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Scott McKay from the Tipping Point Radio Show gives a riveting explanation of what is happening right now with the 2020 Election.

In short, this election was a military-grade sting operation to bring down the criminal power structure that has been ruling this country and every country around the world for a very long time. The Trump presidency is a de facto military presidency that was established and put in place to bring down the Globalist Rothschild-London-central banking enterprise that completely controls every country on the planet.

Since the assassination of John F Kennedy, he says that every US President with the exception of Ronald Reagan has been a “Deep State criminal”. However, an alliance of military generals have been working on a plan to infiltrate this Globalist power structure to take them out.

He says the reason why we’re not seeing the arrests of people like Wray, Haspel, Hillary and Obama is because after Trump won in 2016, Obama moved to preemptively and secretly pardon everybody. The Trump administration has had to record them all committing new crimes – including the attempt to steal the 2020 Election.

He says that everybody involved in this election fraud, from the highest to the lowest will be legally charged.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • People still don’t understand the purpose of…. why…. Trump was elected, or, truly understand the level of deception and evil were dealing with. Putting faith in a treaty, an election, or even a President who has the best intentions that will beat the Rothchild Satanic Empire …. is FALSE HOPE.

    “Satan is not just the master, but the FATHER of lies…..”

    IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO USE POLITICAL MEANS TO BEAT A SATANIC SYSTEM. NO MAN HAS THE POWER TO DO THAT. At the end of Trumps Administration, he put more energy into reading the Word of God then anything else because he knew what was coming. Trump was put there for a reason- not to stop what’s coming, but to expose what’s coming. He knew he couldn’t beat “the system.” There’s a reason why he kept citing scriptures….. if Trump won and brought down “The Empire” then that would mean everything he was reading, from the Bible, was false. Trump wasn’t supposed to win, only to expose to give people an opportunity to wake up. Why was everyone so upset when Trump lost ? Because they put faith in man-made societal means, not Godly means.

    Trump served his purpose; theres a high probability that he’s dead (The CIA uses body doubles all the time), or, they blackmailed him by possibly kidnapping and torturing his family into submission. It would make more sense if Trump’s dead because he had the most powerful assassins, cartels, gangs, Satanists all trying to kill him but now, this level of evil doesn’t just want to kill anyone against them, like J.F.K., they’ll use a body double in place of them (they used a fake body double to pose as Queen Elizabeth for several years now) in order to discredit him, deceive the people to give false hope, plus, avoid resulting protests, riots or revolution that they can’t control.

    They’re using Trump now, or a Trump clone/body double, which keeps the Quiqly Formula going: while politicians have the people distracted, bouncing around like tennis balls from the right to the left on secondary issues, giving the “appearance of fighting”, both sides are all secretly invested in one primary issue- Global Collectivism. The hierarchy strategically plans everything into a script, everything is a distraction from what they’re really doing and they will win, temporarily.

    There’s only one book that explains what was, what is, and what will happen. They’ve infiltrated the church, made the innocent look evil and evil look innocent. They’ve spent decades programming us w/a negative connotation of Christianity because the enemy, the devil, revels in suffering and the crushing of hope. There’s only one to put unconditional, unwavering faith in, and that is the Lord, Jesus Christ. That’s why Trump went to the bible at the end. He witnessed horrific evils, made tremendous sacrifices and understands the power of this empire, a system which only Jesus, has the power to end. Are you putting faith in God ….. or in man ….. ?

    “Those who want to save their life will lose it, but those who are willing to lose their life for my name, will save it.” -Jesus

  • It looks as though the deep state won again. I refuse to accept the election results, and feel like this country is done. Its a matter of time before we are completely owned and ran by China. (We already have been). Everything you have said makes so much sense, and I really thought Trump would drain the swamp. If he does start a new party ( Patriot Party) what difference will that make? By then, the democrats will have taken ALL our freedom, and there will be no turning back

  • Scott, could you please give some background information on you and how you have obtained this information? I shared your show with some of my friends and they are curious about you. Please comment. Thank you.

  • I’m in Australia and I am a global patriot and I would like to be connected with others of a likened ilk who want to stand up and help in the salvation of all life on this planet… please Scott, connect me, others will follow…

  • Dear Alexandra.

    I posted your narrative to my friends in the tomorrow, along with your link and for the first time in a long time, I received a secretive thumbs-up!

    I think you and your followers can therefore take it as red, that the details of this link are very close to the truth, if not ‘the truth’!

    Thank God is all I can add!

  • In general I agree with McKay, but not with some of the details and I’ve been at this longer than he has. Not that I set out to study this cabal of international investment banking interests, because I didn’t even know enough to focus there. My quest was American history and church history.

    I have known of the Agency’s involvement in domestic affairs ever since a retired agent claimed in 1977 that there were over 5000 agency contractors imbedded in every kind of enterprise in the state of Florida alone when he retired years earlier. Let that sink in! The agency has been spying on the American people far longer that anyone will admit.

    That same agent also informed me of some of their domestic practices, which I have since forgotten, but it was clear to me that it is so diabolically structured as to lend itself to outside use and control. The right hand does not know what the left is doing. Thats how the international investment banking interests got their hands on it. Money and blackmail.

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