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    On the September 24th, a Chinese dissident called Luther released the following video, in which he announced:

    “Why the CCP will end immediately, if these three families take action: Jiang, Zeng, Meng.

    “Let me tell you where this is coming from. I think it was 2 days ago, Mr Miles Guo [Chinese billionaire dissident] mentioned something very important during his broadcast…that this coming election will end in a very bizarre manner. He also said that one gang of the CCP, one family has made the move…

    “In a few days, you should be able to see from various Western media that Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinhong, Meng Jianzhu [respectively, the former CCP General Secretary until 2002, former CCP Politburo member until 2007 and the former CCP Attorney General until 2017] they’ve made the move.

    “There are three very important hard drives, which have been delivered to the DOJ. They gave these to the DOJ – but someone within the DOJ working for Biden held it up.

    “But, in God’s will, a fellow fighter of our Whistleblower’s Movement – we won’t mention the name here – was able to pass it to President Trump.

    “The contents are absolutely shocking. Please be prepared. Take your heart medication. Are you ready? Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden – this is all verified – is seen in sex tapes, pedophilia tapes, in extremely disturbing and obscene pedophilia, involving extreme torture and abuse.

    “Who filmed these? The CCP did! But more than just sex videos, there is also a copy of a secret US$4.5 billion agreement signed by Hunter Biden, General Secretary Xi Jinping and Vice President Wang Qishan, with a $1 million tip plus a $10 million signing bonus paid out to Hunter immediately after he signed it.

    “It is said of these three hard drives that the first, as just mentioned contains sex abuse videos, with Hunter Biden and the money he took and the agreement. It also covers information involving Kazakhstan, his agreement with the Ukraine natural gas company.

    “The second hard drive contains information and materials about Xi and Wang’s overseas wealth; their hidden assets in the United States.

    “The first hard drive is from the families of Jiang, Zeng, Meng. They’ve been directly delivered to the US DOJ.

    “It’s said that another copy of this first hard drive was also sent to Nancy Pelosi.

    “Their purpose, in giving it to Pelosi is to show that, ‘We have your materials.’ Because of Joe Biden. During the last Democratic National Convention, the whole Democratic Party started a fight with the CCP, causing cadres to become anxious. They have always been the supporters of the Democrats.

    “Frankly speaking, they’ve signed a deal with the Democrats, right? Now, the message from the CCP is, ‘Don’t ever think we don’t have your secrets in our possession. Our giving you this hard drive is so you never forget that we have the evidence of your crimes. You have to win this election. You must do whatever it takes to win this election. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. Secondly, once you win, you still have to follow the CCP’s orders.’

    “However, when the hard drives reached the DOJ, those who are pro-Biden took it under custody but a fellow fighter of our Whistleblower’s Movement got it [into Trump’s hands].

    “This is Jiang, Zeng and Meng’s strategy. Killing two birds with one stone.

    “The second hard drive contains Xi and Wang’s financial information about their hidden offshore wealth, their asset allocations in the US and also information about the so-called ‘Architectural Art Project’, which is Xi and Wang’s wide-ranging plan – it’s almost beyond imagination – to control not only 1.4 billion Chinese people but also the United Nations and the United States, the President and any future presidents, from now on and many years after. All shall be under CCP control.

    “This $4.5 billion agreement involved Kazakhstan and Ukraininan natural gas. It was arranged by Ye Jianming, who was arrested immediately after he returned to China, which means whoever else involved in this plan was arrested. This is Xi and Wang’s operation!

    “This is one case. Another is Anbang Insurance. Wu Xiaohui was involved, too. Wu was planning things in New York. He was also arrested immediately after he returned.

    “So you can see how brutal the CCP is! Why did they provide the hard drives? Why did they have these on hand? There’s no doubt about it. Meng Jianzhu was in charge of the Central Political Legal Affairs Commission. Of course, he would have it. Why? They want to use this to blackmail both sides (Chinese and American).

    “Why did they provide the hard drives? In short, to protect themselves. To tell all of the Americans who have been collaborating with the CCP, ‘Look at Xi and Wang. We know all of your dirty secrets. Which means you should blame Xi and Wang. During the Hu Jintao era, and the Jiang Zemin era, we were sincere to you. Never tricked you. Never played dirty with you. But Xi and Wang are ruthless.’

    “So the directed the blame on Xi and Wang. But in God’s will, these hard drives ended up in the hands of President Trump.

    “Many asked if they had dirty materials on President Trump? Let me tell you this. Definitely not. Because he’s never collaborated with the CCP. Many have asked if this would affect the election. After all, it’s Biden’s son. That will be up to the voters. Bloomberg is also in these hard drives.

    “The third hard drive contains information about a virus and bio-weapons. All three hard drives have since been delivered to Trump.”


    The original show notes read:


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