Polly is as amazing as ever in this video, in which she explores the distinction between “Reality” and “Truth”.

Many of Polly’s followers tell her something that I have often felt, that those of us who don’t believe the Establishment narratives feel as if we’re living in a different reality from those who just eat up all of the lies and propaganda coming out of the Mainstream Media.

It certainly feels that way but Polly says that no, there is only one reality and we’re all living in it but reality doesn’t have anything to do with the truth.

It’s a brief philosophical discourse that I found both valuable and refreshing.

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  • Dear Polly,
    After three years of mandatory masking, so sorry to see another part of your lovely face covered – this time with a most imposing eye patch! May you completely recover from whatever has afflicted you, and soon.
    Reading the comments, I am reminded that families, groups, societies only hold together by agreement about what is. What we have in common entirely dictates the degree to which we can communicate. For starters we must agree on the meanings of words. Are ‘reality’ and ‘truth’ the same, or different? If the latter, which is which? Without agreement we will lack community on this issue. So let’s adopt Polly’s definition, so as to be able to move the argument forward: ‘reality’ is the amalgamated fiction we all share by agreement, and ‘truth’ is the inarguable experience we each have personally. And clearly – I hope we can then agree – the necessity of agreement with the herd on whose mutual protection we depend, often puts it at odds with our own equally inarguable experience and expectations. How, in the interests of getting along, of cooperating, is this tension to be resolved? Well, usually, by herd persuasion of one kind or another: negotiation, indoctrination, or force. In fact, it will be realised that force has almost always been the method of choice. Might is right. From this follows the misapprehension that majority consensus – what Polly calls ‘reality’ – is truth. I, the individual, will usually take the path of least resistance; I’ll ‘go along to get along’, and submerge or compromise my truth, my identity, my sovereignty, to benefit from membership of the collective reality. I will tend to sacrifice personal freedom for comfort and protection. The Milgram and Asch experiments confirm this. “I was just following orders” is a cast iron defense, Nuremberg notwithstanding. It’s what keeps society functioning.
    So, what, aside from force, holds this conspiracy together? It’s a triumvirate of honor, trust and loyalty. If our leaders are honorable to our group agreements – the values we hold in common – they earn our trust, and, upon repeated confirmation of that reliability, they acquire our loyalty. And as it is with our leaders, so it is with our ‘facts’! Facts are not external ‘things’; they are experiences, whose repetition gives them reliability, and hence factual status. It is the reliability of associations and facts upon which we build our world, and for whose continuity we will fight.
    Goebbels saw that the German public had to take his honorability on faith, and that the bigger his political lies, the more the populace had to believe him. In politics there’s no moral difference between truth and lies. What?! Because he who makes the rules stands above the rules. Whatever our authorities tell us becomes ‘the truth’ (‘trust’ and ‘truth’ have the same root). Leonard Susskind reports that Karl Rove once remarked of the Bush jr. administration “We are making reality’. According to Barbara Honegger, then-CIA director William Casey told incoming president Ronald Reagan that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie.” Yup, friends, there’s your reality!

  • I’ve often considered the issues around the ‘Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge’ parable.

    It seems that the present day duly illustrates what sensual satisfaction (fruit oh so sweet) and indulgence in cautioned activity (slippery slope to indulge in FotTK) implies, to me, the seeking of science focused minds with no connection to the wisdom/spiritual ingredient as a dangerous path for unpracticed, ungrounded and complicated motivations sought solely for profit$ and/or the thin ice of self-satisfaction.

    ‘No worries, we’ll have the answer down the road’, or ‘it’s for your safety’ or ‘but it makes things so convenient’ or simply, ‘isn’t it cool?’ become palliatives which fog one’s natural reticence and intuitive sniff of danger.

    All in all it can be said that that symbolic Tree represents knowledge potential veiled in all of the rabbit holes presented by exercising activities presented through the physical and sensual unsupported by higher minded insight and volition.

  • Alexandra,

    Re: ACIM

    “Nothing Real Can Be Threatened
    Nothing Unreal Exists.
    Herein Lies the Peace of God.”

    Did I get that quote—accurately ?



    “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”
    ( “Introduction” page of the ACIM Textbook ).

  • I always loved Polly’s words of wisdom and her keen investigative talents to seek out the TRUTH. All their lying narratives has distorted our REALITY in a negative way. Seeking the REAL TRUTH has been slobbering to say the least but frees the soul of the burden of not knowing.

  • My concept of TRUTH vs reality…

    Reality is that which we agree on…
    TRUTH is that which really happened…

    We can live in many different realities that are based on things we together agree on or
    even individual realities which we create based on whatever we like truth or lies
    Some realities are built on truth and some on lies and most have some of each to make them
    more acceptable to believe in.

    The truth is that which actually happened…the truth is a thing of the past but what realities
    are built on.

    Lies are things which didn’t happen but are told as truths to make some realities acceptable.

    The truth is what you actually see and perceive.

    Lies are what you accept to form your own reality of what you are looking at.

