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    From Level9News:

    “The US Federal Government is planning to enact legislation nicknamed ‘V2V’, for Connected Vehicle Communications. It is planned to be mandated on all private and commercial vehicles.

    “On September 1, 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) awarded three cooperative agreements, collectively worth more than $45 million, to initiate a Design/Build/Test phase of the Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot Deployment Program in three sites: Wyoming, New York City (NYC), and Tampa.

    “Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office announced that these technologies are, ‘Designed to save lives, improve personal mobility, enhance economic productivity, reduce environmental impacts, and transform public agency operations.’

    “This legislation effectively asks citizens to forfeit one of the last bastions of personal freedom – individual mobility.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Keep up the good work swamp critters, soon America will be so saturated with EMF that EMF sensitive people like me will have to leave the country to survive. Swamp critters and oligarchs got rid of the only energy efficient transportation system in history – electrified passenger rail service. Yeah, America had it, got rid of it because big oil and General Motors wanted to be rid of it. Everywhere else in the developed world you see it, but not here. Got to keep them oil wells loosened up, ya know.

    • OK, so not only are we looking at more freaky AI invading our lives, but let’s consider the added EMF invading our space, disrupting our systems. Not enough we have smart meters, wireless everything in our homes and modems/routers etc. added to the towers and everything else. 🙁
      Who wants to donate to my “run away to the far north bush, off grid fund”? Get me outta here!

    • Let your voice be heard – send in a comment to the NHTSA opposing this proposed rule.

      The US Department of Transportation has a proposed rule out for comment that will MANDATE two way radios and “basic safety messaging” in all new light trucks and cars. These radios transmit 10X a second. If you read their documents you will see that this is step 1. Down the road they will mandate after market devices for all cars and trucks. And further down the road (about 15-20 years) prohibit human drivers. Comments close for this Docket on April 12, 2017.

      Think cool – I won’t have to pay car insurance. Think again. They are planning per trip insurance charges – effectively socializing all costs of death and injury from their software glitches, bugs, worms, trojan horses, bots, malware, viruses, as well as hardware failure such as hard drive crashes and blue screens. Watch “Ben’s journey”

    • Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing the same difficulties but I’m having a terrible time getting a number of the video to play. They sit and spin. It could be my connection, of course. However, it’s happening a lot in the last two weeks.

      This woman is smart. Love her work. She’s always on top of the techie changes the Deep State is up to with the use of AI. Thanks for the post, Alex. Good choice.

      • DJ Welch is great.

        I’ve received that complaint from someone in Toronto. The video is streaming directly from YouTube. I sometimes have issues with YouTube. I think it’s a connectivity issue.

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