A week ago Monday morning of August 28th, numerous people captured video of a large silver sphere floating over Los Angeles and West Covina, California. An LA County Sheriff’s helicopter was seen circling around the object, indicating that local law enforcement did not know what it was.

Shortly after I moved to Los Angeles in 2009, I saw a similar spherical object, while I was staying 100 miles east of this location on the other side of the San Jacinto Mountains. The object I saw was floating at a much higher altitude and it was probably much larger, as it dwarfed a commercial jet cruising beneath it at an altitude of about 38,000 feet before it slowly dipped behind the mountains from my point of view.

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  • The picture is the same type of UFO in 2011, April that flew from northern Scotland,due south at about five fousand feet and seven hundred miles an hour ,in a straight line except the one witnessed by thousands in the UK had flames coming out the back.
    The BBC reported it was a meteorite the size of a grapefruit that had entered the atmosphere and had burnt up and dissappeard in the channel
    It looked crippled and ridiculous with 1950 s B movie style flames . Same height as airliners at low level.
    See YouTube channel Erasmus Gerasnus to see them playing at night over the Isle of Wight.
    The broken UFO witnessed in Manchester was travelling north to south… Portsmouth? Running home with a blowing gasket?

    • That’s what I think. I have no idea what it’s doing over suburban Los Angeles at 1000′ altitude or less.

  • I, at first, thought Weather Balloon because of size and surface shine. But, weather balloons are affected by wind currents and that helicopter circling the object was creating wind currents with its blades. The sphere should be popping around in the sky and it is not. This means the sphere is heavier than a balloon because the wind currents created by the helo is NOT affecting it at all. So what is it.
    Has anyone contacted the Los Angeles Police to see what they found?

    • Exactly. The backwash would knock it around if it were a balloon. Also, it’s rock solid in its position. Even without the chopper, it would be drifting in the prevailing wind were it a balloon. I saw a larger version of this thing, at a much higher altitude in the sky. The one I saw was moving, but ever so slowly.

  • It is spherical like a balloon, it hovers like a balloon, it shines like
    a mylar balloon; a bird is shown flying b, giving a better sense of scale.
    I think it is a balloon.

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