    One can fool themselves into believing in the reality they create or simply accept what they see and not accept things they pretend to be that which really happened to build their reality,

    There are really no FACTS other than the facts one sees and knows with their own perceptions to be FACTS. There are opinions of others but the only facts are what one knows and perceives themselves. People give their opinions as FACTS but in reality one can’t really accept opinions as FACTS since they are not based on things one has seen for themselves.

    People make decisions based on their own facts and others opinions and the decisions they
    make determine their survival. When people base their decisions on others opinions they are
    gambling with their own survival. The trick in survival is increasing ones odds when making decisions by using ones own wisdom and experience to make judgements on what is most likely TRUTH and FACT. The smarter a person is the more they are able to differentiate the TRUTH from Lies and thus are able to increase their odds of making the correct decisions in life. It is all a gamble and the trick to survival is increasing ones odds in making decisions and the better ones odds of accepting TRUTH for their decisions the better chance of survival,
    Nobody has seen all TRUTH everywhere and is forced to gamble with what others tell then
    of their opinions and thus comes the gamble of increasing ones odds in making decisions to
    SURVIVE by using ones own judgement and acceptance of handling TRUTH.

    Those individuals who can accept TRUTH in their own lives stand a higher chance or gamble of
    survival than those who are used to accepting lies as TRUTH and will have odds against them and less chance of survival.

    Simple…the more TRUTH one has in their life and wisdom in handling and accepting the TRUTH the higher the odds will be in their favor in making survival decisions.

    • “Reality is what we AGREE ON”? Are you saying that CONSENSUS is Reality?…..just like the LibTards ‘science’ is now CONSENSUS? How ABSURD!

      Reality and Truth ARE THE SAME THING. One cannot exist without the other.

      Lets just use something simple, as an example, from the LibTard realm…….
      Donald Trump Sr is a Nazi. This is the LibTard reality AND their truth. But BOTH THEIR reality and truth are DELUSIONAL/an ILLUSION.

      The REALITY is that Donald Trump Sr. is NOT a Nazi.
      The TRUTH is Donald Trump Sr. in NOT a Nazi.

      Just because one may ‘see’ a different Reality/Truth, does not make it ‘THEIR’ Reality/Truth…….it just means that they are MENTALLY ILL.

      Another example: The Vaxx Cult BELIEVE (‘THEIR” Reality & Truth) that these Experimental mNRA Bio-Weapon Injections are ‘Safe & Effective’.
      The REALITY is that they are NOT!
      The TRUTH is that they are NOT!

      For a SANE HUMAN, Reality and Truth are one in the same! Reality is Truth and Truth is Reality! Anyone who claims that there is a difference, IS MENTALLY ILL!

  • Hello Polly –

    What a fantastic Sunday morning sermon.
    Thank you for coming into my realm of reality – You truly are, Amazing!
    Creator bless and keep you safe from harm.

    Truth, Love & Light ~

  • I have seen ‘reality’ affected by intentional thought. Look at the experiments with light particles in the dual slit experiment and the state of water being altered by thought. I beleive there are infinate realities affected by each of us. But there is an underlying fundamental that guides it all.

  • According to the R&D guy from Pfizer they are producing evil products to make us sick so that they will sell us medicines. In addition, other scientists were saying we will airosolize the “vaccines” and spray them on the sheeple? So, the people who never authorized the focking evil government to spray poisonous in the air have no rights and no way to resist. Such reality is not clear in the mind of most of us because we were taught to worship the government because they only do good things.

  • Propaganda control the conversations between people. For example, if the media didn’t mention false flag operations, then, it is not easy to talk about such with your friends and neighbors.
    Therefore reality is what the media allows us to discuss.

  • Wow… First of all, the eye thing is a familiar concept to me. I was born with a lazy eye and when I was still an infant I had several surgeries to correct it. Because of the eye and my very small stature, bullies were drawn to me like a magnet. The daily pummeling and consequent lack of friends (NO kid wants to befriend the kid who is being beaten up every day) pushed me into myself. I retreated into my own imaginary world of writing and drawing, and I still go back there every so often. My point in bringing this up is that I have always been able to discern between what is real and what is not. It’s like I can sense the lies and the liars in this disinformation laden world we now live in. When I discovered that I had fibers growing out of my skin (circa 2009) I climbed down into the proverbial rabbit hole in an attempt to figure it out. Main stream medicine not only lacked answers, they refused to entertain the questions! What I have found when deep down inside is that essentially everything we have been taught is a lie. We have been used all of our lives. America was a freedom concept which HAD to be completed in order for the required technology to be developed by the ones who have taken her over. The change to “mystery Babylon” is upon us and is quite evident if one looks..

