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    The asteroid dubbed 2017 Fu102 was first observed on March 29th. It is flying by as I write this, at roughly half a Lunar Distance (LD) form Earth. It’s the 14th sub-Lunar Distance object to flyby the Earth since the beginning of the year.

    On April 3rd, another object named 2017 FT102 will flyby at 1 LD.

    There is no danger but what’s a bit worrisome is that these objects weren’t discovered until 4 days before near-Earth flyby.

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    • I subscribe to who produce a list of asteroid flybys and their distance from Earth. Scroll down the page to find. You will also see other interesting stuff and links to even more interesting stuff.

      The sun has been quite active the last couple of days with the Northern Lights being visible further south than norma, see diagram. I am at 52 deg North in the Scottish Highlands so I need a very lively sun and a clear night to see anything although a dull green glow can be seen far away in the northern sky on rare occasions. I’ve seen the real thing in Finland, amazing and awe inspiring.

    • Hmmmm. That 1% or 1 degree which ever, surveillance of the sky to protect the Earth from asteroids is pretty useless. In contract, the apparent goal of 100% surveillance of the population is moving right along. One asteroid hit will take care of the latter.

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