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    One of the weirder facts about the human genome is that it’s relatively small. It’s ten times smaller than the 32 billion base pairs that make up the genome of the axolotl salamander, which was recently sequenced.

    Scientists are excited about this because of all the animals on Earth, the axolotl salamander has the greatest ability to regenerate lost limbs and organs – including the brain and the heart – and they’re eager to find the genes responsible for this amazing ability.

    When these creatures are grievously injured, instead of scarring, their bodies create pluripotent stem cells that can regrow the physical structure that has been lost. If they lose a hand, they’ll regrow a hand. If they lose an arm, they’ll regrow an arm. It’s really quite something!



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    • This freak spends every work day gleefully amputating the limbs of smaller, weaker, animals … and crushing their spines. It has not been that long along that German scientists conducted similarly cruel experiments on Jews at Auschwitz, not unlike how other psychos conducted syphilis experiments upon black folks at Tuskegee. There is no limit to the sick, demented, acts of cruelty White men will perform upon other living beings as long as such men think their experiments will benefit White Anglo-Saxons. Unfortunately for him, he does not understand how the Universal Law of Karma absolutely guarantees that everything you do, comes back to you. I wonder if he has read Ecclesiastes 3:16-21?

      • I hope YOU never need any medical help to keep you alive. So much of what we know about our selves, life, death, and on and on has come from a LOT of work by a LOT of people over a LOT of years. If we humans never looked at and dealt with uniques qualities of some plants, insects, animals, etc. just where would we humans be in our search for knowledge. As to comparing this fellows work with what was done at Auschwitz (AND BY THE WAY, a LOT of folks who were NOT JEWS went thru the terrible “processes” at Auschwitz – which by the way is only one of many “camps” set up during those terrible times…) you TOTALLY loose any rational with me in your statements. By the way, don’t eat ANYTHING you “monster”, plants too have “feelings” (see Kirlian Photography if interested). It is a cruel world out there so you better stay under your pillow…….

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