According to the report of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Peter Strzok’s decision to prioritize the “Russia Investigation” over following-up on investigating Anthony Weiner’s computer was not free from bias.

However, Strzok’s bias or lack thereof is beside the point, as I will explain in a moment.

This video details how in late September 2016, Peter Strzok, then in charge of the FBI’s Clinton email investigation, actively avoided investigating Anthony Weiner’s laptop before the election. The computer had been seized by the FBI’s New York office in a separate investigation into Weiner’s sexting with a minor when 141,000+ emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were discovered in it.

The New York FBI’s search warrant did not cover those emails, requiring an additional warrant from the FBI’s DC office in order to investigate these but the warrant wasn’t issued until a month later on October 30, 2016 – or one week before the election. When asked the reason for the delay, FBI officials, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page all gave excuses – all of which have been rejected by the Inspector General.

Not that Horowitz is so squeaky-clean, either. The IG’s focus on Strzok’s bias against Trump is just so much obfuscation, in light of the fact that it’s since been discovered that Strzok held a joint CIA/FBI position and answered primarily to former CIA director John Brennan – who clearly has it in for Trump. (One wonders who is pulling Brennan’s chain, with all of his carrying-on as a paid pundit on MSDNC)?

Thus, when Strzok testified that his bias didn’t “impact any official action [he] took,” he wasn’t perjuring himself. Strzok was simply following orders in a covert operation to cover up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and to frame and destroy Trump – an operation which continues to this day.

Further, members of the House Intelligence Committee who questioned Strzok were also careful not blow Strzok’s cover by framing their questions in terms of his “bias”, rather than by asking the questions that would have revealed his role in this very obvious (and treasonous) covert CIA operation.

How many of these people can get away with plausible deniability?

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  • There is a creeping dark shadow, lurking, waiting, planning & smugly self assured about the outcomes of all the ‘happenings’ going on world-wide. It is slowly descending upon all humanity… can feel it hovering…its’ not so worried about being discovered any longer.
    The biggest chess game ever! For all the moves that are made….the outcome is assured……OWG!
    I’d like to believe we humans will triumph…..when I saw Strzok…I don’t feel so sure. One foot in front of the other….we have to keep going!

  • Did you know Timothy Leary, the pied piper & major architect of countering the culture, encouraged the boomers to turn on, tune in and dropout, created the psychological tests for entrance exams into the CIA?
    I think the CIA chooses psychopaths over those that have an intact human conscience. I will never forget the expressions made by Peter Strzok during the congressional “investigation”. Bottom line, we still don’t know what is in the lap-top file on Wiener’s computer that was labeled “Life Insurance”. I assume that means he has info on Hillary that could keep him from getting suicided. If you don’t think the entire hippie movement was engineered, watch the following.
    MKULTRA Reunion Party (1979)”

  • Hey there my brother it ain’t what you think
    It all got done before us with a nod and a wink
    Sam, he ain’t your uncle, he ain’t your brother
    He ain’t your father; Sam he’s a motherf^cker

    He’s been practicing fasci all these years
    Put us into cages to prod us & act upon our fears
    He’s now got a brand new robot race
    To make their cars, TVs and to take our place

    You see those Nazis over there
    Way back, they set them free over here
    Uncle Sam, he just let ‘em rip
    Operation Paperclip
    I know that that sounds kinda wild
    Both sides had the same bankers,
    Swiss Chard – Rockefeller Rothschild

    I hear with aging Adolph a story put into gear
    to kill a lookalike man so he’d publicly disappear
    High in the Andes ‘tween Chile and Mendoza
    They placed him in a chalet with roses

    Germany’s sci-fi kids , MK Ultra for cold war
    Assassins for Manchurian overlords
    It was important work you know
    Swisschard bankers needed a better show
    Bush and Dulles; JFK’s untimely exit
    Monsanto agent orange; proud ‘Nam Vet

    With Poppy in the White House
    jobs sent overseas just like a Nazi louse
    He never cared that jobs for us were all gone
    Clinton & W just moved it further along

    And now we got our oligarchs
    Running everything just like Adolph
    Fascism’s elite are in control
    Its finally time to take all our dough

    A new world order Illuminati
    Their elitist globalist victory
    Only one thing stands in their way
    Those stubborn, free people in the USA

    You see those Nazis over there
    Way back, they set them free over here
    Uncle Sam, he just let ‘em rip
    Operation Paperclip
    I know that that sounds kinda wild
    Both sides had the same bankers,
    Swiss Chard – Rockefeller Rothschild

    They still think that they’re brave and free
    They ain’t even got good eyes to see
    Well maybe innocence can be their guide
    To tear down fascism’s econocide

    One more chance to set themselves free
    A trump card upset princess Hillary
    A narrow chance that it just may work
    At every turn the king just acts like a jerk

    We’re now in the bottom of the ninth
    No-one on, two outs; Casey’s in a bind
    It seems all is lost, not even an Obama false hope
    It’s one world religion for a two-horned pope

    But I’m still dreaming in denial all the way
    That the point of a gun can bring a peaceful day
    That’s why they want to confiscate them all
    We scare them and that’s because of y’all

    Y’all’s just a bunch of freedom freaks
    Bandannas, tattoos and the ugliest beaks
    We’ll figure it out with a few more tweets
    Stealin’ freedom from jaws of banker geeks

    You see those Nazis over there
    Way back, they set them free over here
    Uncle Sam, he just let ‘em rip
    Operation Paperclip
    I know that that sounds kinda wild
    Both sides had the same bankers,
    Swiss Chard – Rockefeller Rothschild

  • The director of the CIA, former and current, are not answerable to congress or POTUS.

    They are answerable to 300 other people. As if you needed a hint… 😉 Most of their black ops are funded from banks other than the Fed and are located offshore. I’ll see your Queen and raise you a pawn.

    Is criminal brennan at the Clintoon News Network or Microsoft/Rockefeller National Broadcast? I wonder if he still has that same Herndon VA address?

  • To answer Alexandria’s question – likely most all of them!

    Why? Because the AG office, the FBI and the CIA are powerfully populated with global socialists, especially strategically placed in positions of control. That is the overarching category, but it breaks down into socialist sects that have infiltrated those departments which I dare not identify here lest I give ammunition to our enemies.

    Anyone with average intelligence can do their own homework on this if they want, by investigating the root, stem and blossoms of Marxism and who propagates it. It’s purpose is already well known to be global collectivism under the rule of an elite oligarchy.

    There may well be sacrificial lambs, but I do not expect a single top political operative to be convicted of anything. Money is power and there are wicked, powerful monied interests that dwarf Trump’s admirable efforts to drain the swamp.

    We must be grown ups about this and realize we must appeal to heaven for help as well as fighting in the trenches to keep from being gobbled up in this false utopian kingdom of heaven on earth according to them as holds the gold.


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