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    Tyler Bass
    Forbidden Knowledge TV
    June 20, 2015

    Each year, in a country with incarceration rates without human historical precedent, millions of American children must contend with a parent’s incarceration. And serving their debt to society, prisoners wait out their sentences, toiling away for cents an hour to try to help pick up the cost of goods from prison commissaries. Unfortunately, their families, though not convicts themselves, end up paying a steep monetary price for their relatives’ misdeeds; private contractors are making huge profits charging the families fees as high as 45 percent to deposit money in prisoners’ commissary accounts.

    The Federal Communications Commission has tried to limit the ability of telecommunications contractors to levy unreasonable fees for prison phone calls. But prison profiteers continue to take their extreme, and quite literal, tolls on impoverished families, whose staying in touch may limit rates of recidivism.

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