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    As this post goes out on the newsletter, I will boarding a flight back to New York, after having spent a week in Southern California, where my mother was traveling before she suddenly became too sick to travel. I was lucky to be able to be by her side, during the final hours of her life before she passed away on Wednesday, April 5th. It was an overwhelmingly sad time for myself and for the many members of my large family, who rushed to be with her.

    I ran into an absolutely ridiculous snafu yesterday with Virgin America airlines, while attempting to book my flight home. I was surprised when they refunded my just-purchased ticket in full. Now I know why.

    The airline industry has been embattled since the rise of the Internet and by post-9/11 security measures. One wonders to what kind of dehumanized, whacked mentality to which industry professionals and security members must have slunk, to result in this beating, bloodying and forcible removal of an alleged “random” passenger on April 10th.

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    • In football it’s called piling on., and there are rules against it. Airline bashing has become a very acceptable sport with no rules (speaks poorly of our “civilized society”). If the airline does not cater to my every whim (for FREE, of course) then I have the right to be rude and irrational. Did no one besides me see the COMPLETE video where the “innocent and angelic ” (adult?) passenger ran back into the plane screaming like a child having a tantrum after previously being escorted off the plane? Neither party to this episode showed much intelligence.

    • As I’ve said before, it may look on paper like we won the second world war, however, with project paperclip we got more then scientists, at that time the OSS was turned into the CIA under different leadership and rules. They have passed on their training to many, and with 911 & the patriot act took away a few more chunks of the constitution, in the name of “security”. Did anyone notice how fast it was passed? Had it all in a box before it happened. And people say it was not an inside job…Bushit.

    • This is exactly what the Nazis expected from the dangerous, mindless bureaucrats they called the SS AND they got it.

      As seen here, the it’s-not-our-fault-we-simply-overbooked-UNITED-AIRLINES has revealed that they are participating in the US Nazi Deep State by this action. BOYCOTT them, now. They handled their own incompetence by calling their Deep State buddies to bludgeon passengers who refuse to snap-to commands. PAPERS! Show me your PAPERS!

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