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Innocent Jews are under siege from the blowback of the malfeasance of the Jewish Mafia in recent years. There is a rise of anti-semitism, due to the war in Gaza and due to so many treasonous Biden administration officials involved in the COVID genocide being Jewish Mafia, in addition to many Biden executives facilitating the invasion of millions of unvetted foreign military-aged men into the US also being Jewish Mafia, causing Chuck Baldwin to ask, “Are Biden and Netanyahu Orchestrating War in the United States?”

Therefore, it’s important to understand the role of the Jewish Mafia (aka Khazarian Mafia) within this larger structure known as the “Elite”.

What we learn is that the Nazis and the Jewish Mafia are really no different from the Latin drug cartels – incidentally, which are also controlled by the Black Nobility. They are all criminal cults, created by these same aristocrats – to execute their crimes, to fight us and each other, to serve as scapegoats and to distract us from their crimes.

This quote from a mystery document that was leaked by Tore Maras in one of her films last year is very revealing:

“The Bavarian Wittelsbach family from Bavaria created the Bavarian Illuminati and administers the Benedictine Monks and is also part of the Jewish Mafia in the United States who are white collar criminals. The House of Wittelsbach is involved with Zionism, Nazism, Freemasonry, and the Society of Jesus [Jesuits].”

In other words, none of these institutions and “-isms” are really what they present themselves to be. The truth remains that not all Latinos are traffickers, not all whites are Nazis and not all Jews are Jewish Mafia.

The COVID PSYOP and the tyrannical behavior of the WHO and its minions inadvertently revealed the biggest secret of the 20th century: that the Nazi elite won World War II and filled the plebs’ minds with fairy tails about “victory” and “freedom”, while their Nazi CIA destabilized all the Third World Governments and sent American soldiers into the meatgrinders of Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, generations of younger Americans are brain-damaged from the Cabal’s “vaccines” and are susceptible to the incessant Marxist propaganda they are inflicted with daily, at school and in the ubiquity of corporate messaging.

I feel like they’re only keeping us around to complete their Large Language Model with every click of our keyboards, towards Artificial General Intelligence.

They would rid themselves of us once that’s done and that may be very soon, at the rate of the current sabre-rattling.

It seems that Greg Reese may have taken some inspiration from the discussions James Grundvig and I have been having about these topics, which are the subject of our upcoming documentary, ‘Splintering Babylon: The Plan. Revelation. The Path to Freedom’.


by Greg Reese

Adolf Hitler’s father was Alois Schicklgruber, the bastard child of Maria Schicklgruber, who changed his name to Hitler to hide the fact that he was an illegitimate child. Many historians have claimed that Maria was impregnated by Baron Rothschild when she worked for him. The Rothschilds have been known to breed thousands of illegitimate children under different names to serve the family’s agenda. And their name isn’t really Rothschild. In the late eighteenth century, Mayer Amschel Bauer was the private banker for the Black Nobility through the House of Hesse, and changed the family name just before expanding the family business.

Rothschild means, “Red Shield,” which was their company logo. A six-pointed star which has become known as the Star of David. This was not a Jewish symbol, it was introduced by the Rothschilds who later funded the Zionists. And in 1948, Rothschild influence compelled the state of Israel to adopt the hexagram as their national symbol.

In the late 1800s, Cecil Rhodes set up a secret society to preserve the expansion of the British Empire. Known as the Milner group, their main focus from 1920 to 1938 was to maintain the balance of power in Europe by building up Germany and pitting them against France and Russia. They discussed creating a situation that would compel Germany to start a second World War.

During this time, the reparations from the Treaty of Versailles led to hyper-inflation in Germany. And in 1930, as the international banking system was collapsing, the Young Plan was enacted which required Germany to pay about two billion Reichsmarks annually payable through 1988. This scheme was funded by JP Morgan, led by the founder of RCA, and directed by members of the Milner group. It broke the German economy.

In 1933, Hitler secured funding from the Bank of England, which was run by the Rothschild banking dynasty. This deal was brokered by John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, who later headed the CIA.

With initial funding from the Rothschild bank of England, Germany invaded Poland and received additional funding from the Bush family’s Brown Brothers Harriman. The Germans were fueled by Standard Oil and supported by Ford, General Electric, DuPont, and IBM, all of which profited greatly from the war.

World War Two accomplished the stated goals of the Milner Group, it made the banks and their cronies even richer, and it directly led to the creation of the United Nations, and Israel.

Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, was not a religious Jew. Officially he was an atheist, but more likely he was an occultist agent of the Rothschilds. He was no fan of the Jews. In his own words he sympathized with anti Jewish sentiment. His original plan was to have them all convert to Catholicism. And when that failed, he decided they should be expelled from Europe.

