A strange thought has crossed my mind. 

A great deal of concern has been expressed that the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva, Switzerland is being built to allow the demonic “Fallen Angels” to enter the Earth plane via an interdimensional portal.

CERN has publicly stated that a significant part of their research involves the exploration of alternative dimensions to the four with which we are familiar; three of space and one of time.

The thought has occurred to me that CERN may be the makings of the new “Space Race” – or even of controlling reality, itself – especially, since Germany, China and Japan are all vowing to build bigger supercolliders of their own.

If one thing is certain, humankind will not be traveling great distances in space, using the 3D, tin-can technology of the Apollo Program…

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  • “to allow the demonic “Fallen Angels” to enter the earth plane” or, as I previously read, to prevent the remaining Arcons to escape before they get caught up in the expected frequency change which brings us into a new future space time dimension, which they do not want to experience? These are interesting times and I believe we all choose to be here in order to experience them.

  • The last section of the Urantia book gave the solution to the” Lucifer rebellion” in the 3rd dimension. The solution to that rebellion can be found at: http://www.thecenterforworldpeace.love. Time can be defined as the distance between cause and effect, the ultimate arbiter of the fate of our planet.

  • Could be another project bluebeam too bc they love doing the spirals. 😉 Looks like a few things being sucked up into the whatever. What’s up with the clouds? 🙂

  • I’ve read the Urantia Book, too, and it’s not necessarily the case that no contact with celestial beings will be allowed until the planetary quarantine is lifted. Limited contact appears to already be taking place.

  • Until this planet has been restored to normal universe circuits and no longer isolated due to the still unresolved Lucifer rebellion, we will have no open communication with aliens or angels. We are officially cut off until that insurrection is adjudicated. Read about it in the official revelation from celestial beings, that is The Urantia Book.

  • Its curious whether the portal is a development of CERN or is just there because like Roswell in 1947, this is the most advanced (public known) technology being employed on Earth, which like the radar and nukes of the day, these beings are attracted to and interested infollowing what himanity is up to.
    I have seen these ufo’s cross the dimensional boundary and caught them on camera doing so but this was no where near CERN so I doubt they

  • you’d think thousands of people would see this……. does anyone know anything more? There ‘s allegedly been a big acccident in the collider that’s being covered up and if that’s true then i don’t imagine they’d be generating any portals any time soon…

  • Excellent observations everyone, we are not Sheeple, & you all pass fundamentals of nursing, they projected a boomerang on my wall– I got out my flashlight w morse code & flashed back -they went away because they don’t scare me/us, they don’t SCARE us!!! PS. David Fiske I understand you, but you have advanced knowledge

  • If you look at the weather for Geneva for this past December, it has been overcast most of the time. This is soooo CG!

  • Looks like a doctored film to me.
    Cloud effects similar to those used in the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

    Happy 2016

  • I am not to sure about these portals being the interdimensional reentry points for the Nephilim back onto the earth. After extensive research I have come to believe the unbelievable truth that we have been completely brainwashed by our elite controllers. Sometimes the truth is so unbelievable it remains unknown.
    Nikola Tesla invented the flying saucer technology in the early 1920’s. Von Braun worked on Tesla’s craft before WW2 in America before returning to Germany and developing many craft during the war. They were not used during the war because they were unable to drop a weightless bomb and the equal and opposite reaction to firing a weapon destabilised them.
    The Kenneth Arnold sighting followed 10 days later by the Roswell incident began the successful cloaking of these manmade craft.

  • to David Fiske, what are you talking about? Your post is incomprehensible. Pls re-post after defining terms.

  • Everything I have read and heard lately has said just the opposite, that CERN will hopefully, if they can get it to work properly at full power will allow the so-called “fallen ones” to escape before the “Shift” otherwise they will be caught up in a time line not of their liking. And, it had to happen before 2016. They also said that the last time they revved up CERN, pushing it to full power they were only able to get a pin head sized opening to another dimension(?) and in pushing it to the max, because it is interconnected to the other CERNs caused much damage that will take many years to repair. I believe some of this came via Simon Parkes.

