Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian inventor who sought to emulate nature in the generation of energy.

He thought that human technology had it all backwards, by basically running on controlled explosions, when his observations of nature revealed that energy was generated via implosion by means of vortices.

He developed implosive turbine engines in the 1940s and he was tapped by the Nazis against his will. After World War II, he was brought to the US to be debriefed by the US military, which almost drove him mad before he allowed to return home whereupon he soon passed away.

This film explores the many intriguing insights of the original thinker who was Viktor Schauberger.

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  • Fluids, was an interesting subject. For instance, the Equation; Q=VA, where Q is Quanity (Volume), V, is Velocity, A is the Area of the pipe. Why would one restrict A, expecting and increase in Q? Twisting a pipe, decreasing it’s diameter, is very misterious to me. Other things, like Turbulant and Laminar flow get tossed out. Yet, votex’s are not well understood. There’s no “Free Energy” here, but hopefully more efficient, using vortex technology.
    This is kind of stuff that is not easy to model with math. Because it can become a dis-contigious function. Best handled by, “build and test”, zero in on it. Nothing is perfect, except our desire to tinker. Purefiying water efficiently is in everyones best interest. Study Nature, the secrets are there.

  • Thank you for posting this fascinating video.
    Regarding his trip to USA. I am pretty sure that the company he dealt with is (still) involved in the secret space program. Hence it’s no surprise he had to buy his way out of there. (and died)

    The water info could be so useful these days of major floods due to our diabolical denuding of forests and irresponsible landuse. I hope it is picked up on local government levels in many countries.

  • Hi Alexandra,
    I wanted to ask “if you’ve had problems with the “buffering” of many of the videos you post on your site?” I began watching this fascinating video today (01.17.16.) and about the half-way mark, the video began being “interrupted” every 3-4 seconds which was VERY disturbing and exasperating! 🙁 I’m not even close to being an engineer, but I definitely wanted to watch and listen to every aspect of this phenomenal information.
    Do you have any logical explanation as to WHY the continuity of this video is being interrupted? I’ve watch many of your videos and I’m grateful for the information you share with anyone who wants to take the time to learn. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Lindy Loo

  • I wouldn’t put it pass the usa government to force Victor Schauberger owner of patents to give it up, now the multi-national companies owns and control his energy discovery also notice soon after he got to his home country he died. do not trust the
    country government becaus it is run and own by wall street and federal reserve.

  • Retiring soon, I was looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to aerate and revitalize my fishpond. I was searching for new pumps and saw they were effective, but they used electricity and I am trying to get off the GRID, not stay on it. By accident this morning I happened on this Video in and discovered Schauberger’s ingenious technology. By coincidence I was going to build a large water tower that looks exactly like his Tone Tower inverted. I was lead to his work to help me. I am so overwhelmed by these coincidences I can’t wait to tell my wife. Fortunately for me I have a canal running beside my house which I can use to feed a vortex for the fish pond. This pond water will be pumped up into an Aquaponic Vegetable Garden so I can grow my own non-GMO Organic vegetables by using the same Vortex energy. If my large Water Tower works well I may be able to generate enough power to supply my house completely. Cycle complete.

  • It does not surprise me that his work was negatively rejected in the U.S. and he had to sign over his patents just to go home. Every form of free energy developed by Tesla and others has been blocked by those multi-national corporations who only consider their own profits, and care nothing about nature or the destruction they are causing to our world. The ripple effect of these decisions has wreaked havoc with no end in sight.


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