Why does Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg cover his laptop’s webcam and microphone with black electrical tape?

Because surveillance is the business model of the Internet.

This 14-minute film breaks down how free online services – seen as utilities by many – such as the Google search engine, Gmail, Facebook and others see you as the “product” and they sell your data to advertisers, in exchange for the free services that their platforms provide.

Volunteering one’s GPS coordinates nonstop over the past decade also makes life much easier for law enforcement, should one happen to run afoul of the authorities. These large Silicon Valley companies function as defacto branches of the US’ military intelligence apparatus. Lately, some have been flexing their Fascist muscles, with Google’s recent de-listing of all 140,000 pages of NaturalNews.com, making it invisible to their search engine (overturned for reasons that are not yet clear to me) and with Amazon CEO’s Jeff Bezos’ $200M purchase for exclusive ownership of the Washington Post, while also accepting a $600M contract from the CIA to provide cloud hosting and to provide security for the CIA.

Truthstream Media makes great little films like this one – and now, they’re getting ready to release their first feature-length documentary.

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  • Very disturbing and yes we could be part of the game ourselves. So how do we know and more importantly how do we break the cycle?
    Back to the tam-tam? So many ppl are already addicted to their gadgets, young kids that refuse to go to school or take part in outdoor activities because they need to be on their tablets to play their games.
    The HOW NOT is the $64,000 question.

  • Not that what I do matters to anyone, but I have taped my computers for years, using double layers of translucent scotch tape to allow the light sensor to function. Haven’t the slightest interest in a note book or a cell phone or any of the social media. I use the internet and email, that’s it. No television. I don’t need entertainment 24/7. I smelled surveillance on social media almost from the beginning, so never went for it. I spent most of my adult working days on the phone so I learned to detest it. It’s my life, thank you. No trespassing. I very much enjoy intellectual dialog, but my privacy and control of my life more.

    Cell phones it seems to me are artificial life intrusions into real life. Note books have some advantages, but I find my way around quite nicely without them. These things are distractions in my opinion. I want to participate in the life all around me and consider electronic intrusions to be interruptions of artificial life.

    There are some who have gone over the top and having sex with their electronic devices. How sick is that for gods sake? I say get rid of the devices that control your life and smell the roses.


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