  • Comments you tube

    Jojo Ygay 2 weeks ago
    Cgi look at the cloud at 0:42?
    Reply · 24

    LPIndie 1 week ago
    +Jojo Ygay for sure cgi, but nice done. :D?
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  • Did you notice that the UFO closed the portal? At least someone, or someones, are looking out for us, or so I hope,we need information. The kind you don’t get from governing agencies. Happy New Year, I hope.

  • Looks like the first part of the film has been speeded up. Clouds don’t move like that in real time.

  • For two years now thousands of us are tracking CERN and portals and the clouds above us, on various facebook boards and just as friends. Have you not noticed most of the white clouds hold white craft in them? Cloud cloaking to the max in most cases. We have 100’s of pics of craft showing or darting from one cloud to another, a cloud goes against wind, two clouds merge together..they dock up..this is closely watched across the U.S. and Europe from our own backyards. Portals sometimes, but usually it’s a smaller craft going ‘into’ a large one..small cloud into large cloud…start watching really carefully. I would have laughed a few years ago but now I have thousands of pictures of all this…alien skies is no lie!! So far seems friendly!!

  • With the powerful observation and detection devices and methods we have today, why do we never get clear and well defined images and measurements from these reported events?

  • Now THIS was interesting. Not a natural phenomenon, definitely. The UFO involved seemed to fly into the center of the disturbance and disappear? Very interesting. Maybe Alex is correct?

  • Certainly possible. I have recently read and listened to Dr Steven Greer’s decades long research, and it sounds like this is a similar thing to when they were hovering over areas of military testing sites even way back in the 50’s and 60’s. It would be a good start if USA would release the information regarding space and life on other planets and galaxies, like some other countries are doing.

  • If magnetism is the glue that holds everything together.. how can CERN justify breaching the magnetic domain of the atom?

  • Looks to me like chem trails and HAARP which the powers that be are definitely experimenting big time these days. I had saw something similar in the skies and this is what I thought immediately.

  • If the Higgs Boson initiated the Big Bang…..and if time is cyclical causing history to repeat itself, CERN had better shut down the collider. Smashing protons fractures the subatomic realm which is at present in a state of disequilibrium. Isotopes are an anomalies causing this state of asymmetry. These additional neutrons have the potential to cause an atomic chain reaction that will not be self quenching.
    There is a symbol which radiates throughout all cultures and has been used for religious purposes. The sign is that of the cross. Very simply it states the vertical must be 90 degrees perpendicular to the horizontal to maintain equilibrium of the sphere….be it atomic or planetary.
    Our humanity is on a path of destruction and it will take another act of God to end the madness.
    If CERN continues on this path we will once and again be the co-creator of our end.

  • Just like to make a couple of points here. Having been a freelance journalist for many years I can say with the utmost certainty that when vast amounts of money have been made available for projects it is always for the purposes of extra terrestrial races. Whether or not you want to call inter dimensional or et’s doesn’t really matter for really they are both. There are several already here but are constantly working on technologies to allow easier access. Its largely irrelevant if this video has been doctored. This is happening.

  • Joseph Hart, I am wondering what about this tipped you off that it was not real? As only an amateur to all this, it looked real to me. What bothered me is in the narrative about Fallen Angels. That is the kind of talk that, to me anyway, is fodder for ET debunkers. Maybe I don’t know enough to even be stupid but aren’t Fallen Angels religious in nature and not extraterrestrial?

  • I was under the impression that the fallen angels were already here, and in world government, it will be interesting to see the fight if some more arrive! I think it is a duck too, but it is a new year duck, so HAPPY NEW DUCK to all!

  • As a legitimate ETV (UFO) experiencer it saddens me when reputable web sites like this one and Educating Humanity get a fast trigger when posting clips which can be fodder for debunkers.

    Please be better at choosing and vetting what is posted in the ET category. It does not take long to develop your own doubt through discernment of clips such as this one that seem exceedingly suspect as altered and hoaxed. If it “walks like a duck and quacks like a duck” it is probably a duck! This one is, IMO, a Duck!

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