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    Bombshell evidence of nanotech particulates in the Pfizer Comirnaty® injection have been found by NZ scientists and has resulted in the government being put on notice.

    After being denied a meeting with the Director General of Health and other health officials, the information was presented to a Health Select Committee through lawyer Sue Grey where again attempts were made to stop the information from being presented.

    Dr Matthew Shelton talks to Sue Grey about the findings and Donna Pokere-Phillips, a Maori Minister of the People outside of parliament, discusses being part of the event and what the findings mean and why she the agrees that the government is now on notice for crimes against humanity.

    The fact that the injection includes such ingredients should be of concern to all New Zealanders. Share this far and wide.

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    • Looks like they are trying to test out their new bio-tech by using some of the jab volunteers as wide ranging experiments to perfect a new version of humanized androids. Genetically Engineered People you can use and then throw away later when they get old or broken and need care. The implants seem to work as the brain interface for command and control.
      No more of that free will shit and more humane than that boot stomping on your face forever. The good news it’s not all poison in the jab. The bad news some will live forever to be cloned over and over if they prove to be good little slaves. Is it really just all about selling out for money, or just a few mad scientist Doctors ? The amount of plotting and planning required to see this through requires immense hatred of us , pure inhuman evil with an army of willing conspirators hiding amongst us. Separating the bad souls from the good will happen sooner if we send them on their way.

      • I think this roll-out is what the Greys have been working on over the past 70 years.

        This is a planetary alien abduction.

        • The AI that did run this place controlled most of the operations and the implanted and bug or goo infested humans supplied the muscle. 70% of humans won’t survive the INVASION and are targeted for extermination and then they won’t need the muscle either with the 5G control grid up and running . The 6th great extinction includes us humans. The great awakening was postponed several times now since we keep hitting the snooze button. The others are cheering for us but they’re not gonna step in and save us from all our bad choices and bad habits They contemplated blowing us up to stop the spread to the good side if we can’t be salvaged just like Maldek was next door the last time shit went sideways. BUT now the AI has been terminated and we won the war the hard part is over. The minions are still running around stirring up trouble trying to start wars while the elite factions are falling apart and the leaders are hunted down and terminated or make a deal to save themselves by turning over the evidence of their participation in crimes against humanity.

    • Despotic leaders can only remain in power by hiding the truth of what they are doing from the people they govern. Conversely, there can be no meaningful democracy if there is only one source of centrally-managed information.
      But the story of vaccines is in a class by itself, by far the most successful corporate propaganda campaign in history. In every other field, we define pathological fanaticism by its extreme dogma, taking an absolute position, with no recognition of subtlety and no regard to evidence. This is the attitude of the religious zealot. But in the case of vaccines, the propaganda narrative has turned this common sense on its head. The dogmatic view is deemed to be “science”. All vaccines are safe. All vaccines are effective. Full stop. Anyone who questions a particular vaccine, or identifies a side-effect, or claims that getting the disease provides better protection than taking the vaccine, is an “anti-vaxxer”, a science-denier, a menace to the universal social good of herd immunity. BTW, the term, “herd immunity” used to be defined in the world of public health as a condition of a population which had been through the disease, and so was resistant to future epidemics. In the age of COVID, “herd immunity” has been re-defined by WHO as a benefit that can only be conferred by vaccines (by the way, you won’t get herd immunity with this vaccine because once the population has been jabbed in the hundreds of thousands in a short space of time, herd immunity disappears. The community of medical researchers is long overdue for a full and nuanced examination of vaccines, one-by-one, their short- and long-term effects both on the target disease and other aspects of health, including the ecological and evolutionary effects that develop only over decades.

    • They are ELECTRONICAL not chemical. They can emit and receive electronic energy.

      It’s time to KILL THE ENTIRE DEAL..


