What a day it’s been so far – and this is only the beginning! The war within the Deep State seems to be kicking into higher gear, with WikiLeaks’ release of what they’re calling “Vault 7”, in which they reveal how the “CIA’s secret hacking division produced a huge amount of weaponized malware to infest iPhone, Android phones – and lost control of it.”

Vault 7 was released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday morning, one hour earlier than they’d officially announced on Monday and Julian Assange’s press conference was delayed, his “Persiscope+Facebook video stream links are under attack his video press conference will be rescheduled.” It appears that WikiLeaks responded by releasing the password to the files ahead of schedule.

WikiLeaks chose to redact and anonymize information on “Tens of thousands of CIA targets and to attack machines throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States” but they proudly note that today’s dump, alone “Already eclipses the total number of pages published over the first three years of the Edward Snowden NSA leaks.”

According to the main page of WikiLeaks article, the provenance of this archive: “Appears to have been circulated among former US government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.”

Detractors are pointing out that the release has nothing to do with the “clues” it posted to Twitter last month and that that WikiLeaks is probably compromised, as many believe. Detractors also speculate that this limited hangout is a distraction from the growing scandal over the apparent DC Pedophile ring, revealed by WikiLeaks, prior to becoming “compromised” but this is only the first of many dumps related to Vault 7, so these critiques really can’t truly be made until the data from Vault 7 is published in its entirety.

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is all over WikiLeaks’ long-awaited release, which he describes as a “Cyber-Electronic 9/11”. He does a great job of summarizing the main points that emerged today, including degrees of creepy privacy invasion, which many of us have long suspected but which are now confirmed:

– CIA Can Spy on You Through Your TV and Bypass Your Mobile Encryption Apps
– CIA Catalogues Hack Techniques Used By Other Countries, Including Russia
– NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Believes Wikileaks CIA Leaks Are Authentic
– Revelations Give Weight to Theories about the Assassination of journalist, Michael Hastings

If you don’t have or want a Twitter account, it might be worth getting a temporary one, just to see the fotonovela of truth bombs getting dropped on WikiLeaks’ page, with posts of schematics of how the the agency operates and with WikiLeaks almost comically crowing – with documents to back up their claims that:

– “US Consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base”
– “CIA hackers celebrated what they saw as the financial largesse of Obama towards them with ‘Make It Rain'”
– “Don’t want to pay for Windows? The CIA’s hackers have a pirate guide to skip product key activation”
– “CIA illicitly hoarded ‘zero day’ attacks, putting at risk industry, government and even Trump’s Twitter account”

Posts from Edward Snowden, which were either retweeted by WikiLeaks or directed by him at WikiLeaks’s account, include: “The CIA reports show the USG developing vulnerabilities in US products, then intentionally keeping the holes open. Reckless beyond words.” On Snowden’s own account, he tweeted, “Imagine a world where the actual CIA spends its time figuring out how to spy on you through your TV. That’s today”. An earlier tweet about how one would have had to have been read-in to a particular program, in order to know certain details appears to now have been deleted.

Let the detractors detract. We’ve never seen anything like this and it’s a beautiful thing.

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  • Some times the truth doe prevail. I do believe we need a lot more of it, more dots to connect, it’s a long spiraling road, going up, down and sideways. The entertainment has just begun. As well as a distraction from pizzagate, if you don’t keep your eyes on them they change their spots.

    • I may think this is funny, with uncertain consequence, however, the false flag central CIA, needs to have it’s wings cut, as well as NSA, DOD, and the NRO, they kill too many people with their plans.

  • …truth will ALWAYS emulate the element mercury…ya just can’t hold it without it both leaking all over and poisoning you if you hold it long enough. Stupid PTSB.

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