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    Elana Freeland, author of the newly-released book, Under an Ionized Sky: Chemtrails & Space Fence Lockdown gave a talk in Portland, Oregon recently to speak about geoengineering technology.

    “This is my watch and that is the deepest thing I can say. Why do I fight so hard, if I don’t believe that we can stop this easily? It is because this is happening on my watch and I will not leave the Earth with my death without having done everything I can on my watch…

    “Some may have hoped that when President Trump entered office that perhaps he would do something about this terrible technology.

    “The truth is that this technology is entirely too valuable to other agendas. There is no way that it will be stopped, no matter what administration is in the White House.”

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    • The young dumb NASA dude who mis-spoke makes her entire presentation suspect. I went to school with Van Allen’s son, and my dad, who worked for a NASA contractor during Mercury – Apollo & SkyLab.. – has the data. I’m a radiation-biological tissue ‘maven’, and a mathematician, and I can assure you, we can go through the VAB no problem. You need to shield alpha & beta (easy), gamma (not so) and x-ray. It’s a complex, but solvable engineering task.

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