Trump and the Art of War: Last Mover Advantage

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    Wow. Zach Vorhies joins Sean at the SGT Report and gives the clearest explanation of what a Communist purge is, which is what is about to happen.

    Zach Vorhies is the Google whistleblower, who became one of the bright spots of the past 4 years, with his insider confirmation that our most paranoid imaginings about Google were true; that Big Tech was disappearing and de-personing accounts with which it didn’t politically agree.

    His assertions have been more than confirmed in recent months and days with the recent de-platforming of President Trump and his supporters on Twitter and Facebook.

    Vorhies, who was an engineer at Google-YouTube for 8 years describes working there as a dream job until he noticed a marked change in corporate ideology immediately following the election of Donald Trump. This culminated in his jaw-dropping discovery that Google’s mobilization against “Fake News” and with their supposedly anti-bias “Machine Learning Fairness” program was almost entirely designed to protect Hillary Clinton from scrutiny of her crimes.

    What Zach says is that we are about to see a classic Communist purge, which have been done in other countries and the US Military is waiting until the last possible moment, to gain the “Last Mover’s Advantage”.

    He says he wouldn’t be surprised if the move doesn’t occur on January 20th but he cannot make predictions other than to say that their goals are to take back the White House or to prevent the White House from slipping into Biden’s hands.

    He says that for anyone with eyes to see, the Mainstream Media, as with most of the US Government, have been captured by the Chinese Communist Party.

    “The mask is coming off and we’re seeing that, essentially all of these media organizations have been weaponized, infiltrated and subverted by Chinese interests.

    “And now that we know this is going on, it’s preparing us for what’s at stake, which is to cut off China from the rest of the world, and get rid of their Chinese Communist Party sympathizers that have been seizing control of Americans’ ability to be an entrepreneur.

    “Before, you used to be able to make a product and put it into stores but now, all the stores have been destroyed, in favor of And what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to collectivize all of the value that exists in America and then instead, put it in the hands of their sympathetic CEOs that run these monopolies.

    “This is the reason you’re able to see all these businesses work in lockstep. With the purge that just happened, we’re able to see a coordinated, digital ethnic cleansing that has been done by Big Tech. As a result of this, we can no longer get access to content creators like you, Sean; it’s becoming very difficult.

    “Twitter’s long since knocked you off. Twitter’s long since kicked you off, since October 15th and now, they’re saying, the media is now saying that anyone who is organizing as a digital refugee is basically a terrorist, coordinating terrorist attacks over encrypted channels.

    “I’ve never seen anything like this but this is something that was predicted a long time ago – and now, we’re here, in the final days, in the final chess moves, between a showdown between the US military and the Chinese military, that back Biden.

    SGT Report’s Sean says, “A friend, Mike Adams at Natural News suggests that the way to end this Big Tech tyrannical censorship is for the DOJ to seize the domain names, the IP addresses and that may sound far-fetched…do you think that that is an intelligent way for the President to put an end to this tyrannical censorship by Big Tech – just seize the IP addresses, seize the domain names and then, make them come to the table, so they can no longer censor Conservatives and Christians?”

    Zach responds, “Yeah, I think that is what is going to happen and you’ve already seen that happen, out in China. China seized Alibaba, which is China’s version of, similar to And Jack Ma, the CEO has not been seen now for over a month.

    “So, China’s hardening-up, they’re now seizing assets and nationalizing them. When Trump does his counterpunch, probably on January 20th and they seize control, they’re probably going to do the same thing here.

    “I can’t imagine, at this point that Twitter, Amazon and Google will be allowed to operate as, essentially the propaganda arm of the foreign interests of someone we’re about to get into war with.

    “So, I expect that these companies are going to be taken over by the military and…I think it’s going to happen all over the world, because…Uganda just basically said, ‘No Twitter, no Facebook – get the heck out of here, you’re just the enemy.’

    “And ironically, Twitter said that to block someone like them was a horrible abuse of rights. It was just so astoundingly hypocritical, given the digital ethnic cleansing that they just engaged in.”

    Sean then asks him if Twitter’s de-platforming of Trump and 70,000 of his supporters (like me) constituted an act of sedition and Zach responds, “It is. It’s an act of sedition and it’s an act of war and it’s an act of treason. And these people are going to be rounded up and they’re going to be tried for treason.

    “Why do I say that? Because that’s what happens during a Communist purge. You just round up everybody and you give them military tribunals. It happens all the time…”

    Sean asks Zach’s advice if he’s wrong and the Communists succeed in taking over America.

    Zach responds, “Your time to prevent a Communist takeover is before the Communists take over. After they take over, you become a counter-revolutionary and you’re lined up against the wall and you’re shot…

    “If you want to stay in the United States, then you try to find a Red State that will hold out for a little bit longer but those will be taken down, too.

    “And so, for me, it’s going to be traveling to one of these countries that are opposed to the United States, that say the United States is evil, and hopefully, I can continue to be a dissident and I can strengthen up those royal families and prevent the infiltration by the Chinese military industrial complex working with Big Tech from America…

    “A lot of countries are going to start banning Google and Facebook and YouTube, because they’re just enemy propaganda weapons.

    “So, for me, it’s going to be some place tropical, hopefully hot and maybe some decent skiiing and somewhere close and continue to fight from there but if they really do take over America, then there really is no hope for me to really be in America much longer than that.”

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