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Unreported Shootings at Bellagio and Flamingo

I was alerted about this video by a subscriber whose brother drives a limousine in Las Vegas. He’s spoken to several other drivers and bellmen at the Bellagio, the Flamingo and other hotels surrounding Manadalay Bay. All reported that their lobbies were shot up last Sunday night. This indicates that more than one gunman was involved in the horrifying events that evening.

My subscriber wrote, “The hotels were on lockdown and shattered glass was all over the floors. A friend of his posted a video of the Bellagio lobby and people sitting in corridors because they were not allowed to leave…this was a coordinated effort.”

She was referring to the cellphone video above. It was taken from inside the Las Vegas Bellagio hotel and livestreamed by René Downs to her Facebook account at 1:52AM on Monday, October 2nd, a couple of hours after the Las Vegas shooting. By Wednesday night, over 1M people had viewed this on Facebook. René’s comment on this video post is: “This was NOT all done by 1 shooter. Watch til end. News and LVPD are not reporting this correctly.”

In the video, René describes the Bellagio as being on “lockdown”, with nobody allowed in or out of the hotel, due to the gunshots in the lobby which shattered glass, followed by “mass chaos” and a “stampede” while she was seated with her husband at a table in the Petrossian Bar.

In the video, René complains that she has attempted to report these events to the police and news outlets and is nonplussed as to why her reports are being ignored. She verifies with a member of the hotel staff that what the news is reporting is not correct.

René made a follow-up video later that morning, showing where she was seated and voicing her disgust about the lack of honest reporting about the events of that evening. (The audio controls are in the bottom left corner of the screen, to fade up the sound).

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