In 1933, the Haavara Agreement, or “transfer agreement,” was made between Nazi Germany and the Zionists wherein German Jews would be sent to Palestine. Non-Zionist Jews did not want to leave, and so the NAZIs encouraged them through persecution.

In 1917, the British Government announced its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, known as the Balfour Declaration, and seized control of the land. After the second world war, with Holocaust propaganda used as the catalyst, this land was gifted to the Zionists from the British, and the state of Israel was officially created.

Between 1947 and 1949, the Zionists murdered the locals, destroyed hundreds of villages, and expelled more than seven-hundred-thousand Palestinians. A savage invasion celebrated every May 15th known as, Nakba Day.

Before Zionism created the state of Israel, Jews did not have a common language or nationality, and they were not considered to be a race.

The historical record tells us that the Khazars were known for starting wars through deception. And about seven hundred years ago, they all converted to Judaism. These are the Ashkenazi Jews who later became Zionists, and persecuted the Sephardic Jews of Palestine. They do not follow the teachings of the Torah, they follow the Talmud, ancient teachings that can be described as anti-christian or satanic. The motto of Israeli Mossad “By way of deception thou shalt do war,” really sums up the nature of Zionism, which includes Evangelical Christians and certain sects of Islam. With eighty percent of the world being religious, religion is the easiest way to ignite war. Which is what the central banks always want.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • There surly are many “innocents” from any kind of religious / non religious people.
    I believe that their history of a J is somewhat accurately described above, the rest is questionable.

  • This is true but have you ever heard the “innocent jews” segregate themselves from groups calling themselves jewish but acting in heinous ways??? They know the stories and some know the truth but silence! Who created the term anti-semitiic in truth? The same pretenders!!Why? The “innocent Jewish culture isn’t quiet because they’re noble its because they’ve benifeted from the narrative more than they’ve suffered! Most don’t really know the truth about the “holocaust” but those in Germany do, in Poland, Switzerland, and Russia!! The truth is that much like black slavery the story is far from accurate but how many holocaust museums are there?? How many in the black culture are suffering from the same type of indoctrination or ignorance? How many times have we heard of jews and their business practices globally?? How many times have we heard of pedophilia in association with jews in all 3 abrahamic religions?? Catholicism, christianity, Islam!! How many times have we heard of jews in Hollywood controlling the show in all forms?? What’s at the core…pedophilia!! Now, why as a innocent jewish person or family would you not immediately separate yourself from these other pretenders publicly?? That’s the question to ask! And the truth will shock you!! People will always gravitate to what they believe is in their best interests regardless of how many beings are hurt by said thing, situation, opportunity, or bias! The public have no idea how many people are using religion to cover for who they really are including but not limited to gender, bloodlines, crimes, positions of power etc. This is not about being jewish Christian islamic black white Asian American Brazilian or any other titled segregative expression. This is about those who are services to self by nature or by indoctrination and those who aren’t!! I have people in my circle that happen to be Jewish and I’ve asked them and they say oh well, who’s gonna listen anyway? Or they actually believe the world is intolerant of jews! I say” well if you don’t stand up for yourself and your family, friends etc I don’t want to hear shit when they come for you and the man standing next to you because I’ll be out of the way when it happens! The point I’m making in part is if you don’t say anything you’re just as bad as the person committing the crime if you’re associated with him or her group, relationship, or religion!

  • Alexandra’s commentary is spot -on an’ shows a full understandin’ that most “joos” are not Jewish Mafia. Greg made a lotta mistakes (first 4 minutes mostly true–the rest full out bunkum) an’ attracted a lotta haters. I’m gonna paste my comments in here fer posterity… in case someone wants ta see that all Jews (fake ones excepted) are Torah Jews, an’ NONE are Khazarians (fwiw the term Khazarian Mafia is fine to use–but there are ZERO Khazarian Genetics)… Wallah!:
    Sadly I see so much grattytude for so many LIES… yeah, LIES. (pants on fire, I’m’a callin’ it like it is).

    I know I’ll be standin’ alone here’bouts but two of the biggest WHOPPERS ya tell Greg are here:

    1. It’s totally a lie ta say that Ashkenazi Jews are NOT Torah jews and “only follow Talmud” (which shows full misunderstanding of the two sources)

    I think ya got this from Clif High who is nearly 100% wrong on this stuff (he too sez tal-mood but jews say tall-mud so I’m guessin’ ya went offa the Clif…) Anyway…

    NOPE. All Jews are TORAH JEWS. Nobuddy dumps Torah in favor of Talmud–not possible. Only one set of laws to live by, that’s the torah.

