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    On Monday afternoon, the Turkish Embassy in Washington, DC responded to Newsbud’s emailed inquiry about their response to the false information initially spread by NBC and picked up by several other English-speaking news agencies, about Turkish President Erdogan’s alleged flight from Turkey and request for asylum in Germany. The Embassy’s response was that the Turkish government had officially demanded an immediate public apology and retraction to the relevant divisions of NBC News, as to which Pentagon official had supplied them with this bogus script.

    Newsbud continues to await a response to their own request for a formal retraction and apology for broadcasting misinformation.

    You too can get on your Twitter account and dial “#NBC” into the search field and tweet at NBC to apologize for being a co-conspirator in the failed CIA-NATO coup against the Turkish Government – or you can at least ask them to issue an immediate public reaction and apology for this behavior, which discredits them completely as a valid news source.

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