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    Tom DeLonge, former frontman of the 1990s rock band Blink-182 is making UFO disclosure and the founding of a crowd-sourced entertainment company to produce content about this subject his second act.

    He’s assembled an impressive team of very bright US intelligence veterans to advise him, who each make a statement in this clip:

    Chris Mellon, FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (who describes an event where a UFO buzzed the supercarrier USS Nimitz and was photographed, tracked by radar observed by several F-18 pilots and other Navy servicemen).

    Jim Semivan, FMR Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA’s Directorate of Operations

    Dr. Hal Puthoff, Director of DOD/CIA/DIA Scientific Research Programs

    Steve Justice, FMR Advanced Systems Director for Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works”

    Luis Elizondo, FMR Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG

    If the Pentagon and the CIA really wanted to disclose everything about UFOs, they wouldn’t need Tom DeLonge to do it. So, what is this venture really about?

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    • Helloooooo…..
      Please tell the people the TRUTH!! Its imperative that it happens now and without the hoaxed alien invasion. Please.
      ALL these people in the movie clip know – yes they know for sure about Billy Meier and yet they are afraid to proclaim their knowledge.
      Ask yourself WHY? WHO is holding them back? Many astronauts, IBM and others in the aero space industry, NASA included know about the case of Billy Meier that is already 60 years old and still on going.

      WHAT will it take to really open the knowledge in the Goblet of the Truth book?

    • One of them said: We need to change us.
      This , I agree totally.

      We survive until now in a system developping emotional pains, by which any kind of war happens. This is a system, which is present on earth for such a long time. I guess some billions of years, regarding the discoveries by archeologists. This is a system of religious believing.
      The illuminaties…………… The holinesses.

      Instead of becoming holy it is possible to become whole by being in onness.
      Here at first there is needed the acceptance that a human being is split inside.
      By this inner split between maleness and femaleness, any gender fight happens and where also a holiness can become “created”.

      When this inner split is accapted, now the question Who/What am I, comes in focus.
      By finding answers, intelligence of love grows replacing the intellect of war.

      Only this way, a change of humanity is possible.

      • Can you achieve this by meditation? Just sitting quietly and clearing your mind? I went to meditation class, i didn’t like all the rules associated with it. I would prefer to sit quietly and experience just being , is that what you do?

        • Yes, meditation is the path.
          Morevoer, there so many mediation techniques, by which it is possible to escape from the inside. So run away from the inside self.

          I sit in a chair, watching what is going on inside and find answers of what I have to do. It is very helpful for me, when I am breathing activily.
          Breathing is in fact a moment of life.
          Life starts by the inhale and ends by the exhale.
          I described what a human moment is.

          • Along with breathing, comes the need for patience in practice, with a focus on ‘doing’ rather than on ‘what will be’. Over time, the monkey swinging from tree to tree (incessant internal dialogue) slows to a point where silence, true, unimpeded by mind distraction, silence, begins to show one the rewards of patience, practice and discipline…dump expectations and dawn doing as one’s focus.
            We live, as souls/beings/inhabitants in these ‘meat suits’ and it is incumbant upon each human to engage respect, reverence and care for all systems within and without…colloquially known as ‘living in harmony’ rather than competition…our existence is NOT bringing order to chaos, but seeking the cooperation with what is and learning how we fit in with and grow from life’s presentations. Tesla tapped this energy, Yogananda tapped this energy, the Vedas outline this energy and modern science works in opposition to this energy…hubris and ego fuel scientific discovery when in fact they are deep pits of misapplied human intellect…MAN, KNOW THYSELF, then go into the world and do your good works.

    • I do believe I have seen this one before, not long ago. And for some reason I can’t trust this, too many connections to government, black projects etc. Those guys don’t go out on a limb. They build a platform, and cast out lines, or use a boat. Then see what they can reel in. I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time.

      • One has to wonder how this array of DEEEEP STAAAATE manipulators and participants are given enough leash to say anything, let alone reveal this ultimate of ulitimates.

        We must remember that these are the folks entrusted with all this super secret material and yet, where is Steven Greer who has been ‘working at the highest levels’ since the early 90’s? Why should we follow ‘anything’ they present as real? They’ve suddenly, in the shadow of life’s end, been allowed, via change of heart and release from many NDA’s that require death upon revealing, to come clean? I’ll keep my powder dry for now thank you.

    • Slow release to obfuscate the treasons by those in MJ12 for murdering Forrestal, Schneider, Hennesey and many others. The security stuff is a cancer and we need to disarm the planet, re-tacking the aerospace & weapons firms to create the public space program, and International rescue (like The Thunderbirds).

      F National Security – it’s all bullshit – divide and conquer tactics to F us out of the truth. The enemy is within – gov’t, alphabet agencies, and banks.

        • I second the ‘edit’ request/suggestion.
          …national security is one of the ‘paranoia’s’ that come clear as one proceeds to bankrupt society. Fear fuels money, always has. Money is NEVER secure, and if we look around, we see that money is what this civilization is based upon, rendering fear and paranoia as integral drivers to all we think and do…I say bullshit to that notion.
          And per meditation, one of the upshots of practice in meditation is that fear is replaced, dumped, laughed out of one’s personal experience…the laughing Buddah, ey?

          • Tesla knew there is an inner core, moreover did not want to discover it.
            Modern science is a science of observing. I speak over a science of perceiving by this inner core.
            Only by this inner core, it is possible to know one self.

    • There must be some kind of intelligence out there, which has more quality of that of how humanity functions right now.

      I think there is an intelligence based on electrical dimensions and an intelligence which base on gravitational impact. Where by the electrical dimensions an intelligence/intellect of war appears and where the intelligence/intellect by gravity base on harmony.

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