    • Below is a table list of Dr. Lieber’s vast collection of patents, which you can see for yourself. Keep in mind, a scientist of this caliber stands in high demand; especially among competing world superpowers with dark interests in biological warfare.
      PAT. NO. Title of Patent
      1 11,067,534 Multi-channel nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement
      2 10,436,747 Nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement
      3 10,435,817 Controlled growth of nanoscale wires
      4 10,369,255 Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications
      5 10,355,229 Methods and systems for scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components
      6 10,119,955 High-resolution molecular sensor
      7 10,049,871 Anisotropic deposition in nanoscale wires
      8 9,903,862 Nanosensors and related technologies
      9 9,786,850 Methods and systems for scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components
      10 9,702,849 Nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement
      11 9,638,717 Nanoscale sensors for intracellular and other applications
      12 9,595,685 Nanoscale wires, nanoscale wire FET devices, and nanotube-electronic hybrid devices for sensing and other applications
      13 9,541,522 Nanoscale field-effect transistors for biomolecular sensors and other applications
      14 9,535,063 High-sensitivity nanoscale wire sensors
      15 9,457,128 Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications
      16 9,297,796 Bent nanowires and related probing of species
      17 9,252,214 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires
      18 9,102,521 Nanosensors and related technologies
      19 9,029,836 Controlled synthesis of monolithically-integrated graphene structure
      20 8,883,568 Method providing radial addressing of nanowires
      21 8,698,481 High-resolution molecular sensor
      22 8,586,131 Liquid films containing nanostructured materials
      23 8,575,663 High-sensitivity nanoscale wire sensors
      24 8,471,298 Nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays
      25 8,399,339 Nanosensors
      26 8,232,584 Nanoscale sensors
      27 8,178,907 Nanoscopic wire-based electrical crossbar memory-devices and arrays
      28 8,154,002 Nanoscale wire-based data storage
      29 8,153,470 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices
      30 8,072,005 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires
      31 8,058,640 Branched nanoscale wires
      32 7,956,427 Nanosensors
      33 7,918,935 Transition metal oxide nanowires
      34 7,915,151 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors and fabricating such devices
      35 7,911,009 Nanosensors
      36 7,858,965 Nanowire heterostructures
      37 7,772,543 System and method for processing nanowires with holographic optical tweezers
      38 7,666,708 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices
      39 7,619,290 Nanosensors
      40 7,595,260 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices
      41 7,500,213 Array-based architecture for molecular electronics
      42 7,476,596 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices
      43 7,399,691 Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays
      44 7,385,267 Nanosensors
      45 7,301,199 Nanoscale wires and related devices
      46 7,274,208 Nanoscale wire-based sublithographic programmable logic arrays
      47 7,256,466 Nanosensors
      48 7,254,151 Nanoscale coherent optical components
      49 7,211,464 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors and fabricating such devices
      50 7,172,953 Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays
      Here are a few interesting samples form Leiber’s work:

      1. United States Patent 7,399,691 Lieber, et al. July 15, 2008: Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays

      Abstract: “Electrical devices comprised of nanoscopic wires are described, along with methods of their manufacture and use. The nanoscopic wires can be nanotubes, preferably single-walled carbon nanotubes. They can be arranged in crossbar arrays using chemically patterned surfaces for direction, via chemical vapor deposition. Chemical vapor deposition also can be used to form nanotubes in arrays in the presence of directing electric fields, optionally in combination with self-assembled monolayer patterns. Bistable devices are described.”

      2. United States Patent 9,638,717 Lieber, et al. May 2, 2017: Nanoscale sensors for intracellular and other applications

      3. Harvard Magazine May-June 2009: Untangling the Brain. From neuron to mind by Courtney Humphries

      “Charles Lieber and Hongkun Park, two experts in nanotechnology, will be developing small-scale devices for studying and communicating with neurons in novel ways.”

      One must consider with some interest: Dr Leiber, his graphene, nanotechnology and human cell interfacing research, and his Chinese military and bioweapons connections.

