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    Why would Fox fire their number one host, who brought in 3.5 million viewers every single night?

    Rumors have flown and speculations have varied. CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter suggested that Fox fired Tucker because major advertisers refused to advertise on his show. Bloomberg argued that Tucker was fired because of his text messages. The super-woke LA Times published a story saying that Tucker’s exit was directly related to the discrimination lawsuit that was filed by a female producer last month – a woman who has never actually met him.

    Roman Balmakov from The Epoch Times believes that Forbes Magazine was probably closest to the mark, when they said the reason Tucker was let go was because of his constant railing against the ESG agenda promoted by the United Nations, the world Economic Forum and by large institutional investors, like BlackRock, which owns a large stake in Fox Corporation.

    Publicly-traded companies are given an ESG score (Environmental Social and Governance) based upon how many women and minorities they have on their board, whether or not they promote the LGBTQ+ agenda, whether or not they are acting to be carbon neutral in their supply chain, etc.

    This is what social critic James Lindsay calls “American Maoism”.

    ESG scores have come to determine how much investment capital a company can have access to, because the large institutional investors now use these ESG scores as their metric for whether or not to invest in a particular company.

    So, while Tucker might have been great for ratings, his overall negative impact to Fox Corporation’s ESG score might have outweighed the earnings that he brought in and made him an ESG liability.

    BlackRock is Fox’s largest shareholder, with more than 45 million shares of Fox corporate Class A stock or about 15.4% of all the shares, for a total of $1.5 billion dollars. Next, is the mutual fund, Dodge and Cox with 13%, then Vanguard with about 11%. All three of these institutional investors are onboard with ESG and they own 40% of Fox’s Class A stock.

    However, as Roman explains, Rupert Murdoch set up Fox Corporation as a dual class stock, with two share classes, consisting of Class A and Class B shares. The Class A shares offered to the general public have no voting rights while the Class B shares offered to company founders, executives and family members have all the voting rights.

    The Murdoch family has thus been able to keep tight control over the company, while being able to raise capital from the markets. In short, these large institutional investors would not be able to vote out Tucker Carlson, because the Murdoch family has too much voting power. Still, this doesn’t mean that the Murdochs wouldn’t have to appease these institutional investors who control 40% of their Class A stock.

    Roman then brings on Kevin Stocklin, a former Wall Street banker and producer of The Epoch Times’ documentary, ‘The Shadow State’, which exposes the entire ESG agenda. Kevin says the adherence to ESG by Disney, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch and now Fox has alienated their customers and brought massive losses to these corporations and that CEOs are increasingly having to make decisions between what’s good for the bottom line and what’s good for their shareholders versus what the ESG movement wants.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • ESG agenda , corporations can easily avoid the Stipulations in the ESG by Not Borrowing money, , but we’re in an instant gratification society, instant everything even profits,
      Company owners need to wake up to harm by being a ESG Agenda member.
      Example: Bud light is now boycotted by the regular people and the LGTB and so on,
      All be cause bud light Company took part in ESG agenda.
      It’s Always been about money and an agenda of some sorts or another.

      Here’s a Very good link / video of Tucker giving it Straight Up and lends credence as to his firing also.
      A speech / Talk / by Tucker that won’t be forgotten when ya wat h and hear what Tucker said:.


      • Hi ,
        Sorry I posted wrong link earlier, even though that earlier ink video is worth watching,
        This is the 1 wanted to Really Share.
        The 5th video down in the link is very much worth Watching.


    • Blackrock does not own any of Fox.
      Blackrock is an AGENT for investors – it manages investments on BEHALF of others, like pension funds, 401k plans, central banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds etc
      Around one half of the 10 trillion bucks managed on an Agency basis by Blackrock are PASSIVE.
      Passive funds have zero discretion and can only match weightings of stocks in a nominated index like the S&P500.
      Active funds are designed to outperform an index within discretionary risk bands. Active funds have objectives stated like this “Outperform the S&P500 index by 0.75% per annum over a rolling three year period with a tracking error (risk budget) of 1.5% per annum”.
      Blackrock does have its own funds, independent oc client money and there are strict rules about co-mingling these with client funds.
      Blackrock’s market cap is around 100 billion bucks – which is a lot, but is 1% of assets tht it manages on behalf of others.
      Blackrock must either have obtained power of attorney over client assets via trust deeds or it must obtain INFORMED CONSENT from all investors should it seek to “tilt” a portfolio in a way not covered by investment management agreements with clients.
      To give you some idea of just the retriement assets in the US,
      35 trillion in 2020.
      That is just for the US. The Rest of the world has at least this much and Blackrock managers some of these no-US retirement funds.
      I am an ex investment consultant and monitored Blackrock along with all leading funds mangers in the US, UK and Europe.
      In Short, these are not the droids you are looking for.

    • Alexandra,

      Re : “ The Murdoch family has thus been able to
      keep tight control over the company, while being
      able to raise capital from the markets.”

      So did Murdock muzzle
      reports about 9/11 ? :

      Forwarded Message :

      JungianINTP says
      MAY 6, 2023 AT 10:55 PM

      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      Fox News has been (is) controlled
      resistance, from the time top
      management had COWARDLY
      buried its multi-part investigative
      report, about Israeli ‘“Art Students”
      having (very) closely “shadowed”
      those 9/11 terrorists. ( curiouser
      and curiouser !—that deeply
      buried report ).


    • “Why would Fox fire their number one host, who brought in 3.5 million viewers every single night?”

      Because we are quickly approaching the event horizon. These companies (media) are just tools to continue the brainwashing that began in school and continues to this day.

      These corrupt, jOO-run companies and elitist do not care about money any longer. We are past the point where money is king. What they have now is virtually complete control of our lives, our actions and reactions.

      The day of reckoning is near. When a jOO no longer cares about money, this means the spending is done and ultimate control is the prize.

      Good luck all. May 10th ought to be a doozy!!! I’ll be up here in the northern country waiting for their arrival.

    • OR …he could be the Deep State’s pick for President in 2024. Firing him is a great way to create the impression he is one of us and can be trusted. Notice how the Prime Minister of England has changed so many times in recent years. They always have a bunch of replacements lined up.

      • Right?

        Only because of the majority being sheep minded.

        The sheep never talked bad about FOX while Tucker was around,
        now they want to point finger at it, and still want Tucker to be their savior.

        I’m enjoying the sheep show (while nothing is being fixed)

    • Sounds like extortion to me…ESG or we sink your stock and your 7-8 figure bonus evaporates.
      These old decrepit butt pokers like Soros, Fink, Heinz Kissinger, Mortimer Buckley, Feinstein, Brandon, Pelosi, Dimon, Grassley, Schumer, Yellen, Garland, THE FED, Warner, Romney, Lurch and a big number of others must be taken down from their seats of illicit doin’s!!!
      WETHEPEOPLE, as citizens, are obligated to “it is our right, it is our duty”

    • Thank you Alexandra this is very interesting. And hearing confirmation that the adherence to ESG by those useless companies “has alienated their customers and brought massive losses” is a reason for rejoicing.
      It means American People are intelligent, contrary to what some say here in comments.

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