Investigative reporter, Kim Dvorak of San Diego’s Channel 6 News is looking into the recent, mysterious car-crash death of Rolling Stone reporter, Michael Hastings, who had just received a hacked email from Stratfor VP of Intelligence, Fred Burton which stated that John Brennan, former Counterterrorism Czar and currently the new Director of Central Intelligence (after Petraeus was forced to resign) and not Eric Holder from the Department of Justice who was the man who called for the witch hunt on journalists, which involved the extensive wiretapping and email snooping of the Associated Press and FOXNEWS.

An expert’s review of the CCTV camera footage of Hasting’s fateful crash shows that the car was traveling at 35 mph and it appeared to burst into flames prior to hitting a tree, according also to a witness. The car was not traveling at over 100 mph, as widely reported.

The question is asked, whether Michael Hastings’ death constituted the assassination of a US Citizen on US soil? Such an assassination which could be construed as “legal” under the National Authorization of Defense Act (NDAA), albeit totally Unconstitutional.

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  • Michael Hasting`s murder is very similar to Paul Walker`s Exploding Psorsche in Hollywood. Both allegedly connected to the Clintons Crime Family Paedophile activity.


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