes, and or 6 ft under, that is when it is over.
    I’m suspicious you are a plant, a mole, an infiltrator, inciting hopelessness.
    Are you not aware of all the legal battles, the filings just this wee going on right now? Brazil has not given up, and millions of citizens of the REPUBLIC for the United States have not given up. We will take it back, it is ours!
    If I am wrong, my apologies, if I am correct about you based on the tone you ended this talk, I am saddened and…
    When there is nothing left to lose and everything to gain, you fight back.
    then shame on you Katherine….

  • Catherine – you need to do a more in-depth non-mind controlled look at the concept of this “round” ball we live on. William Tompkins admitted publicly our earth is more pear shaped. Don’t just accept the lies of the “laws” of science so often being exposed for their fakery. I’m following this with a guttural laugh/chuckle as you do.

  • Good one Alex! The 2 realities always goes back to 911 which was from my perspective, an MKU mind control op perpetrated on the Earth’s collective humanity. Being trauma based, those of us who had already digested the trauma of the hidden agenda, could already see the man behind the curtain ans so were not sucked into the fake reality presented of box cutters, passport on the sidewalk, pictures of 19 hijackers and such.

    This long time studied and well understood reaction of the human mind to accept an alternate reality in place of the traumatic incomprehensible reality of what their eyes are showing them is the basis of the split reality.

    This fact that only the sleepers would split off into the false reality but the awake ones would not go for it conveniently and predictably created the “conspiracy” crowd vs the sleepers split which makes for more chaos……. the goal.

    The sooner the confusion and chaos, the sooner the sleeping masses will beg for salvation. The big problem though, is that those bringing the solution are non-human. As you suspect or know Alex, the agenda goes off world, the controllers of the controllers are abduction created
    hybrids because of Earth’s biological hazards.

    It is all really quite comprehensible, logical and simpler than most people yet know. This is why I continually advocate for The Allies of Humanity and am forever grateful to you for your accommodation and support. Our grandchildren will live in a free world if we win.

    Thanksgiving day is tomorrow. Let’s give thanks to God and our allies in the greater community of intelligent life in the universe and the unseen network of the wise!

  • The way we all seemingly overnight became very, very fearful actually gives me hope for the future, because when we realise why we became fearful and as fear is an emotion. We wake each and every day and the thoughts we choose leads to the emotions we feel, during CV we all collectively woke every day and chose to feel the emotion of fear. It doesn’t matter that the news was spreading fear or scientists were warning us fearful things were about to happen, it was still us individually who chose each morning to feel fearful.
    And so why can’t we all feel hopeful? Alan Cox

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