Fabian4Liberty has connections to a Russian oligarch, who claims Russian special forces (Spetsnaz) are in Kiev and will be crushing the US-backed protests in the next 30 days or less. Let’s see if this is true.

Fabian also offers many other insights from a highly-placed Russian friend, about the scary pile-up of Russian materiel, now posted, all along the Ukrainian borders.

The sputtering EU economy needs the Ukraine’s resources. Ukraine wants nothing to do with the EU and I highly doubt that they wish to revert to being a neo-Soviet “Republic” of the Russian Empire, either.

They want sovereignty!!!

I stand by my final statement in my article from this morning:

“the more resounding message that I am receiving from this beautiful young woman in this video [regardless of the agenda of the group who filmed it] is that Ukraine wants to be under the control of *neither* group and that Ukraine wants to enjoy the its own peace, prosperity and self determination, as do many other governments on Earth [especially those of large countries blessed with lots of natural resources, like Ukraine], who want no part of this geo-strategic tug-of-war between EU-NATO vs Russia, etc.”


Clearly, the situation in Ukraine is a lot more complicated than I thought, when I sent the clip with the beautiful young Ukrainian woman this morning. Turns out this video was essentially made by the US State Department and is pure “astroturf”. I just got the low-down in this other, highly-informative article:

Exposed: Ukrainian ‘Protesters’ Backed by Kony 2012-Style Scam

I’ve also received a letter, in response to today’s previous email from a Ukrainian woman, whose father was a liberation activist during Soviet times and who was killed by the KGB, which forced her and her mother and grew up in the US. Now, she is back there – and she sent me a letter of deep thanks, asking me permission to reprint my article.

Clearly the Ukraine of the Soviet Era is even more different from the Ukraine of today, than Pre-9/11 America is from the US of today. Moreover, the EU did not exist during the height of the Soviet era – and many Europeans, today feel as if the EU has invaded their countries and destroyed their economies…

So, it’s a complex situation. It is hardly black and white; the EU is likely more corrupt than the Ukrainian government – but does that really mean Ukraine wants to become a Russian State again? I doubt it.

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