  • See they don’t believe in God anymore they just think it’s because of our brain and evolution but they don’t realize that our DNA is way too complex for that and they can lie to us all they want but we know there’s a God at least the people who are believers I know for sure I’ve almost died so many times I can’t count on both hands I’ve seen the light I’ve been saved I’ve been awoken no one can ever take that away from me and they can’t make me believe anything other than what I know is the truth

    • Amen :my same experience I’ve been down so many rabbit holes and found so much truth but completely the opposite of what I have been guided to believe .The reason I say guided is because before I was awakened by the Holy Spirit I was guided by the wrong spirit.I soon realized that the battle for souls was the truth.a spiritual battle.I thank God everyday for truth and so should everyone

    • How do you know if the light is really from so called “God” or the ones that want us trapped on this place by saying that we’ve still work to do here?
      This, to me, sounds like a master telling us “Hey you slave, get up and do your work (or else you will be punished)”.
      God being perfect, should we not be already perfect and free since our birth?
      With that being said, I respect any people with good deeds and religious teachings having some value as long as keeping it positive (however, having too much belief also makes us blind).
      In the end, you are free to choose whatever that works the best for you.

  • There is only one truth and one reality but our government has been compromised along with all the other governments with the world economic forum putting people out there and undercover agents and they’re just the next step down from the council of nine who want to rule the whole Earth and be just like China communism and Marxist so we need to educate all the ignorant people who are caught up in the propaganda and we the people need to stand up for our constitutional rights because our government is infiltrated by the enemies and even our president of the United States is compromised his whole entire team has done nothing but run the USA down the drain to support Ukraine and China this was all planned they want to deplete our weapons that way China can take over not only that they want to eliminate all the small businesses and that way it’s only the big corporations and big pharma has a lot to do with getting people sick I think they put the virus in China with their gain of function research and just so happens that the person dies that was in charge of the research facility because they didn’t want them to know that the US or somebody had leaked it to try to slow China’s economy down and they keep spreading lies just like the hunter biden and laptop for JFK being assassinated and CIA having something to do with it and just like they’re 300 years ahead of us and technology and the deep state their mining Moon and Mars and asteroids they have the technology to give us free power Nikola Tesla came up with it they also have anti-gravity ships that they’re lying about and they have a treaty with the aliens that allows them to abduct us and they lie about it all and we the people are so stupid we just let them

  • The forbidden fruit was probably a psychedelic and opened their mind up to different possibilities and the serpent was 1 of the reptile aliens and the gods were human like just like us with all kinds of technology

    • That sounds crazy, but when looked at various scriptures, drawings and evidences of thermonuclear explosion from thousands of years and so on, it’s very convincing.
      And when we believe in this sort of things based on evidences, religious people point finger at us and call us an anti-christ.
      So I would like to remind these judgemental people that believing in Christ, according to their text, means to believe in doing good, which we also do.

  • Love Amazing Polly. So sorry for her eye problem. I think that there is probably one reality with different interpretations. For example, I live in Southern California which is roughly the 33-34 latitude–this is the same as Morocco, Jerusalem, Cairo, which are warm and dry.
    I wake up and walk out the door into below 40 degrees F which is cold for here. Sometimes it gets to 32 degrees F but not often. I don’t mind it as I grew up farther north, but according to the narrative we are going through massive global warming. Hmmm. The place I grew up in which is closer to the Canadian border was 6 degrees F this morning. I check it because it’s still home. That’s cold for me, but it’s global warming to other people. A lot of people who took the vax think they have been saved because they didn’t get covid, or they got it and didn’t die due to the vax. Hmm. I didn’t take it but I have a different interpretation of their reality although I keep it to myself. I agree that history shapes our perceptions of reality, that is, our interpretations. I think the Bible is amazing but I see it through the lens of archeology as well as a sacred history. I would not causally say Moses climbed the mountain or that Moses parted the sea, but I appreciate that God raises up prophets; and that there are visionary mountaintop experiences. Walking into a lion’s den of enemies requires freedom of fear that comes from religious belief. So… that’s the way I look it. I do appreciate other interpretations, though. Maybe that’s the difference, and maybe it’s too weak. Don’t know.

  • Always good to hear from Poly!

    However she is right about principles, I disagree with her literal interpretation of ancient Hebrew text, which is typical Hebrew picture language to communicate principles even to esoterically illiterate men and women. It was never a literal unnamed fruit or apple or snake or tree. Those objects provided by Moses amount to visuals used to communicate, figureless, physically formless principles even to simpletons.

    The Creator simply permitted the acquisition of every knowledge, save one, the knowledge of good and evil. Of that they were barred BY LAW! A law with a penalty clause; it was a capital crime to learn “evil”, because to do so entails the “practice” of evil which is destructive of goodness, wholesomeness, joy, life.

    That was the bedrock for the rest of the story according to Moses. The “Christian” Bible referenced by Poly is founded upon the Hebrew scriptures and they contain a boat load of Hebrew picture language, like G-d riding on clouds for instance as if he needs to ride on something.

    It’s not all picture language, some is literal, some is figurative, one has to be discerning, but mostly first believing, because it makes little sense to scoffers.

  • Try this “Truth” in history to get a better understanding where we are today.
    Chronicle Hidden World of the Ottoman Imperial Harem


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