    Furthermore, TALMUD is not in place of the Torah, it’s a LAW book of opinions–NOT LAW even. Usually argued actively an’ intently at length. ONLY orthodox scholars study Talmud–you don’t “follow it”–you couldn’t! Not any more than you could “follow” an encyclopaedia of legal opinions–or a research “guide” to topics of interest.

    Talmud is not an’ evil Satanic document. Fergawdsakes.

    Re the TORAH: every kinda “chew”–Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Revisionist, etc etc are ALL bound ta honor the 10 commandments which are set forth in our first 5 books of the bible (called “The Old Testament by most Christians). Secular jews don’t take the first 5 literally but many secular and humanist jews DO still honor the torah commandments (even not takin’ the lord’s name in vain).

    FWIW, there are waaaay more than 10 Commandments but that’s an’nuther story– the 10 Commandments are for ALL JEWS. (Oh an’ the Noahide laws are nearly identical with the 10 Commandments–they are for all who are not-jews who can also be blessed! How many faiths let everyone be blessed if they worship just one god (any one’ll do) –I’ll spare the deets here–I know this won’t be appreciated no way no how so why botha?)

    2. It’s 100% FALSE to say that Ashkenazi Jews are NOT REAL JEWS. First, 80% of the world’s Jews are Ashkenazi–so you’re sayin’ 80% of the world’s Jews are not Jewish in any way? (Gee thx, an’ all yer readers believe ya too!)

    So per yer expert research 80% of the world’s Jews are some kind of fake Sabbatean Satanists? OY… No clue where this comes from… but there are many genetic studies that you’ll have ta discount ta prove ’em wrong…

    TRUTH: All jews are “REAL” chews, all related to each other (yup!).

    TRUTH: No such thing as Khazarian genetics–even Rothschilds (yup, they’re rotten an’ Jews in name only as they admit they don’t practice the faith but genetically? Jews.)–ALL JEWS are JEWS–Ashkenazis are just as “jewish” as sephardim, mizrahi, etc.. Khazarian genes would be turkish and ottoman–an’ they do not exist in the Jewish gene pool–nada zilch. Nor in the Yiddish language which is like 80% german (contrary to “opinions” circulatin’ ’round the innertubes)

    Moreover, ALL chews are related TO EACH OTHER and to the ancient lines that date back to Ancient Israel. (See David Duke listin’ 12 studies below–don’t take my word for it)

    This whole Khazarian mafia myth wuz made outta whole cloth (by CIA spook Arthur Koestler). (That cloth wuz just spread out like a picnic table here…an’ everyone came to eat at it!)

    DAVID DUKE (surely a big ol’ hero to many here) — one of the most famous jew- haters in the world! — set out to prove Jews have no genetic roots in Israel and are all “fake”–he proved himself wrong:

    12 Studies that refute CIA-spook Arthur Koestler (“inventor” of the Khazarian banana oil)

    IMO the first 4 minutes of this clip ya made are mostly true–from there onward–baloney–not kosher baloney neither!

    Partin’ “woids”–

    I say this both for the “haters” an’ the two (literally 2) of 170 commenters who ain’t “haters”— but in case these facts are triggerin’ I promise ya (if you’ll take a promise from a joo!) that no haters will be harmed in learnin’ a few facts I’ve shared here ’bout the “chews,” an’ I won’t bake ya in my matzoh either! (cackle cackle–an’ bein’ gluten free I don’t even eat the stuff!)

    THEN after a lotta the “happy haters” from Greg’s stack went after me (some in “privit”) I added the follerin’


    FYI to those haters sendin’ me stuff–I’ll politely address (in general) concerns expressed about perverse-seemin’ sections of the talmud (again, Talmud is NOT law or rules, it’s debate). Don’t send me more pleeze… believe what’cha like about stuff ya don’t know ’bout… I’ve spoken my piece (an’ peace!)…


    Talkin’ trash ’bout the Talmud is an old skool angle used by the Nazis– to twist Talmud ta persecute joos:

    Here’s a guide to Talmud fer all you happy haters out there:

    To all fans’ve Benjamin Freedman–just a caveat. Read what he writes as ya wish but the man is (to chews) a famous self-hatin’ jew who left the faith and sought to trash it roundly with misrepresentations of Talmud an’ Jewish actions (an’ sure, some truths–many do the same today). Freedman is in good cump’ny with Norman Finkelstein who recently defended Hamas’s actions (rapes, murders, go-pro fun) as bein’ justified (nope, he couldn’t judge…) An’ even if it WUZ an inside job (I DO think it wuz) his giving the thumbs up ta those fellas with their go-pros doin’ gen-u-ine-ly horrific stuff is fairly reprehensible…but so be it. Brother Nathanael duz the same. These guys are no more representative of ordinary “chews” than con-man Al Sharpton represents most black people. (sigh)

