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    Sasha Latypova joins Dr Jane Ruby to discuss the wide variations found in COVID vaccine vial contents.

    To look up the toxicity of your own injection, look up the lot numbers on your vaccine card and look up those numbers on and you can see if there are any adverse events associated with your lot numbers.

    A Danish study analyzing adverse events data reported by healthcare professionals found there were three toxicity profiles, ranging from high toxicity to medium and low toxicity. The data suggest that adverse reactions were intentionally designed into the vaxxines.

    Research Letter published in European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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    • They selected most people before the jabs……..into worthy and unworthy . Its a bluetooth injection with hydra and its not been activated yet . Mr Musk will do that with his starlink system . Starlink is FUNDAMENTAL to the internet of things , your social credit strutchure and control of your body . Dont let Elon bs you! Its not started yet . All the deaths and injuries and disablements are mere side effects of the graphene . Explore the electrical properties of graphene .
      Have you noticed the strange hush from the mainstream media about the pox? None of the politicians want to take ANY responsibility. In the UK doctors are leaving the sinking ship called the National Health Service and every major hospital even has a ” Vaccine Damage Unit ” . The treatment for the damaged in the UK is ………Vitamin C ,D,B and Zinc and……Melatonin!!!! The UK NHS has accepted that thousands and thousands have been damaged yet dare not admit it.

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