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    This is success. Do you have what it takes?

    If you want to be successful in life, you don’t want to talk about psychotronic weapons, algorithmic filtering, YouTube censorship or CIA agents running for Democrat seats in Congress.

    You want to review the new First Class “Suites” being offered on Emirates Airlines, like Casey Neistat, who has become a multi-millionaire with his YouTube channel. Yes. There are people who have become multi-millionaires with their YouTube channels. We’ve been talking so much about the “The Purge” and channels being deleted.

    Well, this is the kind of video that you need to post to get 13 million views in a matter of weeks and to make you one of the biggest YouTube stars in history.

    Enjoy the sweet smell of success!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • As long there is a believe in any kind of god, human beings want to be a god/goddess also.
      Here money is the carrier of a religiousness for becoming a god/goddess.

      Jesus told the story of the needles eye.
      Jesus throwed the moneymakers out of the temple.
      Jesus asked his mother, woman who are you?

      When Jesus is the origin of a christian religiousness, he is totally misunderstood.
      I guess, this is valid for all religions.

      I doubt that this ever will change on planet earth.
      Even inside science, there are gods by all kinds of awards.

      This is all happening inside a morphic field of destruction, which is present around the globe.
      Here human souls become distracted apart and become personalities.
      So any one has its own aura, even the globe.

      When wisdom is in line with white light, all colors seems to be anything else as wisdom

    • Now I know for sure, we are living in a true Idocracy world, so sad. I will almost think that the elite with their depopulation agenda could be right to clean at least 80 % of morons population, don’t you think too.

    • How to poison our atmosphere in ‘Style’. I’m afraid the efflux from jet aircraft is just pollution by dilution. When will the world wake up to the fact that cheap convenient flight for affluent section of the worlds population is slowly choking our planet and increasing the acidity of our oceans? Of course The Powers That Be and their puppets who have there heads in the trough will not inform you. The time has come when we must not do things just because we can. Our atmosphere is finite unlike the Sh*t we are pumping into it.

    • OMG !
      Only in America can a dipshit like this make it.
      He has nothing to offer me and I do not even know who he is.
      The plane is nice for very sure.

    • It’s not difficult to make a boat load of money in a capitalists world. Pander to the audience’s base desires, entertain them with nothing of real value. It’s easy. There’s a place for pandering and entertainment. Anyone can do it. It’s a choice. He has nothing of value to offer me, however, as I value different things. (He reminds me of Sean Penn.)

    • The putrid odor of failure!

      The visual media plays a key role in stimulating the senses for self gratification in which pleasure becomes god. It’s infectious and the infection leaves it’s victims empty. Yes, it would be nice if everyone had the resources to buy whatever came to mind, but immature minds are as my father often said idle minds are the devils workshop.

      Money isn’t the measure of success or happiness for that matter, because excess, like almost everything else material soon becomes boring. There’s a great gulf between fun and thrills, and deeply felt joy that comes out of finding that special fellowship between nature, neighbor and their Creator that exposes what this person is celebrating as wasteful shiny trinkets, a kind of sea shell wampum only valuable in primitive eyes.

      Our journey here is much too short for wasting it on toys that glitter and glow, but I get the message. If one gets with the Google program of promoting foolishness in the West, they can get a free ticket to ride in the theme park.

      Mohammad would be grinning!

      • Nice rundown Jon…very striking line here: “The visual media plays a key role in stimulating the senses for self gratification in which pleasure becomes god.”
        Bright shiney things and the facile rule in far too much of the industrialized whirled, particularly here in the deep dung pit of the MAGA-minded.
        Like uh man, TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND for…?

    • I guess you can make it BIG if you stay inside the “guide” lines, don’t ruffle the feathers of the bird next to you, or tell about how things are on planet Earth. YOU CAN DO IT! I can’t seem to stay within the guide lines.

    Have you been struggling for years with mystery symptoms, feeling exhausted and misunderstood?

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