    Freedman (who left his faith with a big chip on his shoulder / sour grapes) shared fist bumps with those who still think Nazis heroic — it’s well documented he actually took that side good grief (perhaps some who sent comments to me agree?–all okay, hate whom ya like)

    2. Re the Talmud–even the horrible stuff folks cherry pick out of it (some, again, in mis-transation an’ other stuff in mis-interpretation… an’ indeed there are few kooks out there that did git their “opinions” in that book–don’t mean ANYONE follers what’s in there either–or ever has…) Is is NOT LAW–it’s opinion. Varied opinions over time & space. More like an OP ED column. Sometimes respected folks git unhinged (Robert DeNiro is one recently) an’ they get quoted. Same as Talmud in a way–this one sez this, this other one sez that…

    So…fer example–if you believe that a law text book that covers horrific crimes an’ lets ya hear both the defense & the prosecution–if ya believe that such a book is a criminal document that corrupts all lawyers permanently — then you’ll indeed believe the Talmud teaches “literally” any topic addressed. Otherwise you’ll see the thing as the “resource” it is. A respected one-one to argue about!

    One last time–all jews foller the Torah.
    Scholars discuss & learn from Talmud. (An’ nope contrary ta popular opinion it’s not jewish law ta rape 3 year olds, egads.) To those that say it’s like a secret spell book, Nope, Talmud is NOT kept secret like a book ‘ve incantations (there are none, it’s statements). The presented “arguments” are just debated (constantly) by scholars an’ most regular jews are not interested in minutia–that’s why most “chews” don’t know much about Talmud–it’s kinda borning most of it (not sensational as the haters might think). But it’s not a secret.

    Most normie chews live their lives an’ leave debate to those who crave it…. the scholars. Heck, I feel the same ’bout calculus…

    The reason the scholars debate it is b/c its many contrastin’ an’ contradictin’ opinions shed light on a given topic.

    Sometimes the debates git heated. ALSO talmud isn’t timeless laws like Torah. There were “updates” over time–a compendium–so some lines of thinkin’ were abandoned.

    Also, as times have changed since medieval daze in Europe–so have the laws an’ their applications includin’ what’s in the Talmud. Yet scholars still look at the resources.

    I’ve seen sum purdy damnin’ quotes from the bible… too but I’d never judge Christians on what one may read in therein:

    “And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may eat him to day, and we will eat my son to morrow. So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son….” (II Kings 6:28-29) — sounds like cannibalism ta me (no?)

    I’ve made my pernt–anyone that wants ta “argue talmud” in detail and in earnest needs ta find a talmudic scholar (an’ that ain’t Benjamin Freedman or some of the others that pur-port ta be informed). And it ain’t me neither–I just git what the book is meant FOR an’ clearly many here don’t (mebbe what I wrote’ll help?) Ok, ’nuff said I think!

  • I think this is a fairly accurate account of history, although recently Unz Review has an article by Unz himself questioning the Kazaar theory. But with the mountain of lies told by “these people” I can understand why they wouldn’t like that theory that makes them not authentic Jews—which really is a very, very big deal. Unz says that the original Jews were Phoenician, also a group known to be brilliant merchants with brutal cultic practices. Anyway, somewhere the truth lies and we don’t know for sure except that Palestine is the killing field, and let’s hope it doesn’t go nuclear along with Ukraine.

  • Reese, chose the Anglophile, version of history, but he did adjust a few of the lies….only a few.

    Start with Phileas Walder, the Swiss who Ran Albert Pike, plannings of wars.

    Reese again did not identify the Dulles Brothers as Swiss Agents.

    The Bushs as coming out of the German Palatines, (Swiss).

    The 1929 Crash, caused by three Jesuits, one of which, was Joseph Kennedy.

    The setting up of Swiss Nazi,
    Bank for International Settlements.

    Always the same mistake of saying bankers, and not the Aristocracy.

    Some of the Aristocracy are Bankers but most are not (directly), being Higher in the echelon over Bankers, per se.

    Calling a holocaust an excuse, is something I would expect of Reese.

    Mass Murderer and Theft of a TwoThousand Year Old Culture
    Twelve years and Five Continents;,probably 30 Millions of People.

    Zionism, there is Political Zionism and Religious Zionism….both coming out of Switzerland and the Vatican.

    The 100 Year Lease, between Ottoman Empire and Britain, for a slice of Land, (Shaam)…..moving Western Aristocracy, Horizontal Governance…..into the Mid East, which is Vertical Governance.

    Peoples on the land are feudal slaves.

    Caliphate Disappeared for the 100 years.

    Now we see the Morphing of the Agenda.

    And the same video reporting, what is supposed to ultimately hide the truth.

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