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In 2002 the Guardian newspaper released Osama Bin Laden’s “letter To America” that he allegedly wrote after the 911 attacks. Tick Tock users have recently learned of this letter, they’ve read it and they agree with some of the things he was allegedly saying, like that he hated the United States because of its support for Israel and that they should leave the Palestinian people alone.

The guardian newspaper ended up removing the published letter claiming that it was being taken out of context…

But by simply engaging in censorship the Guardian is actually AMPLIFYING and perpetuating this lie that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the attacks!

Not only that, TikTok is also conditioning the minds of the masses for another false flag attack that would be carried out by the CIA and blamed on Hamas operatives.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down the latest propaganda about 911 that is currently being used to condition the masses for another attack!

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