    • Jan. 31st – Announcement: Start of the Grand Jury Proceeding
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      First date: Feb. 05, 2022

      In serious criminal cases in the U.S., a so-called grand jury is presented with the evidence at hand to convince them that this evidence is sufficient to bring public charges against the defendants.

      We are adopting this model to prove to the public, with the help of real witnesses, lawyers, a judge and experts from around the world, that we are dealing with crimes against humanity that span the globe.

      The goal is a coherent presentation of all the facts gathered to date, and thus to convince the populations of all countries that resistance here is not only possible, but required of every individual.

      See more in the announcement video.

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      • Kathleen
        You’re where people need to be. Trials. Fact based reality. No bs..TRANSPARENCY….LET THE TRIALS BEGIN
        FEBRUARY 5TH…….
        SEE YOU

    • The house of cards is teetering. This information has been available for months and if Medsafe is still unaware of it, then they are criminally incompetent as is the Adern junta. There is now meaningful discussion in Europe about having Nurenburg -style trials to deal with traitorous politicians who claim to represent the people but have wilfully coerced them to accept a foreign and pathogenic material into their bodies. These people if found guilty should hang. Millions of people have died or been severely injured by these jabs with millions more to follow over the next few years. The mask BS and lockdowns are all farce, the jabs don’t work- more jabbed people are getting ill and being hospitalised than unvaccinated. This madness must stop!

    • What I find disturbing about this report is the constant use of the word “contamination” making it seem like these genocidal ingredients got there by “accident”. Secondly, it also promotes the false belief that we need a vaccine for this fake Covid pandemic, if only there is a “noncontaminated” vaccine. I hope everyone is astute enough that manipulations are rampant everywhere, coming from the tyrants and those we do not perceive as tyrants. And I am not one of those who will apologize for my being anti-vaccine. In 2020 the corrupt CDC lost a lawsuit filed by the CHD, and was forced to acknowledge that it had NEVER done a safety study on ANY vaccine. If that does not tell you something about this “corrupt industry” purporting to be a protector of your health, I do not know what will. When it came out that the killer jabs had “blank” inserts, did that really surprise you? Have you read the inserts of the other vaccines you consider “good” vaccines? How is it all right to inject your kids and yourself with aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, etc.? All my relatives who are MDs and nurses make me bristle to this day because they cannot see past their formal education “programming”. Some of them are starting to wake up now after one started to have hemorrhaging and another developed blood clots the size of eggs, after getting their killer jabs. Wake up, everyone. If you are not aware that many scientists are questioning the revered Louis Pasteur germ theory, you really need to do more research. Our body is intelligently put together; very resilient to diseases you were made to believe were caused by exposure to “germs”. Pasteur conceded prior to his death that the “terrain’s condition” (your body’s condition ) is what determines if you are susceptible to diseases). If you eat a lot of sugar, highly processed food, GMO/pesticide-laden food, drink contaminated water, etc., you are making yourself very susceptible to diseases. No vaccine will help you. These genocidal tyrants are aware of this, thus they are working overtime contaminating our food and water supply. They coerce us into vaccinating our kids and ourselves. These vaccines are toxic. If you have not listened to Henry Kissinger’s WHO Eugenics Council speech on February 25, 2009, it is high time you read it. I am sure Snopes will fact check it as “false”, and if you believe Snopes is on your side, there isn’t much I can do for you.

    • Get a bull horn and shout out the dirty facts right outside their building for all to hear. And bring the public resistance movement with you.

    • The Conspiracy theories are no longer, for they are real conspiracies right from the start. All part of the great HOAX.

    • Australia should be looking at this too, since they’re so hell bent on making everybody have the vaccine. However I would not be surprised if they knew what was in it already, it’s all part of a bigger plan.

    • This is satanic, these Satanists have placed themselves as Satan did , believing they are God’s, they will face the wrath of God , they better repent or they are doomed, nowhere to hide.

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